How to Choose the Best Zafu Meditation Cushion in 2023

Meditation is relaxing and can often connect us with a deeper sense of ourselves. However, it requires intense focus, concentration, and mindfulness

These things are difficult to achieve when you’re uncomfortable. Thankfully, meditation can be made more comfortable when you have a zafu meditation cushion to support you on your journey.

For many people, they can even help further your meditation in ways only attainable when your sitting position is comfortable and relaxing. If you’re ready to take your yoga and meditation sessions to the next level, take a look at what meditation cushions are and how to choose the best one for you.

What Is a Zafu Meditation Cushion?

A meditation cushion, also known as a zafu or putuan, is a small cushion used to support a meditator’s posture during meditation. 

They can be a variety of different shapes, colors and made of a wide array of materials and fillings. They originated from China; however, the Zen practice of Buddism comes from Japan.

Used as far back as the 6th century, zafus are necessary for comfort and proper spinal alignment during meditation.

The Purpose of a Zafu Meditation Cushion

A yoga meditation cushion’s primary purpose is to support and align your spine for the optimal posture while meditating. 

When looking at the human spine from the side, it has a gentle curve to it. All the way from our cervical vertebrae to our tailbone, our spine has to remain in proper alignment to avoid pain and undue stress. 

Sitting on a hard floor, chair, or even a mat during Zen meditation practices can put more stress on the delicate spinal area than it’s used to. Over time, this stress and pressure on the spine can create back problems, chronic pain, and discomfort.

Sitting in lotus or half-lotus poses can be taxing on the spine because of this. Zafus offer a gentle lift underneath a meditator’s bottom to realign the spine to its natural curvature.

Why You Need a Zafu Meditation Cushion

As mentioned, the cushion protects your spine from improper alignment. Over time, sitting on the floor or somewhere else that doesn’t offer adequate lumbar support can leave you stiff and in pain.

Even though meditation cushions help protect your spine, they can also help increase focus. When you’re comfortable, you can remain seated for longer and engage in longer meditation sessions. 

Longer sessions can help you build upon your current practice and even help you increase your mindfulness. Once you’re comfortable, you’re more likely to put all your thoughts and focus into your meditation and mindfulness. 

It’s not only beneficial for your spine’s alignment but also your tailbone. You might notice that occasionally while meditating, you feel pressure and pain coming from the base of your lower back or your tailbone. This can happen when there isn’t enough support for your bones on the hard surface. 

How To Sit On a Zafu Meditation Cushion

A zafu meditation cushion is best used by resting your tail bone on the side so that your legs are at an incline. Your hips should be raised higher than your feet, and you should feel a natural curve in the lower back. 

Different mediation cushions are used in different ways, so keep this in mind when choosing one. We’ll look at those types of meditation cushions below.

Try out different positions until you feel what is right for you. For your meditation to reach its highest potential, you have to focus and find where your mind is the calmest.

Types of Meditation Cushions

There are various types of meditation cushions, and you may be wondering which meditation cushion is right for you. 

First, there are the simple zafu meditation cushions. These are small round cushions about 14 inches wide and approximately 5-8 inches tall. They can be used as part of a meditation cushion set or on their own on top of a yoga mat.

For maximum comfort and relief on your joints, there are square cushions you can sit on first and then raise your spine with another smaller cushion called zabutons. Some cushions are crescent-shaped, triangular, or can even look like small seatbacks. 

There are also kapok-filled or buckwheat meditation cushions. Buckwheat is the outer shell of buckwheat grain, while kapok is a plant fiber similar to cotton. Both provide support and form well to the shape of your body.

FAQs About Zafu Meditation Cushions

Is there a best Zafu Meditation Cushion? 

This would depend on your personal needs. While most meditation cushions are similar to the standard Zafu, some different shapes and materials allow for different support and angularity levels. For example, if you have knee pain, you might consider using a zabuton and a zafu, while those who need stress relief may choose a zafu with acupressure points.

How to make the Best DIY Zafu Meditation Cushion?

Of course! This is a great option for people who want to customize their own meditation cushion or don’t want to spend money on a premade one. Though, you’ll have to research to find out what filling, fabric, and extra features will work for you. 

Choose Your Best Zafu Meditation Cushion Type

Here are 3 different shapes and types of zafu. Their main difference is their shape and design, especially the top sitting area. Depending on your “bottom” shape, one of these can be more comfortable than the other. Do not forget that, the main purpose of any zafu is to keep your body tilted and your spine vertical to the ground, while also keeping your pelvis higher than your feet. That is the proper posture, where you don’t slide from your sitting and -top of all- you breath freely. It is a kind of science.

1. Zafu Meditation Cushion Round Lotus

How to Choose the Best Zafu Meditation Cushion in 2023 1How to Choose the Best Zafu Meditation Cushion in 2023 2

The yoga cushion is 15 cm high with a symmetrical design on both the top and bottom sides.

The buckwheat hull filling can be easily adjusted, so you can find your optimal seat height for meditation.

The organic cotton cover can be easily removed and machine-washed.

2. Waterglider Yoga Zafu Meditation Pillow

How to Choose the Best Zafu Meditation Cushion in 2023 3How to Choose the Best Zafu Meditation Cushion in 2023 4

This one is a different design where the top is narrower from the bottom.

That small change changes the length of the surface that touches the pillow, under your pelvis.

3. Zafu Meditation Buckwheat Bolster

How to Choose the Best Zafu Meditation Cushion in 2023 5How to Choose the Best Zafu Meditation Cushion in 2023 6

This one is great for beginners and advanced practitioners alike.

The half-moon design allows your feet to come closer to the pillow and thus achieve a more vertical posture.

What to Look for in a Meditation Cushion


There are two primary kinds of meditation pillows: Zafu and Pillow. The former is smaller, which helps elevate your hips while doing so; the latter can offer a comfortable place for knees when meditating on both types together or separately! You may also buy them in pairs if desired (like with pillowcases).


Meditation cushions come in a variety of heights with many hovering around the 5 inch mark. Consider your height and preferences when choosing the perfect zafu pillow for you! If I’m on my taller side, then maybe one that’s just barely higher than mine would be ideal because it’ll allow enough extra space so our heads don’t feel cramped at all times during meditation sessions.


Meditating while seated in a chair is one of the most common ways to meditate. However, you can also choose from sitting on your knees or even knelt down if that feels more natural for your body’s position when trying out new postures! You can even meditate while lying down.


The zabuton is a classic style of mat, but there are many different types to choose from. The most popular type being round Zafus which can be used during yoga or meditation sessions because they help elevate your hips while you sit on them! Plus this particular design offers comfort for those who suffer with knee pain in their legs due to fitness habits such as running miles every day at work.


You can decide how soft or firm you want your cushion. Kapok fiber provides a softer feel, while buckwheat hulls have more of an announce able bounce.


Meditation cushions are a great way to practice meditation anywhere you go! Some come with built-in handles, while others inflate or fold up easily. They’re also lightweight and portable so they’ll fit in your bag no problem – perfect for when life gets hectic again.


Meditation cushions are an investment in your well-being. Soft fabrics make for more comfortable seated meditations, but choose one that’s easy to wash if you want the option of cleaning regularly!

Improve Your Meditation Sessions

Your meditation sessions start with you. When you can get comfortable, and in a good position, meditation comes easier. Mindfulness and clarity appear, and your comfort allows for enlightenment that is otherwise difficult to achieve. 

Choose a meditation cushion that works best for your personal needs. Everyone is different, so analyze what you’re looking for to improve your meditation sessions and apply that to your cushion. 

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