Best And Easy Hiking Trails In Colorado

Have you already packed your backpack to face fantastic new adventures of another hiking route, but still not sure about the destination to choose? Picturesque Colorado is something you’ll probably like a lot.

Why? – The thing is this state is so unpredictable and different, surprising and erratic, that it’s able to entertain even the most experienced and savvy hikers.

The diversity of hiking trails in Colorado will challenge the visitors with its bipolarity and rapid weather changes, amaze with out-of-this-world red-rock formations and endless wildflower meadows, fascinate with the pristine beauty of the wilderness.

However, despite the tricky and rocky terrains of Colorado, there are also lots of hiking trails for beginners. So, where to start and what to choose?

We’ve got the top-five of win-win hiking places in the state, which are rather smooth yet not dull.

1. Roxborough State Park

To say this place is going to rock your socks off is an understatement. This breathtaking combo of red rocks, blue sky, and green trees make the Roxborough State Park not only a popular place for hiking, but also for taking fantastic photos and shooting videos.

The park has to offer trails for hikers of all levels. The distance of the easiest one is about 2.3 miles (one way); it’s a loop going through spectacular and intriguing red-rock formations. However, there’s also a shorter, Willow Creek Trail, which is only 1.4 miles long.

Dogs are not allowed in the Roxborough State Park. Also, you’ll need a pass for access, and in case you require some assistance, they can offer a person who will help you to get around.

2. Alderfer / Three Sisters Park

Despite the Alderfer and Three Sisters Park is situated nearby the town of Evergreen, its atmosphere is opposite of the typical urban area.

The territory is about 770 acres, which includes both demanding and relaxing trails, beautiful views of meadows, birds, most natural mountains to climb. Sо, in other words, it’s an open field of possibilities for devoted and beginner hikers.

3. Crater Lake

Magnificent Crater Lake is probably the easiest route of our list: beginner skill level will be enough to enjoy such a day of hiking in the most beautiful areas of Colorado.

To maximally benefit from this adventure, take it in summer or autumn when the sceneries of Aspen Grove, the Maroon Bells, Pyramid Peak, and the Lake are the most attractive, and the weather is the most appropriate.

The shore of the Lake is open for exploration, so unforgettable experience, sweet memories,  and great photos are guaranteed.

4. Butler Gulch

Unlike the previous option, the Butler Gulch trail is often rather crowded – the first reason to begin your hike here as early as possible. Also, the morning start of this route is a good idea about the frequent afternoon thunderstorms in the summertime in the area.

This 5-mile hike is easy-to-moderate in its difficulty, with an elevation gain of about 1500 feet. Wildflowers against a backdrop of mountains, small waterfalls up and down the mountainside, two pretty lakes, abandoned mine sites. The diversity of the “to-see-list” on this trail is fascinating.

5. Great Sand Dunes National Park

Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve is the final point in our list of beautiful hikes in Colorado. The glory and charm of endless dunes are something each of us has to see at least once in a lifetime.

This destination is the most popular with tourists in autumn, winter (when it’s much more relaxed), and especially in spring (when the rivers run through the beautiful sand basin, transforming the landscape into a living desert.

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