The Best Wind Jacket for Women Review

In this article, we would be reviewing the best wind jacket for women.

We have picked the ‘Best Overall Wind Breaker,’ i.e., the ‘Rab Windveil Jacket.’

Rab is popular mountaineering, climbing and camping equipment manufacturer and supplier.

They have a wide variety of outing accessories that are useful for climbing, cycling, running, mountain biking, hiking, peak bagging, and much more.

They work in both quality and style.

Rab Windveil Jacket: Features

The Best Wind Jacket for Women Review

The Rab Windveil jacket was the highest scorer in the comparative testing and is considered as the perfect outdoor activity.

It earned the highest points with excellent features like breathability, mesh-lined pockets, chest snap that moves with the zipper, supreme quality, and much more.

The best part of this jacket is that it is permanent, durable water-resistant; this is because of the use of Pertex Microlight Fabric, i.e. DWR (Durable Water Repellent).

The Windveil Jacket by Rab gives no complaint in protecting from wind.

It is made up of fabric, and sleek appearance allows performing high energy activities along with the necessary warmth required by the body.

It is designed as such that the water vapor transfers from the fabric.

Open the front zipper, and using the mesh-lined pockets will help the air to exit. The front chest button holds the jacket even if it is not fully unzipped.

The Pertex DWR fabric works better as compared to other jackets.

Key Characteristics that make the Rab Windveil Most Reliable

These key features are notably excellent.

The reliability and flexibility offered are excellent. Other features are also provided that makes it worth buying and can be our partner for every adventure.

1. Wind Resistance

The Best Wind Jacket for Women Review 1

These jackets are highly water-resistant and breathable, which makes it different from others.

The Pertex microlight fabric is capable of virtually cutting wind and allowing moisture to pass through.

The hood located at the top of the wind jacket doesn’t have cinch straps, unlike other hoods. It fits perfectly the size of your face made up of elastic.

2. Water Resistance

The Best Wind Jacket for Women Review

Made up of Pertex Microlight fiber, the jacket is durable and water-resistant. With the Pertex Microlight fiber, you don’t need a DWR coating.

The fiber enables the water to flow down immediately, not allowing absorption. The DWR quality is guaranteed forever.

These features make the wind jacket applicable for all weather.

3. Breathability

The Best Wind Jacket for Women Review

This is the perfect choice for all high energy activities.

The Pertex fabric enables the jacket to remain ventilated as compared to other jackets. The chest button enables to unzip the jacket for venting purposes.

The other zippered pockets are lined with mesh for better venting. The two hand pockets are lined with breathable mesh for better versatility and ventilation.

The high chest button flap allows opening the entire front zipper, without zipping the whole zip while running or walking.

 4) Fitting

The Best Wind Jacket for Women Review

The jacket is sleek, perfectly fitting, and stylish. The stretchy fabric is quite comfortable that retains the necessary heat required by the body.

Get rid of the hood by rolling and buckling it tight. The hood and wrist enclosure is made up of elastic that automatically fits your body size.

Two zippered hand pockets are high enough that never interfere with the waist belt; this allows better movements.

 5) Weight

It weighs 145g for a standard 12 size along with pockets. The jacket is lightweight as compared to other leading jacket brands like Saloman.

The packability is excellent; the entire jacket can fit into a mesh pocket. The jacket is prone to tear when it may come in contact with hard rock.

Other Applications that make it incredible!

The Best Wind Jacket for Women Review

The Rab Windveil jacket applies to all outdoor activities. 

The features like water-resistant, lightweight, and the materials used in its manufacture make it more demanding.

Get one jacket for all purposes like camping, hiking, running, or biking. It is a good body fitting jacket obtained in various colors and favorable for all climatic conditions.

Price Matters

The Rab Windveil Jacket costs may range between $125-$ 283, according to the amazon price.

Quality and pocket-friendly rates make the jacket for every common man. The jacket offers excellent value at the cost of extraordinary features.

The amount is worth the features provided by the manufacturers.

It can also be used while riding a bike in the mountain or boating.


The Windveil Jacket is reviewed as the best wind jacket. It is built for all seasons.

Feel free to experience exotic to extreme places and know the real meaning of being adventurous. Let the real travel bug experience and explore!

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