Excellent 3 Days in Rome Itinerary for First Timers

What if you only had 3 days in Rome to spend? There is a famous quote mentioning Rome, which everyone knows about “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” 

Well, to be able to do that, you need to have a detailed plan. Three days in Rome can be enough if you have prearrangements for all your activities in the Eternal City.

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After all, it is Italy, and it is essential to make the most out of it. Fear not, here is a list of what one should do in Rome, just like the Romans.

Rome is a popular tourist spot, especially for a 3 days itinerary.

People belonging to the different corners of the world visit Rome to get themselves aware of the fantastic attractions, which are centuries old.

The ancient Roman sites are simply breathtaking, and you will see plenty in your 3 days in Rome.

There is a great nightlife, fantastic cafes, and restaurants.

There is so much to see and do in Rome that a person might feel awe to visit the place once again in their life.

Rome is the most fantastic city, and it has a very natural feel in the sense that every corner seems like a different city in itself.

Any person visiting one particular place, for example, Colosseum, is likely to get an entirely different feeling at the Spanish Steps.

It is simply astonishing how this fantastic city is built.

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The essential tip for all sites: Book your tickets online and prior your 3 days in Rome. In hot tourist seasons, queues are enormous.

3 Days in Rome – Day One: Visiting The Colosseum

#1 What to see in Colosseum?

3 Days in Rome
The Colosseum in Rome, interior view

It is indeed one of the most amazing wonders of the world. Looking at this marvelous architectural design, it is so hard to imagine life in that era.

Who were those engineers, what kind of art was common in that era, was the world much advance than our times?

The world has taken the form of a global village, but wandering in Colosseum makes one feel connected to the past era giving the feel that how advanced their engineering system would be that gave rise to such an architectural design.

There used to be the battle between gladiators; Colosseum is quite famous all around the world. It is necessary to visit this destination within the 3 days in Rome route.

#2 How long to stay at Colosseum and tips to keep in mind?

It is wise to stay only an hour at this place, and since the queue is extremely busy, it is wise to book the tickets in advance.

If the weather is sunny, buying a cap would be great. There is an elevator, which can take the visitors to the upper floor and then back to the ground floor; however, it is advisable to take the stairs to get the feel of Ancient Romans.

Remember, do as the Romans do.

#3 Where to eat around Colosseum?

Aroma Restaurant at Palazzo Manfredi offers a stunning view of the Colosseum. It can be a good option for lunch or dinner.

To get some coffee, there are coffee bars available at the tram tracks of Colosseum.

What to see at the Piazza Navona?

3 Days in Rome
Piazza Navona

Piazza Navona comprises a four rivers fountain, which is a representation of the famous rivers of the world dating back to the 17th century.

There are sculptures of a horse, crocodile, and plants. Visiting this particular fountain would be an excellent deal for the traveler.

It is crucial to plan the visits accordingly by looking at the map. Since Rome is a tourist place, it is always going to be extremely busy.

#1 How long to stay in Rome and tips to keep in mind?

It is advisable to sit less than an hour here. People visiting a specific place for the very first time are usually not aware of the commute and transit system.

Taking a cab to visit different places can add a lot of cost to the budget.

It is advisable to use underground trains or buses to make the most of 3 days in Rome journey. Taking a cab would be very expensive.

#2 What to eat at the Piazza Navona?

A typical food lover would prefer to dine somewhere else; however, there are options available at this particular place.

There is the option of organic cuisine available at the rooftop of Hotel Raphael.

Travelers who are vegetarian or prefer seafood can dine in at this particular place.

What to see at the Pantheon?

3 Days in Rome

An architecture visiting this place can get a lot of inspiration.

This building has a fantastic design such that when it rains, it rains inside the building.

There is an eyehole in the dome, and there is so much to explore. The floor comprises drain holes, which are made of marble.

#1 How long to stay and tips to keep in mind?

It would be wise to stay less than an hour at this place.

It is essential to keep in mind that this place is also a church, so some of the sites might not be available on Sundays.

Whenever planning a visit to the different places in Rome, it is vital to plan the trip in such a manner that Sunday is not a part of it.

There are so many places, which are off-limit on Sundays, and if someone is solely making a trip to a particular area, then it is better to plan.

3 Days in Rome

#2 What to eat around Pantheon, Rome?

There are various restaurants nearby where one can dine and enjoy. Pizzeria Minerva is available near.

It is interesting to note that there are various pizza shops which are available in Rome. After all, it is Italy and pizza is a must-try.

One can say they had pizza where it originated.

Day 2: Vatican Museums

Day two can be a little less exhausting with a good night’s sleep.

It is essential to sleep well after the first day since Rome is enormous.

3 Days in Rome

The local tourists are going to tell that one might even take ten years to see the entire city.

There is so much to do in this city, which makes it much more appealing to tourists around the world. 

#1 What to do at the Museums?

A traveler has a particular taste in art, going to enjoy the Museums thoroughly. There is a collection of the best art in the world.

3 Days in Rome

In a single day, the number of visitors that visit the museums is around 25000, which is quite a lot.

It is challenging to see the museums in a month, so a day would not be enough.

However, making the most of it counts.

For those who are genuinely inspired by art, they should keep the trip solely for this place only; however, for others, there is a lot more to see and do.

There is no permission to talk in the Sistine Chapel and Raphael Rooms; Belvedere Court comprises of various sculptures, which can be extremely interesting for an artist.

3 Days in Rome

#2 How long to stay and tips to keep in mind?

The time depends on how busy the place is, however, one to two hours would be enough for this place.

It is better to book the tickets in advance to save oneself from the dreadful queue and wasting precious time just by standing in the line for hours.

It is essential to keep the peak times in view since some sections of the museum might be closed.

#3 What to eat at Vatican Museums?

Prati neighborhood can be a great place for eating and shopping. The ice cream in Italy has excellent flavor, and one must try the different flavors.

However, there is also food service inside the museum, which has improved over the years.

What to see at Campo de’ Fiori?

3 Days in Rome
Campo de’ Fiori

Travelers who are interested in learning about Roman cuisine can dive into this particular market.

There is a variety of food available here, and there are chances to learn different and new words of the language followed by the Romans.

#1 How long to stay and tips to keep in mind?

Stay less than an hour at this place. Sunday is not the best day to visit since the site is close and on weekdays, it is advisable to visit from 7 am until 1 pm.

It is advisable to be very cautious at this market as the products at display might be of low quality for the tourists since they cannot differentiate the right from the wrong.

#2 What to eat at Campo de’ Fiori?

There is a bakery nearby, which can offer an excellent snack for the tourists.

There is also pizza available, which can be a great delight for a traveler exhausted by rushing here and there the entire day.

Day 3: Piramide Cestia

#1 What to see at the Pyramid of Cestius?

As the name implies, Piramide Cestia is a pyramid, which seems like an inspiration from the Pyramid of Egypt.

It was built in the very first century BC, and the Roman who created it wanted to bring the impression of Egyptian pyramids in Rome by making every one of their own.

#2 How long to stay, and what tips to keep in mind?

The ideal time to spend at this place would be less than an hour. There are graves of Kates and Shelley at the cemetery, and the literary fans can visit.

#3 What to eat at the Pyramid?

A simple walk at the nearby street would depict various places, and there are numerous pizza shops, which are available around Rome.

One can dive into this Italian born food, which is famous all over the world.

What to see at the Spanish Steps?

3 Days in Rome
Spanish Steps

The steps seem like an irregular butterfly design comprising 138 steps.

It is a great place to relax and enjoy the hustle and bustle going around in the city.

They connect the lower Piazza di Spagna with the upper piazza Trinita Dei Monti.

The history of the steps dates back to 1723, and the place is a famous spot for many beautiful women who aspire to become models in the past.

It has been a source of inspiration for numerous artists and poets. At the end of the steps, there is a fountain available, which is in the shape of a sinking ship.

There is much popular folklore attached to this particular fountain.

#1 How long to stay and tips to keep in mind?

The stay for this particular place could be one to two hours.

However, if someone is fatigued and wants to sit and relax before heading to their hotel, then this place can be perfect for them.

The Spanish step provides a fantastic view, and there are various shops available.

#2 What to eat at the Spanish Steps?

There are different small shops, which are available near the Spanish Steps, and one can indulge in the all-time favorite Pizza.

Final Thoughts for your Rome itinerary

Are 3 days in Rome only about the above mentioned? Of course not. There are lots and lots of things to see:

  • Peter’s Basilica inside Vatican city
  • Trevi Fountain
  • Piazza del Popolo
  • Roman Forum
  • Tiber River
  • The Palatine Hill

Rome is a walk-through city.

It is best to allocate at least five days.

If you like museums and want to stay and observe the classic architecture marvels, then better to book far more than just 3 days in Rome.

You may need weeks.

Feel free to read more about our adventures in Italy and Sicily.

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