Beer Yoga Crazy Trend Around The World

What on earth is that thing called Beer Yoga?

We know that there are many labels for styles of yoga already! You’ve heard the names, and maybe you practice one of them or more: Acro Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Hot Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Jivamukti Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Power Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Restorative Yoga, SUP Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga.

If you explore the yoga “ecosystem,” you will find more. The list seems endless!

Now and then, someone announces a style of exercise or stretching and attaches the word “yoga” next to it. But Beer Yoga classes and doing yoga poses drinking beer? I mean, that is hilarious.

That “thing” seems to be practiced as a combination of exercise (really?) and entertainment in many and different countries!

Who Created Beer Yoga?

Well, it seems to have its origins in the depths of (you expected “history,” right) a festival.

Yes, it was in the Burning Man festival where a course like that started.

However, some saw an “opportunity” there. Allegedly some German (rings a bell on beer, right?) yoga instructors transformed that into a fitness craze.

Reports fly in from many countries and continents into Beer Yoga sessions. Australia, USA, Europe you name it, they do it, although in some states in USA beer is offered after the class and not during the session.

Has the world gone mad or simply bored?

How To Practice Beer Yoga?

It seems they do it all. They have beer salutations (from “Sun Salutations”), asanas, balancing poses where people are balancing beer bottles on their heads. Yet, what happens when you lose balance after sipping a few.

So, you need to love beer, maybe even more than yoga?

Maybe doing Beer Yoga your get to higher levels of consciousness, or you just “get high”?

Drinking a few beers while doing the dynamic breathing (called ujjayi breathing) may cause the “consumption” of increased amounts of oxygen along with the alcohol beer has.

May you start seeing some visions or -you know- colors? I am thinking of it and laughing out loud as I type these lines!

What happens if you drink so much, you got to go to the loo? Is it permitted? What about burping?

Maybe you should not do the ‘happy baby’ (Ananda Balasana) and drink beer, as it will lead to gas problems.

I wonder how they open the bottle? Perhaps with a scorpion pose (Vrschikasana)? Weird.

Conclusion on Beer Yoga

It seems people are getting bored and want to try different things.

That is a piece of interesting information, maybe for yoga trainers, so to incorporate variations in their daily routine.

Is Beer Yoga “good”? Is it “bad”?

Well, according to scriptures around yoga, “that way” seems not to be correct, but bottom line, who knows how people will find their path along the way?

Perhaps it can act as a way to break their dual mind (or a bottle).

Perhaps after a Beer Yoga session, they might start exploring what yoga is all about!

Have fun!

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