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Best Hotel Rooms: Rest, Travel, Repeat

Choosing the right accommodation is one of the most crucial elements for enjoying your trips. We use for that almost all the time.

Even when someone invites us to stay in their hotel, we check it through before agreeing to do so.

Factors like good service and cleanliness are significant for us. Many of our trips involve outdoor & adventure activities. These require lots of energy & some extra facilities, so coming back to a nice, clean and well-managed hotel is important.

Otherwise, we don’t get the necessary rest. We need to do more. We evaluate all kinds of hotels, guesthouses & apartments before getting there.

All these, along with cheap flights, are a must for you who love to travel.

How to get Great Hotel Rooms?

Read these useful tips:

  • Achieve Genius status & better prices and upgrades will fly-in
  • Earn points and miles and redeem them; subscribe to their Rewards scheme
  • Check the location first along with your itinerary; cheap may mean far
  • Mostly avoid new listings if they don’t have many reviews
  • Cross-check with review sites
  • Check on if the hotel offers an airport shuttle
  • Renting a car? Check prices for hotel parking
  • Check if Internet access is free (or not)
  • Don’t be afraid to call the Hotel directly