10 Best Places to Visit in 2021

Discover 10 awesome places to visit in 2021, that are really overlooked by many travelers and read key information that will help you decide quickly on what your next destination will be. You won’t believe what we’ve put together, just for you.

In the past year, hot spot areas in Asia and Africa were quite a hit, if social media is anything to go by. However, even though it is still young, 2021 promises to be all about drama and adventure, and we’ve made a list that comprises competitive and incredible contenders for you to consider.

Here are our top 10 under-the-radar travel destinations for 2021. Let’s find an amazing place to visit in the world.

Comporta, Portugal

Top 10 Under-The-Radar Places to Visit in 2021
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It’s one of the most sought out places in Europe. Comprising of a few beaches surrounded by small villages along Portugal’s Troia Peninsula, this popular location is the perfect getaway. Hands down, Comporta is the perfect place to visit in Europe. Away from the busy city life, this location offers a relaxing reprieve not available in most popular cities such as Lisbon.

Camporta boasts of marvelous beaches and tall twisted cork trees that add ambience to the surrounding environs. In addition, there are fewer resorts and restaurants which make the place ideal for comfort and serene.


Top 10 Under-The-Radar Places to Visit in 2021
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The country is one of the safest locations in Africa for tourists to visit. It is famous for the mountain gorillas which can be found in the Volcanoes Mountain. The capital Kigali is near Akagera National park where visitors get to enjoy safaris.

London, England is the Place to Visit in Europe

Top 10 Under-The-Radar Places to Visit in 2021
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London is one of the richest and exotic cities in the world. The city is famous for its luxurious life and expensive shopping malls. Below are stunning places to visit in London.

  • The Museum of London: If you are interested in history, London is the place to visit in Europe. The museum holds priceless British history that will fascinate any historian.
  • Tower Bridge: This iconic and fascinating site is Gothic in design and it’s interesting to watch as the bridge divides into two parts to help ease traffic. The bridge is worth a visit and a record number of tourists visit every year.


Top 10 Under-The-Radar Places to Visit in 2019
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The Northern African nation is known for its sand dunes. It is the perfect getaway for desert adventurers. The Sahara desert is extensive in Morocco and you can get to enjoy the marvelous Atlas Mountains. The adventure promises to offer the best as there are camps and tours organized in the desert.

Bilbao, Spain

Top 10 Under-The-Radar Places to Visit in 2021
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Ignore the glamorous Barcelona or Madrid and instead explore the traditional city of Bilbao. In fact, Bilbao is the place to visit in Spain for its amazing buildings. It is officially recognized as the modern capital for architecture in Spain. Some of the must-see sights in the city include Frank Gehry Museum and the 23-story Isozaki Atea Towers.

While the city is more modern compared to other cities in Spain, visitors are afforded the chance to enjoy Spanish Cuisine. Chefs around the city are famously recognized for their cooking prowess. The cuisine is delicious and traditionally rooted to ensure everyone enjoys the Spanish culture. Bilbao is simply the ideal place to visit in Europe.

Luzon, Philippines

Top 10 Under-The-Radar Places to Visit in 2021
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Luzon is the largest island in the Republic of the Philippines. The Island is characterized by extraordinary mountains and dense tropical rainforest. It’s the perfect getaway for busy corporate individuals. The region is the perfect health fix for anyone. South of the island comprises of fascinating scenery that is worth your sight.


Top 10 Under-The-Radar Places to Visit in 2021
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Australia is essentially the place to visit for kids. The journey will, of course, be long and tiresome especially if you have the company of kids. The country boasts of the best sandy beaches. Noosa is one of the best places to surely visit in Australia. Marcola lies next to Noosa and has incredible tourist-free beaches.

Australian cuisine comprises of seafood that will leave you spoilt for choice. To get the best surfing experience and a view of the Great Barrier Reef, visit Brisbane. And if road-trip adventures are your cup of tea, the best part to enjoy the thrill is Sydney and Melbourne. These locations are ideal for road-trip enthusiasts.

Botswana, Africa

Top 10 Under-The-Radar Places to Visit in 2021
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The landlocked African country is defined by the dry Kalahari Desert and the famous Okavango Delta. The country is famous for its exciting and thrilling safaris. Botswana is one of the most sparsely populated countries in Africa giving the animals the power to roam freely.

Several camps such as Qorokwe and Mombo were each opened last year and they offer breathtaking game viewing sites where you can get to see elephants, cheetahs, giraffes, and many more. Just book a flight today and visit wild Botswana for an incredible and breathtaking adventure.


Top 10 Under-The-Radar Places to Visit in 2021
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Uzbekistan is one of the most amazing places in the world. While in the small nation, ensure you visit Samarkand which has evolved over the years and is recognized in diverse cultures. You should look out for the old town’s ancient architecture and monuments. You’ll be amazed.

 Alaska, USA

Top 10 Under-The-Radar Places to Visit in 2021
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Alaska prides itself on being the best place to visit in United States, and did you know it’s the largest state in the country? The state is famed for the extensive Denali National Park. You can enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, heli-skiing and fishing. The sight around the park is marvelous and worth every penny.

The thrill never stops, as across the town, you should expect to find pubs and legally licensed weed dispensaries, that is if you are into kush. Locally made handicrafts and traditional accessories are cheap and beautiful. To get the best view of the park, you should book a room at Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge. People can visit the park either in:

  • Summertime: In terms of weather, this is the best time to visit. The number of people visiting the park at this time is enormous too. The park is the best place for kids to visit.
  • Winter: The season is widely famous amongst most people due to the chance of getting to watch the Northern lights. The site is just magnificent and priceless.

Bonus Destination for Places to Visit in 2021: New Zealand

Top 10 Under-The-Radar Places to Visit in 2021
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New Zealand is worldly known for its fascinating adventure and traditional rich culture. The North Island hosts Mount Maunganui where Kiwi lovers flock. The rich mountainous terrain has a 45-minute walk that offers some of the most magnificent views of the Pacific Ocean.

The Maori traditional dancers will entertain you with warm and exciting dances. At the base of the hill, guests are sure to be soothed by warm spring that relaxes feet. This region is rich in viticulture and the red grapes are abundant. Make a tour reservation in New Zealand and treat yourself to the best climate where days are longer.

Still not convinced? Book a reservation at one of these hot spots and kick start your 2021 in style. Remember to carry a cam to treasure and remember all those irreplaceable moments that are waiting for you!

What do you think? Did we miss anything? Have you been to a certain destination that took your breath away and really moved you? Let us know in the comments!

Sophia Clark has found herself as a freelance writer who shares her best tips and tricks about hiking and traveling. Sophia is working on many travels and electronic related projects. Currently, she is writing dash cam reviews about car automotive products.

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