Apollo Greek God of Sun, Light, Music, Prophecy

Apollo is among the most exciting gods. He was well known as the god of music, poetry, art, oracles, archery, afflict, medication, sun, light, and understanding. He is the spawn of ZEUS and Titan Leto. His twin sister was Artemis, and they were both born on the Greek Island of Delos.

When you see statues of Kouros, you see Apollo. This was the definition of perfection; athletic, without a beard, and young. He was highly connected to the Oracle of Delphi where he was casting predictions through Pythia. Allegedly he had Asclepius as his son, the famous God for medication and recovery. Furthermore, he was also considered the protector of flocks and herds.

He was related to music and poetry (the famous Lyre) and was a protector of these. Apollo was the leader of the Muses, and as such, he was called Musegetes (The Leader of the Muses).

The Lyre was created by the god Hermes. Hymns were sung to Apollo (called paeans).

Apollo is considered the God of Light (and of Sun), but scriptures mention him as a conqueror against colonists (famous invasion of Delphi).

Romans worshiped him as a God while keeping his very same name; that was something rare in those times. Romans related him primarily to Medicine & Recovery and less to Light.

Temples of Apollo all over the world

It is not only Greece, the place where he was worshiped. Temples exist in:

  • Greece: Corinth, Delphi, Bassae, Athens (Apollo Patroos), Vouliagmeni (Attica, Apollo Zoster), Aegina island, Thermon, Delos Island, Dreros (Crete), Gortyn (Crete), Eretria.
  • Cyprus: Apollo Hylates at Limassol
  • Czech Republic: Lednice–Valtice Cultural Landscape in South Moravian Region
  • Italy: Apollo Palatinus & Apollo Sosianus (Rome), Pompeii
  • Sicily: Syracuse, Selinunte
  • Malta: Melite
  • Turkey: Aydın, Izmir Province, Antalya, Çanakkale, Denizli

More Facts about the Greek God of Sun

  • He was called:
    • Phoebus (related to pure or bright)
    • The Healer
    • God of Light and the God of Truth
    • The Purifier (able to spiritually cleanse even those who killed their relatives)
  • He was granted the gift of prophecy and oracles.
  • His symbols were: The dolphin and the Swan
  • He killed the serpent named Python but also accidentally killed his companion Hyacinthus (during a discus throwing contest). But also killed the Cyclops because they armed Zeus with his mighty weapon: the thunderbolt.

Apollo was known to have many affairs (mortals and goddesses).

We hope you enjoyed the first of our series for ancient Gods and Goddesses of Greece and their relation to destinations in Greece and the world.


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