Haven’t Skied in a Decade? Why You Should Start Skiing Again

Thousands of people start skiing for the first time every year, they ride their first chairlift, make their first turns, and are smitten by this sport.

Skiing evolved. Read why you should start skiing again.

But at the same time, plenty of other folks leave skiing. There’s a lot of factors that play into this, a big injury, a new job, moving somewhere warmer, there are plenty of good reasons to take a hiatus from skiing.

And even when a season or two turns into years without skiing or even a decade without clipping into some bindings, it’s still easy to jump back into the swing of things, pick up where you left off, and rediscover your love for sliding down the snow.

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Winter Park Skiing – By Karsten Winegeart

Skiing is sort of like riding a bike, once you learn, you’ll be able to tap back into those skills anytime you want. But why should you?

What’s the point of getting back into skiing or riding if you’ve been away for a decade or more?

Why should you give it another shot, and what do you need to know before you head back to the hills?

Start Skiing Again: The Gear Has Evolved

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Getting ready for the day

The first thing to note is that skiing has grown and evolved leaps and bounds over the last decade. That’s true both in terms of gear, and technique.

Skis have gotten lighter and easier to turn, boots have gotten more comfortable, and outerwear does an even better job of keeping you warm and dry than it used to.

Skis have seen one of the most noticeable evolutions.

Rocker and taper have made them easier to turn and control in tighter terrain, and now it takes less energy per run to make turns and stay upright.

Ski boot brands have gone to great lengths to create more comfortable boots that keep your feet warm and fit better, and that is easy to get on and off. And new materials and technologies have made outerwear better than ever.

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Be a happy skier – By Michael Kilcoyne

So the discomfort and exhaustion that you might have associated with skiing in the past have been massively reduced. It hurts less to have much more fun than you used to.

So even if you still have your old gear from your last ski trip in the closet, we highly recommend trying some new equipment.

Swinging by a ski shop and getting outfitted with a ski rental is a great way to experience what the new gear is like.

So get out there and try the latest and greatest gear, it will be easier to get back into the rhythm of things on it.

Skiing Facilities Evolved

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Apres ski

Secondly, how we ski and how we teach people to ski has grown and evolved over the last few years. More and more mountains have established ski schools with professionals who live and breathe skiing.

They’re carefully trained to help you remaster the fundamentals and adapt them to modern gear.

So don’t worry if you’ve been off the hill for a while, book a lesson and they’ll help all your old instincts come back and adapt to more modern gear.

On top of that, mountain infrastructure has grown over the last few years.

Instead of hiking with your heavy gear from an icy parking lot to a freezing lodge, to a scary chairlift, there are shuttles, and heated lifts to move you around the mountain.

Lifts are faster than they used to be, safer, and there are more of them, which makes for less waiting and more skiing.

It’s easier to have a good time skiing now than it ever has been in the past.

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Hitting the slopes – By Maarten Duineveld

And more airlines are offering direct flights to ski destinations so you don’t even need to bother with rental cars and complicated logistics.

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Whatever the reason you stopped skiing, there’s no better time to start back up than now. The sports are ready to welcome you back with open bindings. Even science points out the benefits of skiing.

The gear is better than ever before, and mountain infrastructure has grown and adapted to make the alpine experience more comfortable and easier than ever before.

So what are you waiting for? Book your trip, arrange your ski rentals, and get back on the mountain.

It will only take you a run or two to wonder why you ever left. Also, read 15 Best Outdoor Survival Gear.

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