7 Best Outdoor Activities in Japan

Do you plan to travel for outdoor activities in Japan? Is action and adventure at the back of your mind? Are you keen to explore the world’s highest mountain peak that 300,000 hikers climb every year?

Would you love to trek through dense forests, ski resorts, and natural hot springs in an iconic city?

Japan honors the spirit of the adventure traveler and makes it an experience, unlike any other.

There are many rewarding reasons to visit Japan for outdoor activities.

Where to Go for Outdoor Activities in Japan?

Watching the sunrise at Mt. Fuji, the most beautiful mountain peak on the planet to look at with biting attention the chain of active volcanoes, one of Japan’s hallmarks, visits this land of natural beauty.

I am sure after learning about japan’s culture and activities; you would be pleased to search google for “how to move to Japan?”.

Let us start journeying some of the best dream adventures in Japan that promise a never-ending experience of treasures and thrill.  

Catch the sunrise from Mount Fuji

Outdoor Activities in Japan
Mount Fuji

Standing 12,388 feet high, Mt Fuji is a pinnacle of height and an icon of Japan.

The rocky paths meet the fickle weather to test not just the traveler’s climbing competency but also the sense of comradeship. Halt at the rest huts to meet fellow explorers.

Okumiya shrine at the top of Mt Fuji is a detached part of Japan’s highest shrine, Fujisan Hongū Sengen Taisha. Hiking Mt. Fuji is a life-long memory.

The early of July to the mid of September is the official climbing season so the travelers can make the most of it. Go on weekdays to avoid the rush.

Discover Ishigaki, home to incomparable beaches

Attracting scuba divers and snorkelers in the pretty Ishigaki is one of the most popular outdoor activities in Japan. It is the third-largest island of the beach destination Okinawa.

It has shades of underwater bliss, tropical mountains, and the gentle notes of sunshine dotting the vast blue ocean.

Moreover, this island also boasts of entertainment culture, folk songs, and emotional melodies.

The Tubarama Song Contest held in Ishigaki on August 13 of the planetary calendar every year is something to include in the travel itinerary.

For those who prefer a spectacular experience, Kabira Bay is an iconic spot with white sand beaches and contrasting colors of green islands.

Ishigaki Island Limestone Cave allows you to explore the 660-meter long cave formed thousands of years ago.

One of the interesting points in this limestone cave is the beautiful lightings in the cave. One of the delicious finds of Ishigaki is the indigenous-made Ishigaki Beef which is affordable as well.  

Watch the blooming skunk cabbages in the Oze National Park

The Oze National Park is the largest Marshland in Japan.

It has two stunning attractions – the Ozegahara Marshland and the Ozenuma Pond.

The blooming of white skunk cabbages in the early summer and during the fall is one of the attraction points of the Marshland.

The elevated walkways passing over the Marshland and the Pond allow the visitors to fulfill their nature-discovery goals.

The park has mountain huts for the travelers to camp for the evening. The Marshland blooms with yellow alpine lilies in early August, and the grasses turn yellow and red during the autumn season.

The rich vegetation of Oze National Park is a delight in itself. Some of the plants here find similarities to the ones in the Ice Age.

The spectacular Fukiware Falls, Japan’s edition of Niagara Falls, is the product of erosion of rocks for more than ten thousand years. 

Pursue Thrilling Water Sports at the Yoshino River 

Yet another addition to Japan’s wildest nature escapes is the Yoshino River.

Outdoor Activities in Japan
Emerald river in Middle Valley, at Autumn Season

Go rafting on Yoshino to get a taste of the emerald green rapids. For history lovers, Yoshino is the largest river in Shikoku.

Oboke Gorge and Koboke Gorge are two of the leading spots for rapids in Japan.

Go Ice-Fishing at Hokkaido

The winters of Hokkaido is a picture postcard of snow and skiing. Ice fishing is a favorite winter tradition of the locals of Hokkaido.

Whether you are a solo traveler or sight-seeing with family, walk on frozen water or pitch a tent on the freezing snow to know the extremes of an ice-thrill.

Catching your bait in the nail-biting cold is not an ordinary fishing experience. Be a novice, if not an expert angler in trying ice fishing.

Late December to March is a good time to catch the River Smelt fish in Japan. You can also explore a cold day of ice fishing and night fishing at Lake Shiatsu.

The rivers in Hokkaido boast of a freezing temperature for more than five months in a year. But then that’s what makes ice-fishing a chilling experience.

An Adrenaline Rush at Okutama

Tokyo has the beautiful and picturesque Okutama, a hidden asset for the Japanese.

At Okutama, you can explore the mysteries of the cold water of Hatonosu Ravine, see the underground wonderland of Nippara Limestone Cave or catch your fish and grill it salted style.

Head to Yama no Furusato-mura where a health program called Woodland Therapy helps heal your tired bones.

Explore the beautiful forests of Okutama and indulge in woodland yoga to give you a therapeutic high. For the gastronomic souls, there are wasabi-flavored delicacies to eat and cherish.

Cruise through a Volcanic Takachiho Gorge 

Outdoor Activities in Japan
Waterfall Boat at Takachiho Gorge, Miyazaki Kyushu

Imagine rowing a boat in a tall canyon in the backdrop of a gushing waterfall and volcanic canyon.

Takachiho Gorge presents this magical experience which is beyond measure. The gorge located in Miyazaki Prefecture cuts through the rock by the Gokase river.

The cooling of the lava, the steep walls of the gorge make the canyon straight out of an adventure story. The rocks that make the gorge look identical to a dragon.

Enjoy this spectacular gorge with the help of rental boats. They will give you a closer perspective of the waterfall and the cliffs.  

FAQs: Outdoor Activities in Japan

There may be many questions springing in the mind when planning a trip to Japan for the first time.

Relax, there is no reason to feel uneasy.

Here are some common questions that come to a traveler’s mind and the answers.        

What is the ideal time in a year to visit Japan?

Any time of the year is a good time to plan your trip for sightseeing and outdoor activities in Japan. Winter brings skiing opportunities. In summers, the inviting beaches match the colorful flora in the autumn season. Spring is the time to catch a view of the cherry blossom marvel.

Does one have to learn Japanese before visiting the place?

Knowing Japanese would be great when going for a short vacation but it is not mandatory. There are English signs everywhere in the city of Tokyo. Even restaurants have menus in English.

When in Japan, knowing the state language is not a necessity. It is an added advantage when it comes to befriending the locals.

What are the best ways of intercity travel in Japan?

For long-distance bus travel, there is the Japan Bus Pass. The Japan Rail Pass allows unlimited rail travel in Japan to foreign visitors.

This also includes travel by a bullet trains system. Highway buses are a cheap way to travel in Japan. Willer Express offers more than a hundred bus routes covering Japan.

They also have an online reservation facility and payment system in English. One of the popular outdoor activities in Japan (when in a city) is to rent a bicycle for exploring cities of small to medium size.            

What are the crazy outdoor activities in Japan for newcomers?

Japanese hot spring “Onsen” is a cultural staple in Japan. Taking a dip in an onsen is a must. So are the Japanese food tours in the friendly neighborhoods of Japan! No trip to this land is complete without a trip in the bullet trains, and a visit to the shrines and temples in Kyoto. 

What are the good places to shop in Japan?

There are many shopping avenues in Japan. Places like Ginza, Shibuya, Harajuku are trendy streets for fashionistas. Souvenirs, game consoles, cosmetics are some of the stylish buys in Japan.

Conclusion on Outdoor Activities in Japan

Japan is a tourist’s delight.

Enjoy its admirable history, culture, food, pilgrimage, and learn the art of fine living.

Travel in Japan
Maki Sushi Rolls with Salmon

The island combines an incredible nature (especially in the mainland) with deep-rooted culture. It carries a mystical allure that goes deep into time.

Have you traveled in Japan before?

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