Startling Things to Do and See in Ios Greece

Ios is an iconic island of southern Greece. It is home to pristine beaches, beautiful crystal-blue waters, a mythological history, and dramatic crags. And not forgetting classic, cubist, whitewashed buildings, and various activities and sights to do and see between its shores.

Let’s have a look at some of the best things to do in Ios Greece.

Beaches of Ios Greece

Oh…! The amazing beaches of Ios. There are around 20 of them.

Namely: Mylopotas, Manganari, Agia Theodoti, Gialos, Koumbara, Kolitsani, Kalamos, Papa, Psathi, Plakoto, Cape Karatzas, Diamoudia, Kambaki, Loretzena, Neraki, Plakes, Tripiti, Tris Klisies, Tzamaria, Valmas, Vathirema. Check some of them here:

Mylopotas Beach

This is the most visited beach in Ios Greece.

Ios Greece, Mylopotas Beach
Mylopotas Beach

It is located right near the town of Chora. Mylopotas Beach is a great place to enjoy crystalline waters and the white sand of the Aegean. An amazing beach club, the number one spot to party in Ios, is found in this beach. Activities to do in the beach, include boat riding on a speed boat or explore underwater life by snorkeling.

Scuba Diving at Mylopotas beach
Mylopotas Beach

These are some of the many such activities you can do for hours on the beach.

Manganari Beach

Manganari beach, Ios Greece
Manganari beach – Ios – Greece

Koumbara Beach

Koumbara beach, Ios Greece
Koumbara beach

Hora of Ios & the island

Check this amazing flyover Hora of Ios Greece.

“Blasted”? We were too! See this video of some guys paragliding over Ios. Wow…, right?

Homer’s Tomb

Above the Plakotos beach you can explore an ancient tomb, the Homer’s tomb, which many people have come to refer as the burial site of the famous poet Homer.

This is the path leading there.

Homer's Tomb Ios Greece
Towards Homer’s Tomb at the far end.

Here is what you see along the path.

Homer's Tomb Ios Greece
Along the path towards Homer’s Tomb

Here is how the tomb location looks like.

Homer's Tomb, Ios Greece
Homer’s Tomb, Ios Greece

Hiking Ios Island

One thing you must not miss do to do in Ios Greece is hike the Ios’ back country, more so if traversing the shepherd paths through the rocky terrain up to Pyrgos, which is the Islands highest point.

The path to Paleokastro - Ios Greece
The path to Paleokastro

You can hike to the old monastery of Agios loannis. Hiking is also a way to feel and understand the Islands ancient mythology and history while reminiscing what the long gone inhabitants must have encountered when exploring their native land. You need to carry a map, plenty of water, and sun protection when embarking on this hiking mission.

Panayia Gremiotissa Church and Evangelismos Cathedral

The Panayia Gremiotissa church and the Evangelismos Cathedral are two architecturally gorgeous churches found in Chora.

Panayia Gremiotissa church is located near the summit of one of the town’s many hills.

The Evangelisimos Cathedral is located in the town center.

Ios Greece, Church in HoraEvangelisimos is a great site for taking iconic photographs, thanks to its blue and white roofs. The picturesque white bell tower of Panayia Gremiotissa is one of the most captured images on the Island. Throughout the year, various festivals occur on both churches, so check the calendar for a festival of your choice before you travel.


You can visit Skarkos Hill, which is Ios Island’s largest Bronze Age archeological excavation site. The site is important to visit if you want to learn about the history of Ios Island.

You will learn about the structure of the settlement or discover the ancient burial customs that employed. By visiting Skarkos, you get in touch with the history of Greece and have a feel of ancient lifestyles of its people. Visiting Skarkos is home to sites that interest both the avid explorer and those travelling in a more relaxed manner.

Odysseas Elytis Theater

Odysseas Elytis Theater, a large, open-air amphitheater, is named after a famous Greek poet. Recently build, it is styled much like after ancient Greek theaters, and is a fantastic place to participate in the many cultural, festivals events, performances and musical concerts that occur on the Ios Island.

Ios Greece, Odysseas Elytis Theatre
Odysseas Elytis Theatre

Ios is another Greek island that through the last decades has been a destination for rock fans but also for luxury travelers too, since it has a “couleur locale” that endorses every taste.

Photo credits: Abir AnwarKostas Limitsios, Davide TavianiNeil McKenzieDiego Martínez.

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