How To Best Prepare For Winter Vacations?

The current state of the world has put a damper on the summer vacation plans of families everywhere.

So, before you decide to take a vacation in spite of the current pandemic and potentially put the health and safety of yourself and others at risk, you might want to consider moving your summer vacation to the winter.

Deciding To Go

Vacationing to a warmer environment during a colder time of the year has its benefits.

The biggest draw for most is that there are generally far fewer people who travel during the winter months, so you will not have to deal with people who could potentially ruin your relaxing experience.

Depending on your viewpoint, you might see this as a drawback.

Some people enjoy meeting others on vacation, and if you are one of those people, you might want to consider foregoing your winter vacation in favor of a more social experience, provided you follow the public safety guidelines in place in your area.

Choosing a Time

During the summer, deciding when to leave and how long to leave is a simpler task. Kids are out of school, you likely have an easier time getting time off from work, and the whole family generally has more free time.

In the winter, your options are far slimmer. You will likely be looked down upon for taking your kids out of school for a vacation, so the only real option is to leave during your child’s winter break.

Then, you have to work around when you need to be home for the holidays.

Choosing a Destination

The biggest appeal of vacation destinations around the world is the pleasant, warm weather they offer. Beaches and other tropical locations are often the most visited destinations during the summer, however, many popular vacation destinations also experience the colder temperatures that come with winter.

If you are content with giving up the heat of your ideal vacation destination, this will be no problem, but if the blistering heat is necessary for you to enjoy your trip, do some research on which places stay warm all year long.

Staying Healthy

It can be easy to let loose and relax about your health and diet while on vacation.

After all, you are there to relax, and you likely do not want to burden yourself with a strict workout routine or diet.

Feel free to stick to your health regimen as strictly or loosely as you like while you are away, but if you want to keep the relaxing nature of your vacation while also staying in shape, try checking out some reviews for dietary supplements.

Each kind of supplement and diet plan will have their own Thrive side effects so make sure to check those out so you can figure out what will work best for your lifestyle and travel ideas.

Social Distancing

Some or all of the current social distancing guidelines will likely still be in effect this winter, so you may be discouraged from traveling in the first place.

However, if you decide to travel despite the warnings, it is vital that you adhere to whatever guidelines that are in effect at your destination.

Bring plenty of masks along for each of your family members, bring sanitizing products and clean anything others may have touched, and look for the posted rules outside of any businesses you are planning to enter to keep yourself and those around you from getting sick.

Packing Clothes

Packing clothes for a summer vacation that is practically guaranteed to be warm and packing clothes for a winter vacation with much more unpredictable weather are two undeniably distinct tasks.

In contrast to the light clothing and single rain jacket you would normally take on a beach vacation, a winter beach vacation will be colder, especially at night. Consider bringing a few pairs of long pants, either jeans, sweatpants, or another type of your choice, as well as some long-sleeve shirts and jackets.

The number you should bring will heavily depend on the duration of your stay.


The combination of cold weather and limited packing space is not ideal. Large, bulky clothes do not fit in small, confined suitcases and carryons, so you need to be smart in the way you pack.

It is a better idea to pack multiple thin layers rather than a few items that take up tons of space.

Layers not only allow you to adjust the amount of clothing you are wearing based on the temperature at a given moment, but they also fit more snugly into your luggage to leave room for other necessities that you need for your trip.

Caring For Your Skin

Most people find that they can get away with keeping the same skincare routine as they do at home when on a hot beach vacation, but cold weather requires different methods than warmer, moister weather.

Cold, dry environments necessitate a lighter moisturizer to reduce the risk of clogging your pores, which have been constricted by the cold.

Even if there is less sun, cold weather does not decrease the risk of sunburns. You should bring plenty of sunscreen along with you to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays, even if the sun’s danger seems minimal.

Tanning Beforehand

If you are especially fair-skinned, you might find yourself constantly worried about sunburns, and even if you are not overly pale, you might still have concerns about burns.

Getting a tan before you leave for the beach can protect your skin from burning.

To get a fake tan, you would be better served to use a tanning bed rather than a spray tan from a bottle, or you can get a real tan from the sun.

If you would rather not tan the most effective method you can take to protect yourself from the sun is to cover as much skin as possible.

Preparing For Travel

Depending on the method of travel you choose, the weather could be a huge problem or no problem at all.

If you are traveling by car and you live in an area that is not as warm and sunny as the potentially tropical location you are traveling to, then you need to be prepared to deal with snow and ice before you get to the warmer area.

On the other hand, if you are flying, the weather will not affect you as directly, but you should be prepared to experience delays depending on how unfavorable the weather is.

Watching the Forecast

Watch the weather forecast for the area you are planning on vacationing to in the weeks leading up to the trip. Even before the weather stations start predicting the weather for the time when you will be there, you can still predict what kind of weather you will experience while you are on your trip.

This tip holds true any time you go on vacation, but it is especially important in the winter. Prepare for the weather extremes you will be most likely to experience while you are there, and you will thank yourself later.

Planning For Bad Weather

Weather can always change at the last minute, so even if you believe that you have planned your vacation around the best weather possible, you could still find yourself stuck inside at the most inopportune moments.

Make sure that you have plenty of indoor activities to keep the whole family occupied in the event of bad weather.

Books, card games, and portable video games are all solid options that are generally easy to pack, and games can create a sense of unity when you play them together.

Checking Facilities

Many tourist destinations are best equipped to entertain tourists solely during the summer, so some locations could be closed to the public in the winter.

Before you decide where to travel during the winter, do some research on the facilities surrounding the place you plan on visiting, and learn which ones will be open for business during your stay.

You should look for grocery stores, emergency facilities, recreational centers, and anything else that might serve your family’s unique needs.

Many destinations will have everything open year-round, but it is always safer to check.

Planning Activities

Once you have researched the facilities that are near your destination, as well as which ones will be open during your stay, then it is time to start planning your activities.

Look for activities that naturally remove you from the presence of others because those are the businesses that will be most likely to be open during the pandemic. You should also look for activities that appeal to your family’s interests, obviously.

If your family is more active, maybe look for a big mini-golf course, but if you are a more educationally-minded family, look for a museum instead.

Winter vacations are generally similar to summer vacations with a few obvious, marked differences.

If you are used to planning summer vacations, winter vacations will be a breeze with a few simple modifications.

Keeping your family safe and healthy on your next trip will bring your family closer than you ever have been before.

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