The Top 5 Water Activities in Sicily

If you travel to Italy then you need to participate in the most popular water activities in Sicily.

The island has more than 1000 km of coast where it is possible to practice several sports including surf, kitesurf, body rafting and diving exploring the marvelous sea bottom and its lava stone cliffs.

Discover with us the top 5 water activities in Sicily!

Body Rafting and Canyoning at the Alcantara Canyon

The Top 5 Water Activities in Sicily

These are two similar activities that eventually are very different among them.

Both of them can be carried out at the Alcantara Canyon, a natural canyon sculpted over the centuries by the Alcantara river.

In the body rafting experience, an experienced guide will accompany you descending the river using your own body as a raft.

The Top 5 Water Activities in Sicily

With the Canyoning activity, you will instead descend the course of the river with the help of cords.

You will walk down the river waterfalls, jumps and swim in lakes.

Diving Experience in the Riviera Dei Ciclopi

The Top 5 Water Activities in Sicily

In the protected marine area of Aci Trezza, also known as Riviera dei Ciclopi (Cyclops Coastline), you will notice the atypical landscape characterized by volcanic sedimentation below the sea level.

This part of the coast owes its name to a legend presented by Homer in the Odyssey according to which the majestic black rocks off the coast have been thrown by the Cyclops Polyphemus as he was trying to stop Ulysses from escaping.

Diving in this area is a unique experience in which you will discover a sea bottom defined by the presence of the solidified Etna lava stone.

Flyboard in the natural reserve of Stagnone

The Top 5 Water Activities in Sicily

Situated only a few km away from Taormina, Giardini Naxos it is a small bay characterized by crystal clear waters, unique in the surrounding areas.

In this magnificent scenery, you can choose between two activities: Flyboard and Hoverboard.

Both activities will deliver fun, excitement and adrenaline to you. You may choose among different durations: 15 minutes, 30 minutes or even 1 hour of fun.

Kitesurf in the Stagnone natural reserve

The Top 5 Water Activities in Sicily

The natural reserve of Stagnone, in the Marsala area, it’s a magical place almost sitting outside the time.

The natural surroundings are suggestive and enhanced by the beauty of its colors, the perfumes and the natural slow movements of the waved that lull the small fishing boats.

The end of the day, with the setting sun, its colors and the mills of the saltpans, will take your breath away.

Not only this place is famous for its natural beauty, but also it is the most renowned spot for kitesurfing thanks to the favorable conditions of the sea and the wind.

Sea Kayaking in the Island of Vulcano

The Top 5 Water Activities in Sicily

Vulcano is part of the Aeolian islands and amongst the 7 of them, it is the one that takes us back to the primordial need of men to be part of a nature that offers everything that is needed for us to be in balance.

Here, guided by an instructor, you will paddle over the Mediterranean waters discovering the secrets of the island: you will be able to visit grottos and lava tunnels, stop by in the natural pools or even relax in the warm thermal spots that are present in several parts of the island.

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