What Are the Top 8 Countries with Best Coffee Culture?

Do you love coffee? Whether it’s a quick espresso before work, a morning Americano, or a frothy cappuccino, we all love a caffeine fix. This post shows which are the top countries with the best coffee culture in the world.

About 83% of the adults in America drink coffee, and the obsession with this delicious beverage spans further than the US, too, with people all around the world putting their spin on the coffee experience.

Every country has its unique story regarding coffee consumption, with some far richer in their history than others.

What are the Top Countries With Best Coffee Culture?

If you’re looking for a way to add something special to your next trip and want to take your love of coffee to the next level, it’s worth checking out some countries with the best coffee culture.

Here, we’ll list some of our top picks for places for coffee fanatics to visit.

Japan More than Tea

Countries with Best Coffee Culture
Japanese are avid coffee drinkers

Most people don’t think of “Japan” when they think of the countries with the best coffee culture. However, this country is one of the best in unique flavors and roasts.

Japan takes an artistic approach to the coffee culture, and the location has the third-highest import rate anywhere in the world. If that wasn’t enough, the 2nd-place world champion in barista skills (yes, that’s a thing) lives in Japan.

If you’re looking for beautiful-looking coffee that’s perfectly social-media-worthy, then Japan is a great place to visit; plus, you’ll have plenty of culture and history to explore while you’re there.

Tanzania Coffee Origins

Tanzania Countries with Best Coffee Culture

Visit local markets and coffee plantations in this delightful spot on the map.

Don’t worry. You won’t have to hike up Mount Kilimanjaro to get a great cup of coffee in Tanzania. You can rest assured that the beans taste will be just as mind-blowing as the incredible scenery.

The country is vibrant and beautiful, and the people regard coffee farming as something of an art.

If you’re lucky, you might even have a chance to visit a local coffee farm and see how the beans you drink daily are transformed from stunning cherries into delicious espressos and lattes.

Australia Coffee Passion

Australia Countries with Best Coffee Culture

Like many of the countries on this list, Australia is passionate about coffee. There are plenty of trendy cafes to check out during your trip, particularly in Melbourne, which is home to places like the Kettle Black and Higher Ground.

The relaxed and chic nature of Australian coffee shops is starting to find its way into other countries across the globe, too – with Aussie-inspired bars popping up everywhere from the UK to the USA.

Australia prides itself on its independent coffee growers.

They’re so devoted to small-time baristas and cafes that Starbucks only has a tiny footprint in the region. You’ll have to go local if you want a tall macchiato in Australia.

Coffee in Portugal and Sweets

Portugal Countries with Best Coffee Culture
Coffee and Pastel De Nata

Portugal likes to have fun with its coffee. If you’ve never sipped at an espresso before when you desperately need a quick pick-me-up, get ready to taste some of the best espressos in the world when you visit this country.

Portugal loves espressos, and they brew them with an old-world charm, using traditional roasting methods to get the perfect flavor.

Unlike many of the other countries we’ve mentioned today, Portugal doesn’t make much of a fuss over patterns in foam and fancy coffee shops.

Instead, they believe in letting the slow-roasted espresso’s flavor speak for itself.

Many coffee lovers believe that the Espresso in Portugal is so delicious that it’s even better than coffee from Italy. That creates the impression that Portugal is one of the top countries with the best coffee culture.

French Coffee

France Countries with Best Coffee Culture

There are few things more fashionable than the thought of sitting outside a quaint café in France, sipping on a coffee.

The café au lait is the staple drink of France – something that is often drinks alongside a breakfast croissant in the morning.

However, the French have numerous coffee drinks, including the “Noisette” – an espresso with a couple of drops of milk.

While the taste of the coffee in France is delicious, perhaps the most exciting part about visiting this location is the atmosphere of the cafes. They offer a welcoming experience unlike anything else you’ll find today.

In some countries, the “café au lait” coffee type is called “French Coffee.”

Coffee in Italy

Italy Countries with Best Coffee Culture
Dolce Vita needs Coffee

The coffee culture in Italy is very similar to the one you’ll find in Portugal. The main difference is that you’re not expected to sit down while drinking your coffee.

Instead, the people in Italy stand around a bar sipping on their Espresso while chatting with friends and colleagues.

An exciting part of the coffee culture in Italy is its connection with humanity and generosity.

There’s a common practice in the country called “Caffe Sospeso,” when you can order two espressos but only drink one.

The other is left for someone who needs a quick coffee pick-me-up but might not have the cash to pay for it.

The Italians are known for drinking coffee constantly, so Italy is an obvious choice for anyone who loves Java.

Turkey Coffee Ritual

Turkey Countries with Best Coffee Culture

Turkey takes a unique approach to coffee. While other countries regard the drink as an artistic expression of flavor, Turkey is all about the history and science of coffee.

The drink is taken very seriously throughout the country. However, it’s often presented in colorful and vibrant mugs that help you to feel as though you’ve been immersed in an exotic foreign experience.

A Turkish coffee sets itself apart from the crowd in its preparation.

The grounds of the beans are mixed with boiling water and allowed to sit on the bottom of the cup for a while.

As you drink, you’re supposed to keep stirring your drink regularly to ensure you get the best flavor.

Greece is for Coffee Lovers

Greece Countries with Best Coffee Culture
Greek Iced Coffee

In Greece, coffee is a standard morning ritual.

The “concept” of “a coffee and a cigarette” was common in the morning until recent years for many Greeks, though smoking is less popular nowadays. The new “concept” is “a coffee and a Koulouri or a cheese pie.”

Greeks mostly love three types of coffee. These are:

  • Greek Coffee (somewhat known as Turkish coffee)
  • Iced Coffee (also known as Frappe), and
  • Cappuccino or Espresso (hot or iced, depending on the season).

Greeks drink lots of coffee during the day.

America Coffee Culture

USA Countries with Best Coffee Culture

Finally, we couldn’t finish our list of great coffee destinations without a quick shout-out to the good old’ relaxing USA.

America has an overwhelming coffee culture that spans multiple cities. Maybe it holds the top position among the countries with the best coffee culture.

Whether it’s the laid-back cafes in Portland, the vibrant spots in New York City, or a coffee shop in Seattle, where Starbucks first began.

Americans love getting their coffee on the go in various flavors and sizes, so you’re sure to find a vast selection of drinks to choose from depending on where you visit.

What’s more, if you feel like staying close to home, there’s always the opportunity to order your coffee equipment and stock up on beans so you can brew your drinks yourself.

Coffee is More Than a Beverage

The world is full of incredible experiences for today’s coffee lovers. If you want to discover all the flavors that Java can bring into your life, make sure that you check out at least one of the countries on the list above.

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