Capri, Napoli, Sorrento, Pompeii and Vesuvius of Italy

What a marathon! We managed to visit all these places in almost 2.5 days! Our base was Napoli, and this story here was part of our experience with Rome and Napoli.

Napoli is an extraordinary place, famous for many things among which.. the famous Pizza Napolitana and their Gelato! Please allow us to be positively prejudiced with Pizza da Napoli, as we have also tasted the Roman pizzas.

The pizza base/crust in Italy is thin, while in many countries around the world -including Greece- pizza is made with a thick crust, and each slice is almost 50% topping and 50% crust. However, a thin crust lets you enjoy the topping without that full-of-bread thing, and thus you can eat a whole pizza by yourself and feel OK.

Additionally, a unique cheese made from buffalo milk is quite famous for pizza topping. Even if you order a pizza in Rome, they mention that an exceptional pizza is the pizza da Napoli with buffalo milk cheese for topping.

You can enjoy the magnificent view of the city from its hills, which are approachable with the funiculars.

Due to our time limitations, Napoli -this time- served as a base to visit other destinations around the city. However, there are different aspects of the city of Napoli.

The cosmopolitan island of Capri

Well, this is one famous island, indeed. You can reach it by ferry from Napoli. The last ferry from Capri to Napoli leaves close to late afternoon, and there is no other way to return to Napoli but the next day.

Capri is very nice to walk through, and it is a very calm and picturesque island in the wintertime but more crowded during summertime.

Capri is very green and quite traditional, with its funicular to get to the top. Various villas of stunning beauty were scattered here and there, transmitting a serene feeling and having “that” old glamor.

The island has some expensive shops where one can buy fancy Italian jewelry and clothes, but the most exciting thing was… the lemons!

Capri is famous for its lemons and all products that are made with lemons. Like caramels, biscuits, and many other sweets that are a bitter/sweet combination. We have to say that we ate lots of them.

The Ruins of Pompeii & the Volcano of Vesuvius

We left Capri, and the next day it was time to visit Vesuvius and Pompeii. We were thrilled with our visit since Vesuvius is an active volcano surrounded by legends and facts on how it destroyed Pompeii, with people buried in ashes and boiling lava.

We were not expecting to see a well-preserved ancient city with all these details, buildings, mosaics, and roman architecture. We spend many hours walking in Pompeii, admiring everything.

To reach the top of Vesuvius first, you get a regular bus that brings you to point A, and then another one looks quite like a military one with massive tires that gets you to point B. From there, it’s another 30 minutes walking to the crater.

The view is excellent, and there is a small gift shop where you can get souvenirs made from black cold lava though we think they were a bit overpriced.

Leaving Vesuvius, we went to Pompeii. The day was scorching, and as you see, the place is naked from trees, so from time to time, we had to go into the ruins to get some shade and cool down.

Beautiful Sorrento by the Sea

We think that Sorrento is great to visit, even just for its sunset from its top balcony over the marina. Plus for their pizza too (yes, we ate lots of pizza everywhere in Italy).

The marina itself is like diving into another era around 30-40 years ago of Bella Italia.

The cabanas and beach umbrellas make you feel like perhaps a young Sophia Loren, or Marcello Mastroianni may pop up from some corner. Sorrento is also another place you can use to visit Capri.

The city is famous for the production of limoncello. This is a potent digestif drink with a pretty good amount of alcohol and lemon flavor.

It is best to be consumed cold and not warm. Don’t forget to taste their gelato’s too. Yummy!

So, after Sorrento, it was time to take the train back to Napoli. The next day we would leave to stay in Rome.

Our experience in Rome – the eternal city- is a separate article, coming soon. Should you visit Capri, Sorrento, Pompeii, and Vesuvius, don’t forget to share your experience. Ciao!

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