Top 10 Safest Countries in the World Today

Here is the list of 10 safest countries in the world. Despite the fact that 2017 remains a rather turbulent year, some countries ranked high in the Global Peace Index chart. However, some of the these countries lack of internal conflicts but do participate in out-of-their-ground conflicts.

This can make someone think on how such ranking is produced. Anyway, it seems that these countries managed to stay at the top ranking levels when it comes to criteria on “peace”.

The Global Peach Index (GPI) is a result of calculations from the Institute for Economics and Peace, along with the Economist Intelligence Unit. The criteria include (in their negative factor):

  • Ongoing domestic and international conflict
  • Level of harmony or discord within a nation
  • Indicators related to militarization

Further than that each factor breaks down to even more detailed ones. In that way, a score is produced.
So, here is the list with the top 10 safest countries (plus 1) and -of course- their score. The list is available at Global Peace Index website.

Pack your bags and begin your travel arrangements.

The 10 safest countries in the world index

1. Iceland

This country is at the top! You may have read about Iceland and how this country reformed itself financially. From a travelers aspect it even more interesting with its out-worldly landscapes. If you haven’t seen the “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” movie, run for it.

2. New Zealand

Stunning beach views and… Lord of the Rings landscapes! Enough said my precious!

3. Portugal

Affordable, beautiful, Coimbra, Azores, Porto, Madeira, Algarve… Shall I continue?

4. Austria

Clean, safe, rich in culture, all year round destination. Low weapon imports & peaceful elections. Amazing music.

5. Denmark

Denmark regularly ranks among the happiest countries in the world. There are no conflicts, yet they do “argue” over some islands with Canada.

6. Czech Republic

Velvet Revolution added to her fame. You may need to know that she introduced an additional name Czechia (pronounced CHEH-khiya). This happens in many countries. For example, Greece is also known as the Hellenic Republic. By the way, Prague is considered the defenestration capitol of the world a. Google it, please. The Czech Republic is considered the #1 beer-drinking country in the world.

7. Slovenia

There are over 10,000 caves in Slovenia (see our post for Ljubljana). Also: Slovenian Riviera and a vineyard or winery for every 70 people.

8. Canada

It is a lake and Cottage Country. Hollywood loves making movies in Canada due to its vast and beautiful landscapes. Canada ranked third for the cleanest air on the planet. You can really do yoga on Parliament Hill. Justin does too.

9. Switzerland

Switzerland is neutral and remains like that. Well, there is a -banking- reason for that but in terms of traveling there, this makes it a catch if you want to sleep with both eyes closed.

10. Japan

Easy to travel around with their bullet trains. Great landscapes, though humidity may trouble many not accustomed to it. Amazing history, zen, and martial arts.

10. Ireland

A country of leprechauns and legends, of bravery and of great beers. Breathtaking natural beauty, rich history, and culture.

Now, if you go back and check this list you will see that most of the countries are in Europe. European countries really tend to be less hostile in general.

Well, we hope you enjoyed this one too. Now travel to one of these 10 safest countries in the world!

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