Top Things to do in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Are there interesting things to do in JEddah, Saudi Arabia? Let’s have a look.

At the bank of the magnificent red sea city, Jeddah, is a tourist’s fantasy. It will spellbind any tourist with its rich history, traditions, landmarks and the cuisine.

Spectacular Things to do in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Any foreigner will have, a very exquisite list of things to do, on their hands if they want to sight-see the city.

1. The Courtyard City

For any food enthusiast¸ one of the things to do in Jeddah Saudi Arabia, is to pay a visit to The Courtyard City. With a number of popular restaurants, it is the dream place for any foodie who will become a fan of the ‘beacon of the city’, instantly.

2. Municipality Museum (Bait Al Balad)

Built in the early twentieth century, a proud example of Hejazi Architecture, ‘Bait Al Balad’ illustrates the history of Jeddah in the form of photographs and paintings. A local belief is that coral from the Red sea was used by fishermen in the making of the esteemed building. The museum is located amongst several other historical coral buildings in the area of ‘Balad’ (which means town in Arabic).

For travelers with interest in history, Al-Balad is a must to be in the list of things to do in Jeddah. Al-Balad considered as the heart of the city. A vibrant and frenetic fish market also opens in the early hours offering more than 50 different fish species and promising an experience of its own.

Dancing with Arabic music? Then this is for you and can be one of the things to do in Jeddah.

3. Jeddah Corniche

Jeddah Corniche is nicknamed “bride of the red sea” is located alongside the elegant sea and considered a must for any tourist to visit. It is a 30 km coastal resort region of the city. Including the largest fountain on the earth, King Fahd’s Foundation, it also presents a host of attractions.

From recreations areas to famous restaurants, you will find a lot of exciting spots. While on tour, a visitor experiences to see a total of 26 bronze sculptures, which are beautifully designed.

The northern side has Fatima Al-Zahra Mosque, also known as the floating mosque, which at high tides gives an impression of floating on the sea.

Top Things to do in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
The “Floating Mosque”

4. The Red Sea Mall

The Red Sea Mall is located in the northern suburbs of Jeddah. The hotel affixed to it is called Elaf Jeddah. It has famous fast food chain restaurants as well.

It had biggest “indoor water fountain” and largest glass covered area in Saudi Arabia on its opening. Red Sea Mall is also a Guinness holder for “biggest polystyrene ship model in the world”.

5. Fakieh Aquarium

The only public aquarium in Saudi Arabia is Fakieh aquarium, which offers entertainment as well as education to the visitors. The aquarium exhibits more than 200 marvelous species of fish, which includes shark, groupies Napoleon Wrasse, Sea Horses and many more, from all around the world. There are also Sea lion and Dolphin shows daily.

6. Taif

For anyone fancying a long road trip from Jeddah, Taif is the place to go. A 3-hour drive pass mecca and you will arrive a much cooler place, high up on the mountain and right in the company of wild baboons, enjoy.

Here is a video from Jeddah with some pretty sparkling music!

7. Durrah Beach Resort

The Durrah Beach Resort is located in the tourist city, Durrat Al Arus, which is situated at the northern coastline of Jeddah.

The resort overlooks the red sea and has 175 well-furnished units, 39 suits, and 14 Bungalows and has all the fancy modern luxuries.

For people coming over from the capital Riyadh via Riyadh to Jeddah flights, can reach the resort in thirty minutes, as the Jeddah international airport is 30 kilometers away from the beach resort.

8. Al Shallal Theme Park

The park is deemed as one of the best amusement park in Saudi Arabia. It is a popular attraction with around one million visitors each year. Like any other popular amusement park, it also hosts a number of spectacular rides which are not found anywhere else in the country, such as double loop roller coaster and Slingshot.

It also hosts a “Ladies Night” on Wednesday. The various cuisines based restaurants of that place are also worth mentioning, such as Lebanese and Chinese ones, the latter of which is right alongside an indoor canal.

9. Boat trips and Scuba diving

The Red Sea provides a better room for the boat trips and diving, which are truly the exciting activities that are worthy enough to be on the To Do list in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The magnificent Red Sea has a number of dive sites, with 1 hour and 30 minutes off the Jeddah coast, providing with 30 meters depth to explore the sea. The turquoise sea has wreck and reef dives.

There are some local companies which host the scuba diving and the trips for natives and the people coming from all over the world. These companies also run the courses over several weeks to allow the flexibility in their schedules to accommodate all.

You can get here from capital on one of Riyadh to Jeddah flights and rent the apartment, available with all of the dive shops located down there.

By the way, did you know that the world’s tallest tower is under construction in Jeddah? Check this out.

Jeddah is such a fantastic place to explore! Do try these really nice ideas for the things to do in Jeddah, and do have a great time.

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