What Are The 7 Best Distilleries To Visit In The US?

Are you a lover of fine spirits? Then, our insiders’ guide for the top distilleries to visit in the US is tailor-made for you. With distilleries across the country continuing to push the geographic boundaries, get creative, and make the most of the territory, it seems like America is on the path to a spirited renaissance.

Given the innovation being brought forth by distilleries across the USA, it looks like Tennessee and Kentucky are not the only places to check out some excellent bourbon.

Amazing Distilleries To Visit In The US

There are so many places to quench your thirst for some good liquor.

From the intriguing vodka facility that also functions as a hotel to the sole stool distillery near Mexico, given below are the top distilleries across the nation that you must check out.

Distilleries to Visit in the US, State of Texas: The Desert Door

Sotol is a Mexican spirit created from a variety of wild plants known as the Desert Spoon. Farming of these plants takes place in Western Texas, mainly in the Chihuahuan desert. It is native to northern Mexico and the southwestern US and creates a spirit with a unique hint of pine and smoke.

Sotol has been in massive demand in Durango, Colorado, for centuries.

But the spirit is now all set to win the heart of all of America with the Desert Door Distillery, situated on the eastern side of Sotol country in Driftwood, Texas. This is the only distillery in all of the USA to harvest and distill Sotol regularly.

Distilleries to Visit in the US, State of Kentucky

Buffalo Trace Distillery (Frankfort)

For more than two hundred years, the Buffalo Trace Distillery is known for its dedication to the fine art of making bourbon whiskey. If you want to taste the unique bourbon flavors of Blanton’s bourbon right where its distillation takes place, the Buffalo Trace Distillery is where you head to.

Along with the top-rated physical tour of the distillery, the place is also offering virtual tours right now. So, you can just pop open a bottle of bourbon at home and indulge in knowing more about the art and science of distilling fine spirits.

Amazing Distilleries To Visit In The US

Maker’s Mark (Loretto)

The Maker’s Mark distillery presents a sight to behold with its expansive grounds that hold more than three hundred flora species. And, they have been producing whiskey from here since 1805. A tour of this distillery is almost like taking a walk through a rich heritage of whiskey-making.

The place still hand-drips the bottle cap in a signature red wax and uses a vintage press for printing every label. Its makers tear the labels by hand and put them on every bottle.

Distilleries to Visit in the US, State of Colorado

Marble Distilling (Carbondale)

Marble Distilling in Colorado does the double duty as a distillery and an inn and manages to do a pretty great job at both. As the only place in the US where you can sip and sleep, the boutique property has five suites, along with a distillery and a posh tasting room.

You will be poured house-made gingercello, coffee liqueur, whiskey, and vodka to keep your spirits high. A clear sight of the distillation stills from the on-site bar makes sure that the guests get closer to all the action.

Amazing Distilleries To Visit In The US

Distilleries to Visit in the US in Tennessee

Old Dominick (Memphis)

The roots of this famous distillery in Memphis dates back to the 1880s when an Italian name Domenico Canale created a bottled whiskey that he named Old Dominick. Many years after the wholesale company for the whiskey stopped operating, Chris and Alex Canale, the great-great-grandsons of Domenico Canale, found an old Dominick bottle that inspired them to open the distillery.

This facility became the first ever site in the city to focus on whiskey distillation after prohibition. At present, customers can come for whiskey tours and have cocktails at the bar while listening to live music.

Jack Daniel’s (Lynchburg)

This list would remain incomplete without a mention of the liquor known as the king of all American whiskies. These are hallowed grounds for whiskey lovers across the world, and not just in the US.

The distillery has kept most of its original features intact, right from the actual Brickhouse, the white clapboard office, to the open spring whose water flows towards this distillery. Every bottle of Jack Daniel’s has water from this crystal clear spring. If you visit this distillery, make sure to take home at least one classic bottle that you won’t find elsewhere.

Amazing Distilleries To Visit In The US

Distillery to Visit in US, State of Utah: High West Distillery

Imagine having a good round of skiing fun on the slopes and then skiing right into a distillery to warm yourself up with some quality whiskey. But why only imagine that when the High West Distillery in Park City can make it happen for you?

Back when this distillery opened its doors in downtown Park City in 2006, it was the first legal distillery in Utah. As mentioned above, you can ski-in and have whiskey cocktails, along with the original still of 250 gallons.

Final Thoughts on Top Distilleries to Visit in the US

These amazing distilleries are spread across the country that can give you tastes and flavors like never before. So, choose the one that you want to check out first and book a tour of the facility for yourself.

Keep the one safety rule in mind. Don’t drink and drive.

Behave responsibly for yourself and others.

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