The Seven Greatest Winter Getaways for the Upcoming Season

Millennials, more than any other generation, are making the time to travel. Whether it is to see the wonders of America or to explore overseas destinations, the youngest generation of adults is out to experience all that this world has to offer.

They are also making money by traveling. By blogging about their adventures, Millennials are earning an income, enough to keep them traveling at least part of the time.

With this in mind, you should combine the two, travel and money, into one. If you are looking for a great getaway this coming winter, blog about your travels and make a little extra cash on the side.

Below are some of the best places to go this winter; for you, your family, your life experiences, and, potentially, your wallet.


No wintertime destination in the US is going to be devoid of skiing. There are many places in Colorado where you and the family can go to enjoy some of this fun on the slopes. Weave and fumble your way across the snow.

If this is a couple’s getaway, then the laughs the two of you share from wiping out on the mountains will bring you closer together.

For more of a couple’s enjoyment, visit one of the many spas to warm up from the cold outdoors. If you have kids that are younger, you may not get indoors to the spa, but you can take them shopping through the myriad of quaint stores for a souvenir.


Alaska!? In the winter!?! Yes, Alaska is great for a winter getaway. The cities and the surrounding areas are perfect for skiing at this time of year.

They are also major centers of civilization, you are not out in a secluded area (although every city in Alaska is secluded).

There are dog sled races and dog sled tours to take you through the scenic landscape. You can participate in ice fishing but, for a truly gelid adventure, take the polar challenge and jump into the frigid water beneath the ice.

The sun never fully rises in Alaska during the winter, the state is seemingly in a constant state of twilight. This does not prevent you from viewing the Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights.


If the stiff snow and teeth-chattering temperatures are not your thing, don’t worry. Just because it is winter for the northern hemisphere, that does not mean you are restricted to cold-weather activities or locations.

Hawaii replaces the snowy slopes with sandy beaches. Still, in the northern hemisphere, the islands of Hawaii sit far enough south to experience warm weather and warm seas.

With Hawaii being a great place to swim and surf, anywhere you go among the eight islands will make you forget that you are visiting a tropical region in the months of December, January, or February.

The volcanoes are still active – and amazing to visit – and the luaus keep going.


For some warm weather adventuring within the continental United States, Florida is the place to go. Feel free to visit the beaches as temperatures typically stay within the 70s. Don’t get into the water though.

Ocean temperatures are going to be a little cooler than is comfortable at this time of year in most places. There is still plenty to do as Florida is abundant in golf, outdoor adventures, and theme parks. And at this time of year, lines for the roller coasters are much shorter than in the summer.


The Land of the Rising Sun is not very warm in the winter, but it doesn’t need to be. If you are looking to do some skiing and would like to experience another culture, then Nippon – the name that the Japanese use for their country – is the perfect place to visit.

With the islands of this country comprised of more mountains than cities, the Japanese have an overabundance of ski resorts and towns to accommodate the flocking tourists.

After warming up from your slope enjoyment, head to one of the country’s numerous museums dedicated to the art of animé. They are big on their animated fantasy culture, even erecting 60 ft tall statues in dedication to some of the most popular characters of the genré.

New Zealand

Mixing fun in the sun with a foreign destination, New Zealand is the perfect place to visit at this time of year. While the northern hemisphere is bundled up and shivering, the southern half of the world is near-naked and riding the waves.

New Zealand is far enough away from the equator that their summers are not miserably scorching and you can go hiking through the rainforests or across the glaciers in fairly comfortable weather.

While you’re there enjoying a second summer, you can stop by the movie set village where the Hobbits lived and enjoyed second breakfast.


For some wintertime glacier exploration, check out the ones within Glacier National Park. Nestled within the Rocky Mountains, the frozen landscape is jagged with ice protrusions jutting from the top of the glacier.

Ice climbing in many areas is extremely difficult and hiking across the surface is nearly impossible in many places, so it’s helpful to have hiking hacks to help you take in all that the mountains have to offer.

To see this enormous spectacle from the side of the surrounding mountains can be breathtaking (if the cold air hasn’t already taken it from you yet). There are hundreds of hiking trails to travel along.

Not only will you see the sky blue ice of the glaciers, but there are plenty of lakes and rivers to walk parallel with. Word of caution: do not jump into this water as you will likely become a human icicle. Appreciate the beauty of nature in this wonderful national park.

Planning for a Winter Getaway?

Wintertime does not have to mean a stop to all fun. The onset of colder temperatures can be an exciting time and bring about a new batch of adventures.

Plan a winter getaway for you and your loved ones, whether they are miniature versions of yourself or the person you want to have by your side for years to come.

And if the frigid form of fun is not for you, go somewhere where you can experience summer all over again.

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