Memorable Things To Do in Cefalu Sicily, Italy

We landed in Cefalu Sicily (Cefalù), during a 5 day trip around Sicily. Sicily has a huge relation with Greeks that goes back thousands of years and we wanted to explore such things. Our trip included Agrigento, Taormina, Catania, Palermo, Syracuse & Otryvia.

Cefalu is a beautiful city by the sea, very characteristic from the limestone buildings, closely build near the sea.

Things To Do in Cefalu Sicily, Italy
View of Cefalu from afar

What Are The Things To Do in Cefalu Italy

Cefalu is a nice village to be for a few hours. Most of the things can be seen through a slow walk around the place. Unless you plan to stay in a really quite place like Cefalu, just for the peace, you may get bored fast. We spend a few hours there and then moved along.

To get inside the village you park outside of it and walk your way through.

The Duomo of Cefalu

The central point of Cefalu is the Duomo square. Upon your arrival we recommend to get to the Duomo square. On a good sunny day, the colors look magnificent. It is impossible not to see the church as it stands in the highest point of the square dominating everything.

Things To Do in Cefalu, Italy
Duomo exterior

Duomo means “Cathedral”, and every city in Italy (the island of Sicily included) has a Duomo. So, the word is not strictly related to famous Duomo buildings like those in Florence (Firenze).

Things To Do in Cefalu, Italy
The square around Duomo

We were informed that the church interior is covered with real gold! The mosaics are really vivid. The church (as many churches of Sicily) combine elements from the Arab, Norman and Byzantine cultures.

Things To Do in Cefalu, Italy
Duomo Interior

These are quite visible in and out of the church, and in the surrounding city buildings.

See this video from the Duomo interior.

Medieval Cloth Washing Tanks

Lavatoio Medievale dates back to medieval times and it was the place were women were gathering to wash their clothes, plus to exchange the daily news. The water comes from a river Cefalino and flows through the different water tanks, ending out to the sea.

Things To Do in Cefalu, Italy
Lavatoio Medievale

One can read the inscription: Here flows Cefalino, healthier than any other river, purer than silver, colder than snow.

The Beach of Cefalu

You may miss this spot unless you walk at the lower levels of the village. We knew that a beach was there but didn’t know how to exactly access it.

At some point as we were walking we spotted this stone door/gate, offering a fantastic contrast of shadow and light with blue colors ahead.

Things To Do in Cefalu, Italy
Gate to (paradise) beach

During that day the beach was swarming with teenagers (even from other cities) who grabbed the opportunity to cool down from the hot weather.

Things To Do in Cefalu, Italy
On the beach

There were no fancy installations like beach bars or such. Just the sand and the sea and lots of people having fun under the sun.

Things To Do in Cefalu, Italy
Panoramic view of the beach of Cefalu

Strolling In The City of Cefalu

When you are there you need to taster Cefalu “dolce” specialty which is iced water with different flavors, lemon being the most preferred. Perfect way to swallow some coolness.

Things To Do in Cefalu, Italy

The city offers not many historical sight-seeings but it is really nice walking up and down the narrow paths and feel like a local. If you have the time visit Museo Mandralisca.

Things To Do in Cefalu, Italy

We had some really nice time there and as our first village to visit in Sicily, it was a nice introduction for more things that would come in the next days.

Things To Do in Cefalu Sicily, Italy

Enjoy Cefalu as much as you can and move on to another location in Sicily. Make sure to book ahead for accommodation. Get your travel insurance and check those great resources for your travel too.

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