Nomad Travel Insurance: Protect yourself!

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Do you value yourself? Of course you do!

A Nomad Travel Insurance is the thing you want to do! Many start with travel insurance “just in case”. Then, during a rainy or a sunny day they need it. After that, travel insurance is for them a “don’t leave home without it” case. Get covered for injuries and illnesses and accidents, trip cancellations and any other misfortune during your trips. Have your precious gear replaced in case you get it lost or stolen. Never, ever, leave home without it. We have our public insurance and we have additional private insurance on top of that, just in case.

For a small fee of few dollars per day, you get your needs covered while you travel. Think and act as smart as you plan your trip!

Small accidents that can cost small amounts in normal situations, can cost thousands when you travel without a travel insurance.

Act wisely. Travel insurance is one of the most important things you need to “carry”.

Why you need a Nomad Travel Insurance?

Here is a small range of reasons:

You get sick and you need a doctor

Be transferred fast and with safety due to an emergency illness or accident

Get back home due to trip cancellations or other misfortune?

Your goods/gear/stuff gets stolen

It will save you thousands in case an emergency happens!