Which Are The Best Yoga Retreats in Greece?

Are you seeking the best yoga retreats in Greece? Peace has a home in Greece, and serenity flows in every part of this beautiful island destination.

Since time immemorial, this paradise has attracted the attention of travelers from all parts of the world. Such include pilgrims, travelers who seek spiritual ascension, and even businesspeople.

There is something about this destination that makes it complete and wholesome to satiate desires and wildest of imaginations.

The 6000 years old history of civilization, amazing landscapes, ruins, carved stone architecture along the mountainsides make it palpable and a catalyst for a quiet disconnect.

Are you tired of leading a monotonous life, missing health, craving fun? Do you yearn to add the hue of wellness to your otherwise regular colored life? Then travel to Greece.

Connect with people who share the same pain and sorrows, meet the like-minded survivors who passed through every hurdle with sheer hard work. Meet travelers who cross oceans to spend some time in the lap of Mother Nature.

There is nothing apter than attending the best Yoga retreats in Greece, which is an experience of a lifetime.

Here are the ten best yoga retreats in Greece for rejuvenation and balance. These are suitable for yoga and meditation.

Do you think that maybe yoga is not for you? Then read this.

Nefeli Nine Luxury Fitness Yoga Retreat in Greece

10 Best Yoga Retreats in Greece to Get Rejuvenated

Geographically located amidst the breathtaking views and wild amazingness of Dikastika, in Athens, Nefeli Nine offers a fantastic set-up for the best of Yoga experience.

The landscape overlooks the Mediterranean Sea, is lined by palm trees, and infused with a natural floral aroma. If this is not what you miss in life, then what is?

The Yoga retreat offers several programs catering to several traveler health & wellness needs. Such are weight loss, improving concentration, and adventure activities like hiking, water sports, and more.

On the very first day, you will be humbly provided with a daily health regimen that will include healthy morning habits. These are meal hours, and fitness classes comprising HIIT, Pilates, functional training, and Yoga.

Warm-up to a perfect regimen and help make an ideal shift in your usual lifestyle. Nefeli Nine also offers Day Trips, which starts from 45 Euros per person and includes:

  • Hiking
  • Mountain trekking
  • Yoga sessions
  • And capturing everything in between like ruins, waterfalls, tortoises, and secret waterfall

Okreblue Seaside Yoga Retreat in Central Greece

Wellness in Greece

Okreblue SeaSide Yoga retreat is another amongst the best Yoga Retreats in Greece. That could be your deal if you have multiple travel plans.

Okreblue offers Yoga classes, retreats, and workshops to help you warm up to the new regimen and lifestyle paradigm shift.

Located in Paros, travelers who love nature, Yoga, appreciate Mother Nature’s bounties come here to find some peace in life.

The retreat offers several programs that accelerate the steady success in your new healthful lifestyle and help in adapting to new changes.

Apart from the Yoga sessions in a perfect locale, there are massage & treatment sessions, Yoga teacher training under the aegis of experienced Gurus, and delicious vegetarian foods encouraging the start of a new lifestyle.

The accommodation facility offers travelers to stay amidst nature, genuinely connected to the divine. You will have:

  • Weekly Yoga schedules in hand
  • Workshops
  • Spiritual gatherings

Travel and Do Yoga Retreat in Greece

Travel and Do

Managed by a couple of experienced travel professionals, Travel and Do is a multi-project that further collaborates with socially responsible enterprises. Such are NGOs, various colleges & universities, and entrepreneurs working in the food industry, and eco-travel companies.

The venture aims towards encouraging the deserved admiration and exposure to the Greek culture with the help of new travel ideas, the best Yoga retreats in Greece, and eco-travel.

The Greek travel specialists involved in the project come up with itineraries that allow travelers as well as participants to take part in meaningful endeavors, such as:

  • Agricultural & social projects.
  • Projects discussing environmental issues and concerns.

The multi-faceted project has got its name from this very ideology- Do not just travel but do something that adds value to everything.

Travel and Do has customized services that cater to the needs of schools, colleges, universities, corporate houses, Yoga studios, and smaller groups of travelers.

The travel packages are available anywhere between April to November.

Balance to Bliss Retreats

Get Rejuvenated

Led by three inspirational women and located in Leonidio, Peloponnese, Balance to Bliss runs on a shared vision, and that is to offer participants and travelers the right path to their higher selves.

The three pillars of this venture, aka these powerful women, are certified REIKI masters, Yoga gurus, and holistic health therapists.

As a participant or even a traveler, you will have an opportunity to attain a worldwide REIKI certification, training amidst the beauty of nature. You will be a part of the best Yoga retreats for that brief much-needed respite from the chaotic lifestyle.

Balance to Bliss offers retreats comprising Chakra Yoga in beautiful Leonidio, REIKI training, and more. The principal purpose associated with every bit of this venture is to promote the importance of self-care and helping travelers harness the power of REIKI and YOGA for a harmonious lifestyle.

These REIKI pieces of training are V.I.V.A certified and led by some experienced people in this arena.

Green Yoga Retreat in Greece

10 Best Yoga Retreats in Greece to Get Rejuvenated

Led by multi-talented Alexandra Kamilaki, Green Yoga (Chania, Crete) is everything health & yoga that you have ever asked. What do you expect out of a yoga retreat?

Is it the Yoga sessions or the mindfulness daily meditation classes? Green Yoga exceeds your every definition in mind and imaginations brewing in your account.

One of the prominent and among the best Yoga retreats in Greece and an ambitious wellness venture. Green Yoga has a wide range of programs for travelers and participants that help them with their fitness journeys. It concerns lifestyle change, clean eating habits, and building up physical stamina at any point in their lives.

Some of the activities that travelers love and look forward to participating in are:

  • 2-hour daily Yoga sessions and (or) Yoga retreats in Crete.
  • SUP Yoga or performing Yoga poses on a SUP board for balance, raising awareness, and promoting connectivity with Mother Nature. It is organized at the beautiful sight of the Cretan Sea.
  • Pilates for grace, suppleness in your muscles, and improved posture
  • Use of a physiotherapeutic tool called Reformer to strengthen the core, muscles and put flexibility as a factor into force.
  • Healing massages.
  • SuJok is a metaphysical therapy to promote energy flow towards an organ for its health and optimal functionality.

Atma Meditation Journeys

Atma Meditation Journeys

Atma resides in a human body and leaves as your existence reaches its endpoint. From there, it is liberated forever, which means nothing is permanent. Atma Meditation Journeys share this very aim to enlighten people and help them reach their life goals through spirituality, self-love, and higher consciousness.

Located on the gorgeous island of Crete, this wellness venture has some of the soul-satiating days trips wherein. You will encounter the ethereal beauty of Crete, spend time in nature, connect with the positive energies flowing and meditate to center the emotions.

Atma Meditation Journeys strongly believes that mindfulness or Dhyaan Mudra is an ultimate divination tool to connect with the supreme powers. You get acquainted with your inner world and correct the demons. Here is a glimpse of some of the Day Trips:

  • Vamos: An enjoyable drive towards the east of Chania, visiting Apokoronas on the way to reach the final destination, which is the traditional village of Vamos. The duration of the trip is usually near about 8 hours and is priced 90€ insurance included.
  • Palaiochora-Azogires: A day trip that shall encapsulate the beauty of both of these places. The mountain village or the paradise village of Azogires shall leave you spellbound, whereas the fantastic beaches of Palaiochora give another dimension to this experience. This trip is at 130€ with insurance included.
  • Yoga retreats to revive your inner child and help you see the lighter side of this life.

Maitri Yoga Center


One of the great Yoga retreats in Greece, Maitri Yoga, brings about a picture of traditional Yoga techniques from India right into the Yoga retreats hosted in Paros.

The ambitious project is led by a team of experienced teachers, and spiritual leaders who specialize in taking classes for Tantric Yoga, Hatha, and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. You will also find teachers adept in training new Yoga styles, such as Restorative.

With Maitri Yoga, travelers have the luxury to travel to India for Yoga vacations and Ayurveda or visit Greece for a taste of Mediterranean culture, and fantastic Yoga retreats experience.

Apart from Yoga retreats, this venture also encompasses workshops. Such workshops involve spiritual meet-ups, reviving & motivating participants irrespective of their fitness levels, and master classes for encouraging them to unfold a new healthy lifestyle.

Maitri Yoga also offers well-planned Yoga teachers training programs or YTT, which includes practices from Mysore India and traditional Yogic practices from Greece as well.

These courses offer training to Yoga enthusiasts at all fitness levels:

  • Exclusive Ashtanga Vinyasa 200 hours YTT.
  • Five hundred hours YTT for advanced techniques.
  • Various Yoga events at different locations in Greece.

Yoga Yamas

Yoga Yamas

A group of Yoga instructors came together to initiate a venture that aims to offer the best of wellness experience to people.

Yoga Yamas runs on the principle of traditional yogic beliefs and maintains the true spirit of yoga in each of its sessions.

The project carefully blends the essence of the two most important factors, which are Yoga and the native destination meaning Greece.

Through this perfect amalgamation, Yoga Yamas aspires to share the core values with the rest of the world.

Amidst the beauty of Greece, Yoga Yamas welcomes travelers from all over the world and Yogis who want to ascend to the next level in their Yoga practice.

The ambitious wellness venture offers:

  • Yoga retreats organized in some of the best spots like Crete and Santorini.
  • Mindfulness meditation and Yoga sessions are delivering lessons on various Yoga styles.
  • Guidance from experienced teachers assures optimal experience.

Active Crete Yoga Retreat in Greece

10 Best Yoga Retreats in Greece to Get Rejuvenated

Active Crete is not a retreat but an open space where travelers visit (in Crete), liberate their false identities and connect with their improved self.

The mission of Active Crete is to offer participants a creative holiday package. That lets them explore a place, do creative activities for a calmer mind, and go back home rejuvenated.

The retreat package involves letting participants feel connected to Mother Nature. That happens through meditative walks, beach tours in the Kissamos area, many creative activities like painting courses under the sun, and more.

Yoga retreats and holidays with Active Crete will be like unblocking the trapped Prana and let the positive vibe come through the active body. What to expect more here?

  • Yoga & Hiking holidays include recreational activities, such as sea-swimming, reading, and getting a nice tan by the hotel pool. You may get to delicious local food in tavernas for 10-15 euros.
  • Insights Holidays, meaning connecting with nature. Travelers can choose from several activities. Such are exploring landscapes, cooking, get acquainted with the culture of Greece, and getting to know about traditional kitchen ingredients and leisure like olive and wine.
  • Athens City Break, which includes exploring Greece and its beauty.

Mykonos Active

10 Best Yoga Retreats in Greece to Get Rejuvenated

Mykonos Active is one of the few best Yoga retreats in Greece that has the best of plans for male travelers.

The retreat aims towards encouraging a healthful lifestyle for men, their general health, and a sustainable diet & workout regimen that help them during challenging times.

Based in Mykonos, travelers stay in beautiful accommodations or sometimes luxurious villas built amidst the beauty of this destination.

Apart from Yoga & mindfulness for better health, the venture also promotes Pilates as a tool to attain a graceful posture, spine health, and an ageless look.

Mykonos Active believes in bringing the best of both worlds, which means a perfect amalgamation of Greek culture, Yogic techniques, and absolutely no judgment towards the travelers’ needs and preferences.

  • Unique Gay retreats involving Yoga & Pilates sessions on a beach. That also includes outdoor activities, such as hiking, trekking, and more.
  • Beach Bootcamp, which means intense functional training sessions amidst the beauty of Nature. Travelers and trainers visit different spots, such as beaches, wilderness, and lakes, on an excellent exercise session.
  • Wild Pilates means performing soothing stretches, and Pilate moves outdoors.

Are you ready for attending the best yoga retreats in Greece? Pick one and connect with yourself. Feel free to check our other posts related to Yoga.

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