15 Best Things To Do in Dubrovnik in 3 Days

A low airfare price for exploring the best things to do in Dubrovnik flashed in front of our eyes on a Monday. So we thought, “Hey, what are things to do in Dubrovnik, Croatia? We planned to go there at some point. It seems like this low price is a chance to do that…”.

A couple of hours later, we booked tickets and hotels and started making our plan on the things to do in Dubrovnik for three days.

We had only that much time since we would move to Ios island in Greece (stand by for this one).

Did you know King’s Landing from Game of Thrones was filmed there? Include that visit in your list of best things to do in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Planning for Things to Do in Dubrovnik

This one was a rather last-minute trip. It was not intended but an impulse. From the moment it was conceived to the point we were entering the airport, we had only a few days to organize all. The idea was stuck in our heads when we researched what to do in Croatia (read this post).

Luckily, the things to do in Dubrovnik are concrete, so we knew we had to find a lovely accommodation for a three days trip.

There we talked with locals and found out for more trips you can do with either Dubrovnik or Zagreb as a base.

What is the Currency of Croatia?

That was a surprise. Croatia is part of the European Union, but they don’t use Euro so much. The official currency -still- is Kuna. One euro equals -nearly- 7.5 Kuna.

That may seem like a good bargain, but prices in Dubrovnik follow the “euro” pricing logic. The items you purchase are expensive.

Budget for Things to Do in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Plan for spending 3 days in Dubrovnik. A water bottle (250ml) is around 1.3 euros.

Food is costly, especially inside the Old City (Grad). Two persons, each order one plate of food and two drinks in total can be from 349 Kuna (47 euro) to double. It depends on where you want to eat. There are cheap eateries, but that means kind of street food (sandwiches and pizza slices).

Museums & landmarks’ entrance fees start from 80 Kuna and rise to around 180 Kuna. Nearly every museum or monument needs a fee to enter, even City Walls (yes, that’s right). If you want to walk the city walls perimeter, then you pay for that.

There are just a few water fountains inside the Old City with potable water. The biggest one is at the Main Gate entrance.

The bus tickets are at 15 kuna p.p. (that costs approximately 2 euros). The bus from the airport to the city center (where the main gate is) is 40 kuna p.p. (approx. 5 euros).

If you like Ice Coffee, then be prepared for a coffee with a ball of ice cream and whipped cream on top! All other coffee variations served here are hot.

What to Pack for Dubrovnik?

For 3 days in Dubrovnik in, i.e., July, expect the Mediterranean weather all over, along with some humidity. It is hot and gets warmer if you stroll inside the Old City and the Walls. Everything in the old city of Dubrovnik is made of stone, so you can imagine.

Pack light summer clothes and maybe sandals or shoes that breathe well. A hat and sunglasses along with sun-cream.

Bring proper attire if you plan to visit the beaches (and you should). You will need water shoes on many beaches, as they are rocky (in and out).

The whole city of Dubrovnik (old and new) is charming to walk through.

Read our guide on Ultralight Gear.

Few Words for The Dalmatian Coast Beaches

This part of the world is like concentrated beauty. All the coastline has to show spectacular green that ends down to the beach and waters with bright blue and deep green colors.

It is like a two-fold postcard. The coasts and cities on the Adriatic Coast look beautiful when you are watching from the shore, but even great when you watch from the sea. The history that comes with all the towns in this area is fascinating.

Castles and fortresses are so lovely and dominant.  We understand why they were chosen as a filming location for large parts of the Games of Thrones.

Small island groups close to the mainland add to the whole thing, and the sum is a treat for the eyes and all senses! If you plan for these, allocate more than 3 days in Dubrovnik.

What to Do in Dubrovnik in 3 Days?

If you have up to 3 days, then your itinerary can be pretty specific, especially if you plan to have some leisure time and not constantly walk up and down and around the city and nearby villages.

Combine leisure with culture. As said, you need to allocate swimming and relaxing time. Dubrovnik and surrounding areas are ideal for that.

If you plan to stay for 7 to 10 days, you can do even more things by traveling in Croatia and staying in different cities. You can also book organized tours and have Dubrovnik as your “home” base. Plenty of such lasts from 12 to 14 hours, and you reach up to Kotor or Budva.

You can also sail to other cities of the Dalmatian Coast. Sailing seems quite a beautiful way to experience the Dalmatian Coast, and we kept this in mind for future trips.

The Old City of Dubrovnik is one of the country’s top beautiful cities for tourists and is one of the cultural UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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Things to Do in Dubrovnik Town

Here is our itinerary for our three days trips for the things to do in Dubrovnik. Expect lots of cultures, as this place is part of European history, so it has some essential things to “narrate.”

Dubrovnik is a tourist-friendly city and is spectacularly clean, day and night. You may not know this, but even free camping is allowed in Croatia (with penalties if you don’t leave the place exactly as you found it, i.e., clean).

Make sure you visit all the locations in Dubrovnik mentioned here using a prepaid Dubrovnik Card. Read below why to do that.

Why Buy a Dubrovnik Pass for 3 Days?

You need that card unless you want to pay for everything at their regular price. The Dubrovnik Card will cut your museum and landmarks entrance fees by 50%!!!

Things To Do in Dubrovnik Croatia
Dubrovnik Card: Comes with a detailed city guide too.

You can get it online, at your hotel, or in the many tourist offices scattered around the city.

It comes in 3 different schemes:

  • One Day card: 180 Kuna
  • Three Days card: 225 Kuna
  • Seven Days card: 315 Kuna

Each provides you with different privileges on top of the museum entrance fees. If you want to go easy on a three-day trip, buy the three days card. You can see all the museums in one day (if you want to go fast), except if it is Sunday as on that day some are closed.

With the One Day Card, you get a 24-hour free Bus pass, while with the others, you get even more. The cost of a One to Three Days card is minimal.

On top of all the other benefits, you also get discounts (5 to 15%) in restaurants, bars, and many other places. See all the details from here (note: in Hotels the card costs around 20 kunas more than purchasing it online).

The most affordable card is the one for three days in Dubrovnik. In that way you can spread your time quite well and have beach time too.

Onofrio’s Fountain

This fountain comes with a sweet story behind it. That fountain was developed to solve the water problem of Dubrovnik along with the aqueduct system. That fountain was designed to solve the water problem of Dubrovnik along with the aqueduct system. Many fill up their water bottles here and act as a meeting point.

The architects contracted with the aqueduct project had to develop it under one term. They would be penalized if even a water drop were lost, and the system wouldn’t work as needed.

When the whole network was developed, then Onofrio della Cava took over. He builds two fountains:

  • The Big Onofrio’s fountain on Poljana Paskoja Milicevica, in front of the St. Savior Church
  • The Small Onofrio’s fountain under the Belltower next to the building of the City Guard
Things To Do in Dubrovnik Croatia
The Big Onofrio’s Fountain

The picture above is from the big one and has 16 sides.

Strada of Dubrovnik

After filling up your water bottles, you get more rooted in the old city through the Strada.

Bet Things To Do in Dubrovnik Holidays in 3 Days
View of Strada

That is the main street of the Old City of Dubrovnik. You will see thousands walking up and down here, both day and night. There are all kinds of stores, restaurants, sweet shops.

Things To Do in Dubrovnik Croatia

Strada ends up to Church of St Blaise square (the Patron Saint) and the Baroque Dubrovnik Cathedral is also here. Many sit to admire the surrounding architecture before moving on to the museums and the narrow alleys or the small harbors on the opposite side.

Here is a video from the square at the far end of Strada.

Cultural Things to Do in Dubrovnik in 3 Days

Visiting the museums in each city/country we go to is a must for us. Museums are a concentrated way to explore the history of a country through the ages. So we used our Dubrovnik card to visit as many as possible.

Important note: Double-check via email or a call on which museum is open per specific day. For example, the Natural History Museum is not open on Sundays.

The visiting hours of the museums are:

March 22 – June 14; September 16 – November 2

  • Cultural History Museum (Rector’s Palace): 9 a.m – 6 p.m., every day
  • Maritime Museum (Fort St John): 9 a.m. – 6 p.m., Mondays closed
  • Ethnographic Museum (Rupe/The Holes Granary): 9 a.m. – 4 p.m., Tuesdays closed

June 15 – September 15

  • Cultural History Museum (Rector’s Palace): 9 a.m – 6 p.m., every day
  • Maritime Museum (Fort St John): 9 a.m. – 8 p.m., Mondays closed
  • Ethnographic Museum (Rupe/The Holes Granary): 9 a.m. – 8 p.m., Tuesdays closed

November 3 – March 21

  • Cultural History Museum (Rector’s Palace): 9 a.m – 4 p.m., every day
  • Maritime Museum (Fort St John): 9 a.m. – 4 p.m., Mondays closed
  • Ethnographic Museum (Rupe/The Holes Granary): 9 a.m. – 4 p.m., Tuesdays closed

Dubrovnik Museums are not open on December 25, Christmas Day; January 1, New Year; and February 3, the Feast of St Blaise.

Old Pharmacy at Friars Minor Franciscan Monastery

Get into this place and see an exhibition of all pharmaceutical tools, containers & grinders used to prepare medicines in the early days, along with recipes books.

Things To Do in Dubrovnik Croatia

This place dates from 1317 and is the world’s third oldest, still functioning pharmacy.

Things To Do in Dubrovnik Croatia

Dubrovnik Cultural – History Museum & Rector’s Palace

This museum is two museums in one. You can explore this place’s artistic and historical heritage and relate it to the Republic of Ragusa.

Things To Do in Dubrovnik Croatia

The building’s exterior and interior are magnificent.

The time you will spend 1.30 to 2 hours.
Location: Pred Dvorom, 3

Best Things To Do in Dubrovnik

It represents a strong historical point as it used to be the seat of the Rector of the Republic of Ragusa.

Best Things To Do in Dubrovnik

It also housed an armory, a powder magazine, the watch house, and a prison.

Things To Do in Dubrovnik Croatia

Dubrovnik Maritime Museum

Best Things To Do in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik’s naval history is herewith lots of exhibitions regarding ship parts, old navigation systems, and manifests.

The time you will spend 45 minutes to 1 hour.
Location: St John Fortress

Things To Do in Dubrovnik Croatia

Ethnographic Museum Rupe

Things To Do in Dubrovnik Croatia

This museum will take you back to the 16th century. You will see traditional attire and themed settings based on local customs (i.e., Easter). They used to store grains in this building underground, thus the word Rupe (means: Holes).

Best Things To Do in Dubrovnik

There is a sitting area where a film is presented explaining customs and their relation to the history of Dubrovnik.

The time you will spend 1 to 1.30 hours.
Location: Od Rupa Street, 3

Marin Drzic House

Best Things To Do in Dubrovnik

This house hosts some basic things about Marin Drzic, but the sign inside says that this house may not be his actual house.

Marin Drzic was a popular entertainer, maitre de Plaisir. Allegedly he wrote a series of comedies, yet he was also accused of plagiarism.

We didn’t find a reason to visit this place, but since it was included in the Dubrovnik Card, we also saw it.

There are not many exhibits to see. Mostly posters and some scary abstract ones.

The time you will spend 30 minutes.
Location: Široka ul. 7

Walk the Great Dubrovnik City Walls

Best Things To Do in Dubrovnik

That is your opportunity to see the whole by walking around it. The walk can take up to 2 hours, depending on your rhythm and stamina. There are two small shops with refreshments along the walking wall, plus a couple of small restaurants.

Best Things To Do in Dubrovnik

You will be on the actual fortification walls of the old city so that you will see everything in all directions.

You can combine the walk and sightseeing with a small lunch break.

Best Things To Do in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Cable Cars

Best Things To Do in Dubrovnik

That is one of the things to do in the Dubrovnik holidays, despite being a bit expensive. You can take the cable car (around 150 kunas round trip ticket per person) and get to the top of Mount Srd.

Yes, the view is breathtaking, and you can stay there as long as you like. You have two ways to get to the cable car tickets office and boarding area.

  1. From Pile or Ploče gates. A 12-minute walk behind the city walls from pedestrian sidewalks.
  2. From Strada (Stradun) towards Buža gate, it takes around 10 minutes. It is closer, but the steps are steep and a lot. Walk up the stairs, and after 1 minute, you will get to the ticket office.

There is a restaurant at the top of Mount Srd, and you can enjoy the sunset with your dinner if you plan to be there at that time (locals recommend it). There are some tours offered at the top, but by searching around, we didn’t find any good reason to attend to such.

See this panoramic video of Dubrovnik from the mountain top.

Dubrovnik Beaches

Best Things To Do in Dubrovnik

As said (and seen), Dubrovnic is next to the sea. That means lots of beaches. Beaches here are primarily rocky, with some having pebbles. That doesn’t diminish their beauty, though.

This photo is from Bellevue beach, and the view was from our room.

Best Things To Do in Dubrovnik

People will “make a beach and a swim” out of nothing. That is a beach as seen from atop of the City Walls. Many people in Dubrovnik dive from high rocks, water polo, and sea kayak.

Other beaches are:

  • Danče Beach
  • Buža Beach
  • Banje beach
  • Sveti Jakov Beach
  • Šulići
  • Uvala Lapad Beach
  • Veliki žal Beach
  • Copacabana, Cava, Lokrum
  • Porporela Swimming Spot

Fort Lovrijenac or St. Lawrence Fortress

Best Things To Do in Dubrovnik

This castle is often called “Dubrovnik’s Gibraltar.” It is outside the walls of Dubrovnik (seen on the left side of the photo). This fort has almost zero things to see (exhibits and such), but it is a beautiful spot for pictures of the old city and a fantastic place for resting.

Many guided tours include it in their itinerary, and the small bay between the city walls and the fort served as a popular sea kayak station.

Sea Kayak in Dubrovnik

Best Things To Do in Dubrovnik

Sea kayaking could be one of the most popular activities in the area and logically along the whole coastline of Croatia. We saw many sea kayaks doing tours to the islands or along the coast.

They start from many different locations, even from the nearby Cavtat. We love sea kayaking too and have attended many tours.

Climb the Jesuit Stairs

Best Things To Do in Dubrovnik

Beautiful spot in the old city. The stairs, designed in Baroque style (by Pietro Passalacqua), are similar to the famous Spanish Steps in Rome.  At the top, you will find Uz Jezuite Street and the Jesuit Church of St. Ignatius of Loyola at the top.

Strolling through the streets of the Old Town of Dubrovnik

Best Things To Do in Dubrovnik

Allocate a few hours to walk through the narrow alleys and streets of Dubrovnik.

Despite the fantastic architecture, you will also meet many small wine bars and restaurants that serve sumptuous delicacies.

On the main street (Strada), you will find the Captain Candy store.

Best Things To Do in Dubrovnik

What & Where to Eat in Dubrovnik?

Best Things To Do in Dubrovnik

There are all kinds of food in Dubrovnik. Since the city resides by the sea, expect all local delicacies to be around fish and anything the ocean provides.

We ate at different places. We recommend Tavulin Wine & Art Bar as a median-price restaurant because the food is excellent.

Best Things To Do in Dubrovnik

However, you can find splendid Japanese and Mexican cuisine too.

We spotted a Mexican food restaurant and got some Burrito con Pollo and Quesadilla con Carne, along with a local beer and margarita. The restaurant was Mex Cantina Bona Fide.

Where to Stay in Dubrovnik?

There are plenty of options, of course. You can’t say there are no affordable accommodation options in Dubrovnik, and services are definitely at the top level.

Since we had just a few days, we decided to go to a 5-star hotel. It was the Bellevue Hotel, only 10 minutes walking time from the Old City, and it had its beach! The hotel even had a private pool, gym, and huge rooms with many amenities.

Best Things To Do in Dubrovnik
The beach of Bellevue Hotel

Even guests from nearby hotels came to swim on that beach. For hotel residents, there were sun lounges and all comforts.

For a thorough list of prices and accommodation prices, click here.

There are 2500 accommodation options in Dubrovnik, and keep in mind that local transportation is frequent and excellent. You don’t need a car inside Dubrovnik.

Make sure to get tickets before boarding the bus or have exact change. Buying tickets on the bus cost three kunas more than getting them outside the bus.

The Adriatic sea is fantastic for a summer swim.

Visit Cavtat Village (30 minutes from Dubrovnik)

That can be a half or full-day activity. Cavtat has numerous beaches and great promenade routes. You can get there by taking the local bus (number 10).

Here is how Cavtat looks, but the best is to read our exclusive post for Cavtat.

Best Things To Do in Dubrovnik

The Weather of Dubrovnik in Summer

The hot summer and mild springs and autumn. Eather in Dubrovnik follows that of the Mediterranean area. If you want to avoid crowds, then go in Springtime; we went in mid-August, and didn’t feel “crowded.”

However, we think the best month to visit Dubrovnik is July.

Many people go into the old city bars and restaurants at night, and you see lots of people during that, but you don’t feel like you can’t walk or such.

Dubrovnik Map: Old & New City

Dubrovnik belongs to Croatia and is a city by the sea, famous for summer vacations both from tourists and locals. Since it is not an island, it can be reached even by car from any European country.

Best Things To Do in Dubrovnik

Here is a painting showing the Old City of Dubrovnik. Walls surround it. All buildings and fortifications are in good standing. They are renovated and well maintained.

Best Things To Do in Dubrovnik

During the recent war, Dubrovnik was bombarded, but it was renovated excellently.

Walking around the old city’s walls will give an accurate view of the city from all possible angles. Reach up to the Pile Gate.

Things to Do in Dubrovnik at Night

As in many Mediterranean cities, the nightlife is one of the key elements to having fun.

There are a few bars in the old city, but there are many nice restaurants with excellent wine, and travelers seem to prefer these better.

Best Things To Do in Dubrovnik Holidays in 3 Days

Dubrovnik Walking Tours

Most highly recommended guided tours in Dubrovnik relate to either food, Games of Thrones, visits to nearby islands for swimming, or day tours to other popular cities. You will see many kiosks selling, such as in the town.

Plan (lots of crowds ask for them) and book them online since some require a lot of time. These are:

You can have a look at all the available tours from here.

How to get to Dubrovnik?

Flights to Dubrovnik

You can fly to Dubrovnik airport from many European countries. These are Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, Norway, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Israel, and Turkey.

Bus to Dubrovnik

You can get the bus from Italy (Trieste), which is run by Autotrans, or Bosnia & Hercegovina and Montenegro. Check the website of Dubrovnik Bus Station for more details.

How to Get to Dubrovnik by Ferry?

Ferries are departing from Bari port, Italy. It is an overnight journey that takes about 12 hrs. The ferry line is in operation between March and October. It is an overnight journey that takes about 12 hrs.

Summary On Things to Do in Dubrovnik Croatia in 3 Days

There are lots of things to do in Dubrovnik, right?

We promise you that you will be amazed by this city, if not from Croatia all over.

Nature and sightseeing you will encounter, along with great food, wine, and top services, will make you want to come back and explore more of the neighboring countries. For example, you can travel from Dubrovnik to the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro.

Have fun and let us know how visiting Dubrovnik and Croatia were for you.

Here is a sum-up video from this experience!

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