Your Guide to the Best Tactical Flashlight in 2021

Did you know that the global flashlight market is expected to be over $8.2 billion by the end of 2025? 

Tactical flashlights have seemingly hit the market en masse these days. Tactical flashlights have grown in popularity as they have grown more affordable and advanced. In addition, tactical lights are built to be extremely strong and long-lasting.

These flashlights are handy in a variety of situations. They have been designed with everyday use in mind. Tactical flashlights are waterproof, very robust, and may be used for self-defense, so there’s no excuse not to upgrade from your current flashlight.

Are you trying to find the perfect tactical flashlights? Here’s a quick guide to the best tactical flashlight to help you decide. 

What Is a Tactical Flashlight?

Simply said, tactical flashlights are flashlights that have been specifically developed for tactical purposes. Such as in the military, police, hikers, and search and rescue units. 

The best military-grade flashlights are largely developed for the aforementioned forces. But, as we’ll see below, they’re also useful for everyday use for the average person in the street.

Which Is the Best Tactical Flashlight

There are many different tactical flashlight models available on the market. So which one should you choose? At the end of the day, the one you pick is usually determined by your budget and personal preferences.

However, there are a few things you should check for when choosing a tactical flashlight:

The Size of Your Tactical Flashlight

Consider how large a flashlight you need based on what you want to use it for. Remember that if you’re going to carry this daily, you’ll need a torch that won’t get in the way. Therefore, it is critical to get the right combination of size and power for your requirements.

Small Tactical Light

A small flashlight is normally about 4 inches long. Unfortunately, most small flashlights cannot accommodate dual batteries. However, you can find them with extra functions. For example, there are more possibilities with tail buttons in this small size, and the lights may have deeper reflectors to send their light further.

So, you’re beginning to see some solid foundations for a tactical flashlight despite the low wattage.

Medium Tactical Flashlight

A medium tactical flashlight will be around 6 inches. Most of this size tactical flashlight will need two batteries to operate. Additionally, flashlights equipped with 18500 and 18650 specialized batteries will start to become available.

Greater battery capacity equates to increased power. With increasing power comes improved LEDs, which often result in a greater light source. However, the greater light source is also dependent on factors such as reflector quality.

Large Tactical Flashlights

Anything larger than 6 inches that are conveniently handled falls into this category. As with the other flashlights above, these tactical flashlights have a high light intensity. However, these flashlights may have a few additional functions because of their increased size than the somewhat smaller lights.

Many offer a variety of settings, colors, and even the quantity of LEDs. All of this adds up to highly potent tactical flashlights!

Compact Tactical Light

Suppose you’re looking for something compact enough to carry in your pocket daily. For example, the size of your flashlight should be no larger than your hand.

The Light Output

The light output should be at least 120 lumens. To be a good self-defense weapon, a flashlight must be brilliant enough to disorient assailants. So anything under 120 lumens will just not enough.

Simple Enough to Use

On the market, tactical flashlights with strobe or SOS features are available. Alternatively, flashlights enable you to adjust the intensity of the light output based on how many times the on/off button is pressed. 

While many users vouch for these capabilities for a compact flashlight, we advise against over-complicated designs. You don’t want a very complicated flashlight that you have difficulty using the fundamental function of brightness when it is indispensable. A straightforward on/off button should suffice.

A Waterproof Tactical Flashlight

You want a compact tactical flashlight that is effective come rain, sunshine, snow, or storm. Purchase a waterproof flashlight that will operate in rain or other wet environments.

A Tactical Flashlight That Is Rugged

Because your flashlight will almost certainly get a lot of usages, choose one that will endure the use. Choose one that is composed of hard-anodized aluminum. It is a robust yet lightweight metal.

Additionally, ensure that the metal on the tactical flashlight is machined so that it can give you a proper grip. You don’t want to let it slip out of your hand when it is needed most.

Which Way to Go? LED or Incandescent

LEDs are probably your best best. When dropped, incandescent lights often break, but LEDs can take a hammering. Additionally, incandescent lights are inefficient in terms of energy use. You’ll go through light bulbs and batteries far more quickly than you would with LED lights. 

Battery or Rechargeable?

The finest on the market is a compact, brilliant, and rechargeable tactical flashlight. That eliminates the need to purchase replacement batteries or carry a bulky flashlight around.

Our Review for the Best Tactical Flashlight

From all the tactical flashlights we have seen so far, the compact Olight Warrior Mini 2 stands out. It doesn’t just look good. It works great; it feels great and durable and shines fantastically.

Your Guide to the Best Tactical Flashlight

It even has a promixity sensor!

This flashlight is suitable as an everyday carry, for outdoors and self-defense.

Its max output is 1750 lumens and can throw a beam to 220 meters. When fully charged, it can run for 45 days.

This tactical flashlight comes with a Customized 3500mAh 3.6V 18650 rechargeable battery that charges with a USB magnetic charging cable. You don’t have to open it to do that. Connect the USB to your laptop or any USB plug and place the other end to the back of the flashlight. A small red light shows up while it charges; it turns green when it is fully charged. Yep, it is that easy.

Your Guide to the Best Tactical Flashlight

It weighs 122 grams (4.3oz). That is due to its Aluminum Alloy body. The light source is a high peformance LED (6000-7000K).

It does come with some “bells and whistles” in the box.

Here is what you will find when unboxing:

Your Guide to the Best Tactical Flashlight
  • Warrior Mini 2 (Battery Included) x1
  • MCC3 Magnetic USB Charging Cable x1
  • Two-Way Pocket Clip x1
  • Lanyard Clip x1
  • Lanyard x1
  • Carabiner-Style Ring x1
  • The User Manual

Not bad, right? The flashlight is waterproof up to 2mt and passes the 1.5mt drop test.

Regarding the lighting options, it has 2 buttons where each provides many different beam options.

Beat It and Shine On!

Next to a pocket knife, a small, tactical flashlight is one of the most useful and versatile tools a man can carry.

We all need a flashlight at some point in our lives. Everyone, from military and emergency personnel to hunters, police officers, campers, and dog walkers. It is an essential piece of equipment that we all need. However, it isn’t until you need one to realize how important it is to have one on hand.

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