Best Hiking Shirts For Women in 2023

Are you looking to find the best hiking shirts for women and learn how to choose the best one? Will it be a long-sleeve hiking shirt or a short sleeve or no sleeves at all or even a plain tank top? How to choose the best option per your needs?

With our research article, we will provide you with the information you need, along with the data that guide your hiking shirt decision.

A good hiking shirt makes lots of difference in enjoying your hiking trip.

Best Hiking Shirts For Women

Here is a good range of selections per hiking shirt type. They have similar features, but there is always a way to tell which hiking shirt option is the best.

Best Long Sleeves Hiking Shirts

Long sleeve shirts are the standard choice for hiking, as the length of the sleeves provides extra protection from the sun and insect bites.

1. BALEAF Women’s Long Sleeve Shirts

Best Hiking Shirts For Women in 2023 1Best Hiking Shirts For Women in 2023 2

A soft long, sleeve hiking shirt that feels smooth on ladies’ skin. It is not too tight or loose, just perfect with UPF 50+ sun protection.

Its stretch level allows freedom of movement and comfort when hiking under a scorching sun.

It is ideal for hiking and outdoors and stylish to wear as an everyday shirt.

Materials100% polyester
StyleCrew neck
SizeSmall to 3X-Large
  • Lightweight, breathable & quick-drying
  • Flatlock seamlines with no-tag collar for minimal chafing but huge comfort
  • Long-raglan sleeves provide a wide range of motion
  • Tagless neck label
  • Easy to take off
What We Like

We like that it can be worn as a sweatshirt or undershirt. The flat-seam construction is ideal and feels like not wearing it at all. Great for running, hiking, fishing, traveling, or any other favorite outdoor activities.

  • Can be used as a base layer as well as stand alone
  • Easy Care: Fully machine washable for easy care.
  • Great for summer outdoor activities
  • Slightly loose design in case you want a tight fit

2. EZRUN Women’s UPF 50+ Long Sleeve Hiking Shirt

Best Hiking Shirts For Women in 2023 3Best Hiking Shirts For Women in 2023 4

This UPF 50+ protection shirt has a hoodie design that prevents your neck from sunburn.

The thumb holes keep the sleeves in place.

The raglan sleeves provide a full range of motion, and the flatlock seams and no tag collar minimize friction offering great comfort.

Materials100% polyester
StyleHoodie design
SizeSmall to XXL
  • Quick Drying and Breathable
  • Machine Wash & Hand Wash
  • Soft & Lightweight
  • Flat-lock seams
  • Moisture-wicking and lightweight rashguard
  • Quick-drying
  • UPF 50+ Sun UV protection
  • Great for fishing, hiking, workout
  • Easy to take off
What We Like

This is a very fashionable design with excellent UPF protection and a slim-fit design. It is soft and dries quickly, so it is perfect for the outdoors.

  • Fashionable Hoodie Design
  • Slim fit design
  • Skin-friendly
  • Thumb holes keep the sleeves in place
  • The hoodie can get your head warm under the hot sun

3. Columbia Hiking Shirts Women’s Silver Ridge Lite Long Sleeve

Best Hiking Shirts For Women in 2023 5Best Hiking Shirts For Women in 2023 6

This long sleeves hiking shirt can be worn for hiking or travel due to its button-up style. It has the necessary cooling vents, and you can roll up your sleeves and keep them in place with tab holders.

The wicking fabric keeps you cool and comfortable, along with an antimicrobial treatment fabric that protects from bacteria growth. The four-way stretch gives an improved range of motion.

Materials100% Ripstop polyester
SizeX-Small to 3X
  • UPF 40
  • Hook-and-loop flap chest pockets
  • Inner mesh lining and open back yoke for active ventilation
  • Point collar
  • Roll-up tabs to keep sleeves out of the way
  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • Adjustable, single-button cuffs
  • Lightweight and durable poly ripstop fabrication
What We Like

While some prefer no-button shirts to take them off fast, this one is a hiking shirt you can wear comfortably all day long. The extra pockets make it a bit more from a hiking shirt, although you can’t store many things in those other than your key or some money and small items. The neck style may be a point for extra warmth in summer, but it adds to some additional neck protection from the sun or bugs.

  • Great for Hiking and Travel
  • Two chest pockets
  • Zip pocket for small items
  • Not so comfortable to wear it as underwear
  • Not so easy to take off

Best Short Sleeves Hiking Shirts

Short sleeve shirts are suitable for hiking but under specific conditions. Apart from their materials and design, the weather has an essential role in this decision.

1. Under Armour Women’s Tech V-Neck Twist Short-Sleeve T-Shirt

Best Hiking Shirts For Women in 2023 7Best Hiking Shirts For Women in 2023 8

This hiking shirt is loose, ultralight, and keeps you cool. It is moisture-wicking and dries fast with a four-way stretch, best-fit but straightforward design.

The anti-odor technology prevents any microbes that may cause odors.

The v-neck collar compliment the feminine silhouette. It is suitable for outdoor and indoor training.

Materials100% Knit
StyleDeep V-neck collar
SizeX-Small to 3X
  • Pull On closure
  • Material wicks sweat & dries really fast
  • Ultra-soft with more natural feel
  • Deep V-neck collar
  • Short sleeves
  • Easy to take off
What We Like

This short-sleeve shirt is good when you don’t encounter too much sun. It is ultralight and extra comfortable. It could be a hot day, but you need to spray some sun cream on your hands and around your neck. There is no known UPF protection.

  • Good for gym and hot but cloudy hiking days
  • Ultra light
  • Feminine design
  • Moisture-Wicking
  • No UPF protection
  • Too much skin is exposed to sun

2. MISS FORTUNE Womens Active Wear

Best Hiking Shirts For Women in 2023 9Best Hiking Shirts For Women in 2023 10

This shirt is soft and stretches well to be comfortable for hiking.

The active fit makes it suitable for other activities, like yoga and running, as it will stay in place with less chafing under an extensive range of motion.

Materials95% polyester, 5% spandex
StyleV-neck collar
SizeSmall to 3X-Large
  • Flexible stretch fabric
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Breathable
  • Skin friendly
  • Quick dry
  • Easy to take on/off
What We Like

Like other short sleeve shirts, it is relatively comfortable to wear and gives too much skin to the sun. Under mild cloudy conditions, its breathability allows you to be comfortable in your movement and feels well on your skin. You will need to apply some cream to your hands.

  • Easy fit
  • Good for Yoga, Running, Hiking, Jogging
  • Rapidly wicking fabric keeps you cool
  • No UPF protection
  • Too much skin is exposed to the sun

3. Icebreaker Women’s Tech Lite Short Sleeve

Best Hiking Shirts For Women in 2023 11Best Hiking Shirts For Women in 2023 12

For all seasons, the Women’s Tech Lite Short Sleeve Scoop is a feminine, incredibly soft merino scoop neck shirt. You can wear it alone or as underwear.

Its odor-resistant qualities make it ideal for wearing for days between washes.

Merino is super lightweight, soft, non-itchy, non-clammy, warm in the cold, and cool.

Materials87% Merino Wool, 13% Nylon
StyleScoop neck
SizeX-Small to X-Large
  • Naturally odor-resistant
  • Naturally breathable
  • Silky soft to touch
  • Naturally Cool in the Heat
  • Easy Care & Quick Drying
  • Regulates Body Temperature
  • Quick Drying
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Odor Suppression
  • Naturally Flame Resistant
  • Durable fabric
What We Like

We like the merino wool material for women’s hiking shirts that provides all the odor suppression qualities and lightweight. The scoop neck compliments the feminine body nicely and leaves a little less skin exposed than a V-neck. The offset seams prevent irritations from extra friction when you wear a hiking daypack —a good solution when the sun is not too intense.

  • Can wear it as underwear too
  • Offset shoulder seams that prevent pack rub
  • Merino wool
  • No UPF protection

Best Hiking Tank Top 

Tank tops are the far-end point for upper body hiking clothing. Of course, they are highly lightweight, but they expose lots of your upper body and arms to the sun. They act well as underwear for hiking.

1. Icebreaker Merino womens Siren Merino Wool Tank Top

Best Hiking Shirts For Women in 2023 13Best Hiking Shirts For Women in 2023 14

This core-spun fabric shirt is mainly considered underwear, made with Lycra and light merino wool.

Merino wool’s properties control the temperature to make the shirt moisture-wicking and odor resistant. The shirt uses merino wool fibers that are wrapped around a nylon core. That adds to strength and durability.

It is versatile and easy to take care of, perfect for everyday comfort and easy layering.

Materials83% Merino Wool, 12% nylon, 5% Lycra
SizeX-Small to X-Large
  • Durable core-spun fabric
  • Lycra content for stretch and mobility
  • Scoop neck
  • Slim fit
  • Sleek, feminine design
  • Ultralight next-to-skin layer
  • Easy to take off
What We Like

We love the Merino wool fabric and its temperature regulating qualities. As for underwear, this shirt is an excellent option, but we wouldn’t wear it otherwise since it leaves lots of the body exposed to the sun and nature.

  • Next-to-skin fit
  • Ultralight shirt
  • Stretch
  • No UPF protection
  • Not to wear as a standalone shirt

2. Arc’teryx Remige Sleeveless Top Women’s Summer Hiking Tank

Best Hiking Shirts For Women in 2023 15Best Hiking Shirts For Women in 2023 16

This shirt is a women’s specific design for optimal fit and performance. The hiking shirt helps your body manage the subtle shifts in the day’s temperatures.

The broader shoulders and the full-back support sun protection and any irritations from a backpack.

It is suitable for technical hiking trekking, though it leaves arms exposed but not the neck area.

MaterialsThalden polyester
StyleCrew neck
SizeX-Small to Large
  • UPF 50+
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Sun-Protective Fabric
  • DAO finish for odor resistance
  • Merrow stitch seam construction
  • Moisture-wicking fabric
What We Like

As an intermediate solution between a tank top and short sleeve shirts, this one is good for days without intense sun. The upper body is well protected, and the arms are kept cool, while shoulder straps won’t dig into the skin.

  • Extended & wider shoulders design
  • Lightweight
  • Moisture-wickinig
  • No sleeves leaves arms completely exposed to strong sun

Our Choice for the Best Hiking Shirts For Women

We find the BALEAF Women’s Long Sleeve Shirts as the best choice for a hiking shirt for women. It provides full-body coverage and comes with UPF 50+ sun protection. You can wear it with a daypack or a backpack without risking shoulder irritations.

This shirt is excellent to wear under the scorching sun, and long sleeves are the solution to that. Since it is lightweight and moisture-wicking, you can wear it as underwear or base layer.

How To Choose The Best Women’s Hiking Shirt

Four essential factors support the decision on which hiking shirt to choose for women. Find out what each of these is and what they mean. Keep in mind that you will wear them with a hiking bra.

Shirt Coverage

Protection from exposure to the sun should be your number one criteria, especially when hiking in the summertime.

Prevention from having your skin damaged and sunburn is one thing. Avoiding half-arm tanning is one thing. The risk of skin cancer is another and more serious. The best is to choose a shirt with UPF 50 protection from the harmful effects of the sun. Being exposed to the sun is excellent for your health. For example, vitamin D is critical for your immune system, and with consistent exposure to sunlight, you can help strengthen it. Lots of studies show the benefits of sun exposure.

Fabrics that support that type of protection also help you better regulate your body temperature, which increases as you walk for hours.

2. Material

Hiking with your hiking shirt means you need materials that are breathable and light, or better, ultralight.

The ideal is to wear something that feels like not wearing, a sort of speech. You can store that easily too and have an extra shirt in your daypack if you want or in your luggage. They take very little space.

Two critical factors of hiking fabrics are moisture-wicking and quick-dry qualities. They must push sweat away from your body to avoid catching a cold and any discomfort. Moreover, when they dry fast, you can wash them frequently on a long trip and carry less weight.

Odor-repellant fabrics are a plus. Polyester also has such qualities as merino wool, while both feel soft. You don’t want to smell from microbes cultivated under your armpits or chest due to extensive sweat, either in single-day trips or multi-day ones.

3. Design

Longsleeve shirts should complement your appearance on top of their original qualities. Since most come with a good stretch level or active-fit properties, it is easy to find one that suits best to you.

The simplest, the better rule is to follow most of the time. The best is to avoid women’s hiking shirts with pockets and zippers unless you want to wear one just for a couple of hours. Use a small daypack to store anything you want to get in your walk.

Long sleeve button shirts are another idea, but you may feel that you need to lift the sleeves under the hot sun, and that extra neck clothing can be annoying.

Seamless shirts are better as there is no friction against your skin.

There is no need for the hiking shirt to be a next-to-your skin fit. Being a bit lose helps the air circulate on a hot day, but not let them be too loose.

4. Care

On multi-day trips, you will handwash your women’s hiking shirts. Choose fabrics that dry fast and repel odor caused by microbes due to sweat. Some are machine washable and -of course- hand washable. Besides the smell, if shirts don’t clean up well, they will cause a skin rash.

Machine washable is a good choice when you plan to wash them like that. That won’t work when camping, but it is good to have that option.

Types Of Best Hiking Shirts for Women

The different types of shirts are the following.


On a scorching day, tanktops will work well, but if that is accompanied by the hot sun and carrying a backpaccoluk, this shirt type is not suitable, and you need to apply a lot of sun cream.


Short sleeve t-shirts are more common in moderate hiking conditions and work well with hot weather conditions. They are usually constructed with merino wool and synthetics. Here, too, you have less skin exposed, but still, your arms need protection.

Button-up shirts

They are usually lightweight and come with a collar and long sleeves. These will protect you from insect bites and the sun, but they will provide extra heat and less breathability, especially in the collar area. It’s the only type that may come with 2-3 pockets for small items.

Zip up baselayers

They are typically long-sleeved shirts and have a quarter zip vertical to your neck. They provide good protection from the sun. However, that zip may be annoying when you sweat a lot, but it depends on the overall design.

Long Sleeve baselayers

These shirts are usually the best choice for hiking and backpacking and come with a crew neck style. A misconception for this type is that they are more suitable for cold weather, but that is not the case. When made with highly breathable and lighter materials and with a UPF 50+ protection, they are also proved to be efficient for summer-time hiking.

Why Should You Wear A Long Sleeve Shirt For Hiking?

Beginners in hiking are puzzled when they hear about wearing long-sleeved shirts in hot weather. However, that is the ideal clothing.

Long-sleeves with UPF 50 protect you from sunburns around your shoulders and arms. When they are also not too tight, such tops allow cooling down due to air circulation—all that on top of wicking moisture away. Having your shoulders covered allows the shoulder straps not to irritate or damage your skin.

As you sweat in summer hiking, all that sweat adds up to any friction, and it is not pleasant.

Long sleeves protect from insect bites and ticks.

Now you know. Summer clothing means clever clothing.

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