Plisorema Canyon Fthiotida Greece

Plisorema Canyon is located at Fthiotida on the mountain Knimida.

In order to arrive there, you need to travel outside Athens towards Agios Konstantinos. From there you take the road to Agnanti village.

After 10 minutes you will reach the main square of the village. After that square, there are 2 dirt roads. Take the right one and after 4km, it will take you to the canyon entrance.

The canyon is quite open with lots of sycamore trees. Keep moving and the canyon will get narrower but becomes really impressive the same time.

There are various downhills there. The largest one is 4 meters and you will definitely need a rope. Towards its end, it gets wider and keeps that way until you reach the exit.

In general Psilorema canyon is ideal for beginners and for large groups of people.

You will definitely need a wet suit since there is lots of water during the route and and a harness.

A big advantage of this route is that both its entrance and exit are close to the road, so you will not need to walk a lot in order to arrive there.

The time to climb it down is around 1hour and a half.

The best time of the year to visit the Plisorerma canyon is from April till June where you will find plenty of water and make lots of jump dives.

At the exit of the canyon, you can experience a very relaxing swim at the thermal spas of Camena Vourla or at the Kouniaviti springs.

Mount Knimida is a mountain with lots of trails, caves, rock-shelters, and water springs.

The most beautiful of this is the spring that is close to the small church of Agios Nestoras (located over Agios Konstantinos). Also, there is a huge number of boars.

As a nice ending for your excursion the small taverns at the beach of Agios Konstantinos are highly recommended.

Coordinates to take you to Plisorema canyon


  • Latitude:  38’43’9.56” B
  • Longitude: 22’50’45.30” A


  • Latitude:  38’43’10.39” B
  • Longitude: 22’51’3.63” A

Enjoy this small but full excursion at Plisorema canyon and surrounding area.

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