Tree hugging helps to health improvement of people

Have you ever heard of the term “tree hugging“? To some sounds funny but do read through this article below.

Being in contact with nature can produce only beneficial results for our physical and mental health.

If you think about it, it is logical, since nature is our real house. Richard Ryan, head author and professor of Psychology at the University of Rochester, reports: Nature rejuvenates the soul. Frequently, when we feel exhausted, we make a cup of coffee. However, research shows that the best way to fill with energy is to come in contact with nature. According to Frances “Ming” Kuo, a researcher in environmental issues at the University of Illinois, it (nature) consists of an essential factor in maintaining good health.

The same person mentions that “during the past decades, there were various lawyers, architects, as well as popular writers who supported that nature has healing properties. However, until recently, their claims have not gone under strict scientific evaluation”.

The energy that comes from nature (the earth, the sun, the sky, the scenery, the color and time) affects people, animals and possibly various situations. This promotes harmony and aims at the confrontation or –at times- at the prevention of natural and human generated disasters.

Apart from the beneficial properties of being in contact with nature, a few years ago Enallaktiki Drasi published a series of research reports for the beneficial properties of earthing (otherwise known as earthing). This is the process of standing on ground with bare feet. Recent reports related to the reverberations of earthing, showed that it produces an increase in the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system and a decrease on the sympathetic one. Since most of us are in a state of over activity of the sympathetic system, whatever stimulates our parasympathetic is good.

Furthermore, additional researches on other stress parameters showed that earthing immediately softens cortisol secretion (a sign of stress in our organism) as well as the secretion of melatonin, which is of vital importance for a good sleep and maybe for much more. It (earthing) also fights inflammations and enhances blood flow.

Now, in a recent research we read at, it is proved that tree hugging also has many beneficial properties for our organization. We will remind that the practice of tree hugging is also an ancient meditation practice.

The “treehugger” term is used as an insult against ecologists, yet they adopted it with willingness. This is a way for people to show that they care for trees. However, according to scientists, tree hugging worth’s much more.

A book by Matthew Silverstone, titled “Blinded by Science”, proves that trees can really have positive results on the health of people when it comes to issues like depression, concentration, stress and specific psychological illnesses.

He also discovered that when we spent time near trees –and when we hug them too- we can relieve our headaches.

Multiple studies with children have shown significant improvement in their psychology and physiology when they occupy with plants and trees. A research showed that children work better under conditions where green is present, and they are more creative when they are inside a natural, green environment.

Silverstone, points out that this is not only related with the fact that we are inside a green environment, but also that the vibration properties of trees and plants are –actually- the ones that create the positive effects on our health.

An experiment showed that a glass of water which was processed with a vibration of 10Hz has the ability to change the clutter levels in our blood, almost immediately.

The same thing happens with trees, since they have different vibration patterns then people have.

This article was first published at our friends of Enallaktiki Drasi website, in Greek. We at AGreekAdventrure live the benefits of being inside nature in every single trip we have. It is something magical since all troubles seem to slowly dim away fast.

It is of no less importance that people try to imitate nature in their apartments either with flower pots or paintings, flowers in vases, etc.

Nature and contact with nature, either with tree hugging or not is an amazing medicine. Just compare your psychology before and after having a few hours in nature.

Enjoy nature more!

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