The Best Outdoor Activities To Do in Sicily

Visiting Sicily is like opening up to a world of colors, landscapes, culture and ancient customs unaltered over the centuries that have been handed down like a treasure to guard.

The parks, the volcano, and the reserves offer an incredible variety of activities for those who love nature and that want to get away from the chaos of the cities.

Here our advice concerning the Sicily Excursions that you definitely should not miss.

The Megalith of Argimusco 

The Best Outdoor Activities To Do in Sicily

Here you will find a great choice of activities. In the eastern side of Sicily, you have the Nebrodi Park, which together with the Madonie and the Peloritani represents the largest protected area of the island.

It is a very vast area, impossible to visit in one day only. Our advice for you is to concentrate on an area situated among the Nebrodi Park and the Argimusco upland. It is a strategic and picturesque spot from which it is possible to see the volcano Etna, the Aeolian Island, Tindari and Capo Milazzo at once.

In this area, the rocks have been sculpted by the wind and the rain and resemble actual sculptures.

Here it is easy to free your imagination and how the shapes of the rocks resemble animals (eagle, elephant, monkey), sometimes their shape can be anthropomorphic or even call back to the ancient symbols of virility and femininity.

The Volcano Etna

Etna, from its 3.350 meters, it is the most active volcano in Europe and starting from June 2013 it has become part of the Unesco Patrimony.

The Best Outdoor Activities To Do in Sicily

You will not believe it, but Etna includes over 300 inactive volcanos in its park!

In general, in order to visit Etna, most tours either start on the northern side (Piano Provenzana) or the southern side (Rifugio Sapienza) where the funicular railway plant is that grants access up until 2500 meters.

The best way to cherish the amazing landscape that Etna has to offer is to be accompanied by an expert volcanologist guide. The most thrilling thing to do? Surely it is to hike the volcano up until 3340 meters!

The Best Outdoor Activities To Do in Sicily

You can start from the Rifugio Sapienza, reach 2500 meters through the funicular with your guide and then board onto a 4×4 jeep that will take you up to 2900 meters at Torre del Filosofo. There you will start your hike to the peak at 3340 meters.

Once you get to the top you will have a full view on craters, a breathtaking view!

Vendicari Natural Park

The Best Outdoor Activities To Do in Sicily

The Vendicari natural park is a 1512 hectares area and it is situated in between the cities of Noto and Pachino, in the district of Syracuse.

The park is a real ecosystem hosting pink flamingoes, herons and storks stopping by in between fall and spring to then migrated again towards different locations.

The observation cabins host every year a great number of enthusiasts from Europe, amateurs or professionals, that equipped with their binoculars, cameras or smartphones work onto catching in pictures the birds that inhabit the swamps.

The only thing to do is just to be mesmerized by the great show of colors and shapes that nature has gifted this natural park with.

The Alcamo Forest

The natural reserve of the Alcamo Forest sits on top of Mount Bonifato, a mountain that is part of the calcareous complex along the western coast in between Palermo and Mount Erice.

The Best Outdoor Activities To Do in Sicily

The Forest area offers to sever paths and trails to enjoy and also the possibility of Nordic Walking activities.

In the Forest, you will also be able to visit remains that are culturally and historically interesting, such as a prehistorical necropolis, the Ventimiglia Castle, the Porta Regina, the remains of the Bùnifat fortress which hosts ancient constructions, cisterns and the ice house forming the hydraulic basin of the Funtanazza.

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