Exploring the Best of Swiss Alps in 2021

Are you planning a trip to the Swiss Alps but don’t know what to visit first?

We’re telling you that the Swiss Alps are a must-see!

Those jaw-dropping beautiful mountains take 65% of Switzerland’s territory, making it an alpine country.

The mountains attract thousands of visitors because of their beauty and countless fun things you can do once you get there.

We’re starting with some of the most attractive alpine towns and see what they have to offer to the interested tourists so to explore the Swiss Alps. The Swiss Alps can be part of a day trip from Zurich.

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Interlaken in Swiss Alps

In the heart of the Bernese Alps, surrounded by Lake Brienz and Lake Thun, is the resort town of Interlaken. This area, due to its high altitudes, is among the ones that are characterized as Top of Europe (here is a guided tour for that).

Exploring the Best of Swiss Alps in 2020

In case you’re wondering, the town got its name because of the position in the center of two lakes. The town is known for its proximity to the Bernese Alps and as a way to reach them and the lakes around.

What to do in Interlaken, in the Swiss Alps?

Surrounded by some of the highest mountains of Alps like Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau and blue and turquoise lakes, it is a place that attracts all types of people:

Adrenaline-craving people and those who prefer the calmness of this place.

Depending on what type of person you are, you can choose from several activities offered there:

Hike the marvelous trails

Which is one activity which is cheap and also rewarding?

What else, but hiking.

Interlaken offers many trails through which you can walk for hours and enjoy the most fantastic mountain scenery you have ever seen in your life. 

Depending on your experience as a hiker, you can choose from a bunch of hike trails:

  • Wasserfall Loop (easy hike)
  • Eiger trail – Kleine Scheidegg (intermediate hike)
  • Panoramaweg Richtung Faulhorn – Schynige Platte Loop (expert hike)

Adrenaline-fueled activities


Nothing is better than having a view of the whole region from above. This activity can be booked beforehand through several companies.


If paragliding wasn’t thrilling enough for you, there is always another option to try. Dive the sky and experience the beauty of the mountains from high above by booking skydiving companies.

Rafting Excursions

Besides air adrenaline, you can also experience the water adrenaline through river rafting excursions. The town is known for its variety of rivers, so you have countless options to try rafting on. We would recommend rafting in one of the most known rivers Lütschine where you’ll get a guaranteed adrenaline rush.

Visit the highest railway station in Europe

At the summit of the Jungfraujoch is one of the most elevated railway stations in Europe. It’s open to visitors all year long. To go up there, you have to change two trains.

The starting point of the train is the station you select.

When you arrive at Kleine Scheidegg, you’ll have to change trains and from there to the top.

On your journey towards the summit, you’ll see mesmerizing views of the Eiger and Monch mountains. On cloudless days you can also have a view of Italy, Germany, and France.

Get on a hot air balloon

Whenever you feel like you’ve seen all that the town has to offer, Interlaken proves you wrong.

This time by providing you a full view of the town from the comfort of a hot air balloon.

Not only emotionally thrilling but also a hypnotizing activity.

Visit the village of Grindelwald

Exploring the Best of Swiss Alps in 2020

The name of this village must remind you of a character from the Harry Potter franchise. However, it has nothing to do with it except that it gives you a magical feeling whenever you’re there.

If in Interlaken, make sure you find time to visit this place that looks like a fairytale with mountains that tower it and the beautiful turquoise lakes.

How to go there?

If you are coming by plane to Switzerland, the nearest airport is that of Bern. From Bern, you can use the public rail system.

If you want to drop by near the city, you should take the West train.

However, even if you choose the other one, Interlaken East, it’s not a problem since it is a small town, and you can navigate it easily.

To book your train rides to these magnificent places, use this service. For booking your hotel, use this and for finding the best flight use this one. To get your hiking gear at the best possible prices, explore this site with all the deals.


Zermatt is one of the cutest towns in Switzerland.

It is located in the canton of Valais and is surrounded by high mountains such as Matterhorn, Monte Rosa, and Gornergrat, among others.

Exploring the Best of Swiss Alps in 2020

It is a mountain village, and as such, it offers to the visitors a range of activities related to them.

There is snow all the time, and this makes it one of the best destinations for skiing.

What to do in Zermatt?

As a town surrounded by natural wonders, you will have much to see during your trip. We hope you have time on your hands to view them all.

Hop in the train and visit Gornergrat

Not only you’ll reach the summit of the Gornergrat, but also you’ll get to see a breathtaking view of Matterhorn along the way.

Up to the top, you can go by the cog railway. The starting point is the station. The whole ride lasts only 30 minutes.

However, in those minutes, you’ll have a marvelous view of lakes, tunnels, forests of larch and stone pine.

See Klein Matterhorn

Klein Matterhorn is known as Glacier Paradise.

This mountain is the closest you can get to the actual Matterhorn mountain. However, you’ll not see the view of Matterhorn as we know it, but you’ll get to see it from a different perspective.

At 3, 883m, this is the highest mountain in Europe, which is accessible by aerial cable car.

Do some skiing

It is considered to be one of the best ski resorts in Switzerland.

It holds the title of the best ski resort there as the result of a biannual survey voted by skiers. The skiing piste here is 238 km and is suitable for all levels of skiers.

The mountains are filled with snow all year round, and this makes it one of the most frequented all the time.

Go in a Helicopter Cruise and Paragliding

If the view of Matterhorn from below is not enough for you, you can see it from all the angles through helicopter cruises organized there.

Prepare to be left speechless by the view of the Matterhorn peak.

Paragliding is another way to experience the magic of this place. Many companies here offer their paragliding services to fulfill your wildest adventurous dreams.

Walk to Gorner Gorge

This place has exceptional beauty.

It’s only 15 minutes away from the end of the village. The serpentinite rock in this place is 220 million years old. This place is closed for visitors from mid-October to the end of June.

To witness a unique natural phenomenon, you should visit Gorner Gorge in September between 15 -16 and see for yourself how the water of the glacial lake turns in a turquoise color.

Try Ice Skating and Curling

For the ice sports enthusiasts, Zermatt provides the opportunity to play curling in the six outdoor ice rinks there.

In the third week of January, it organizes a competition in which 60 teams from all Europe compete.

Many ice fields are offered to the tourists to ice skate. All levels of ice skaters are welcomed, even the children.

Those ice fields are available every day.

How to go to Zermatt?

In case you are flying in from a different country, the nearest airports to are Geneva and Zurich.

From there you can choose from a range of means of transportation.

By train

It is a car-free town.

The road that leads to the town has been closed five km out of the town. You can drive in your car until you reach Täsch, leave your car in one of the parking spaces there and get a coach. 

By taxi

In case you don’t want to get on, you can go by taxi. However, the same rules apply. You’re going to have to switch taxis in Täsch.

By rental cars

There are companies in Täsch and Zermatt which offer rental vehicles. The vehicles are available to be used in the Täsch-Zermatt road.

St. Moritz in Swiss Alps

What can we say about St. Moritz other than the chicest and fanciest place to visit in Switzerland.

Exploring the Best of Swiss Alps in 2020

If you want to go there, be prepared financially because it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg.

It is the second most expensive vacation resort in the world. However, whatever money you’ll spend there, it’s going to be worth it.

What to do in St. Moritz?

There is so much to do. You won’t know what to choose to do first. We’re going to suggest a few activities down below:

Lake of St. Moritz

Even though this lake is never warm enough to jump on it, you can go and do many activities there, depending on which season you’re there.

In the summer, people go and do their physical activities there. Runners and cyclists use the road beside the lake, while rowers use the early morning clear water.

In the winter, the lake is frozen, so the people use it as an arena for horse racing, cricket, and polo matches

Go skiing at night

Skiing is a great activity. Imagine how great it can be to do it at night. The town provides this opportunity to its visitors. In the winter, the runs in the nearby Corvatsch open from 7 pm until late at night.

Take the Glacier Express

Also called the “Slowest Fast Train” is an 8 hour trip to Zermatt.

Exploring the Best of Swiss Alps in 2020

In that ride to the Oberalp Pass, you’ll pass 291 bridges, and get through 91 tunnels. This is another way to get to see the best of what the Swiss Alps have to offer.

Try Celerina Bobsled Run

Celerina Bobsled Run is the only natural ice bob run in the whole world. It is available for people from the end of December to the beginning of March from 9:30 am – 12:30 at noon.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy this ride and feel the high-speed Olympic riders must feel.

Make use of the skis

What else can you do in a town that is famous for its ski runs and has hosted the Winter Olympic Games? Skiing, of course.

However, before you do so, you’ll need a ski pass for which you’ll have to pay. The prices change depending on how many days you plan to ski.

How to go to St. Moritz?

St. Moritz is nearest to the airport in Zurich. It’s only four hours away. How you decide to go to there is on your hands.

By car

If you want to arrive earlier at your destination, you can choose to travel by car. If you don’t have a car but still want to ride one, you can choose a rental car.

By train

From the airport, you need to take one to the Zurich train station, and after that, you buy a ticket, you travel to St. Moritz.

The whole ride will take from 3.5-4 hours. If you have to choose between a car or a train ride, choose the latter.

On the way there, you’ll have a chance to see for yourself why the Swiss Alps are widely known.

The reputation of the Swiss Alps is convincing enough to visit them. However, if you needed a push in this direction, we hope we persuaded you to go over there.

Have fun and enjoy the mighty Swiss Alps!

We want to thank Diana Bajraktari for her additional feedback for this post. Diana’s current obsession is Switzerland. 

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