The Best Things to Do in Orlando for Adults: A Complete Guide for 2023

Looking to do fun things in Orlando? Perfect! We all need a break from the madness of modern life and take a vacation, just the grownups! Get away from your kids for a few days and enjoy a relaxing getaway in Florida.

Collect the troops and take a trip to Orlando, Florida, where you can enjoy exciting activities and restful downtime. In addition to being a necessary part of every vacation to Orlando, a visit to one of the city’s unique funfairs is a must.

Visits to Universal Studios and Walt Disney World offer fantastic adventures for guests of all ages, as with Downtown Orlando. You can find various exciting activities in Orlando, Florida, for adults, even if you choose to leave the resorts.

You can visit local museums SAK comedy lab, see the shops, and catch a home game by the Orlando Magic. Spend the day outside on the water, in the mountains, in theme parks, or the company of dolphins. This, along with all other exciting things to do in Orlando for adults, is here. Let’s visit Orlando!

Things to Consider When Traveling to Orlando

An Orlando vacation is a must! Before we take you to Orlando Disney World and Central Florida with us, here are some of the things you need to consider:

Deciding Where to Stay

Your vacation goals should guide your hotel selection in Orlando. Staying close to Disney and Universal Studios is a must if visiting the attractions is your primary reason for visiting Orlando.

Downtown Orlando is the best place to stay if you desire to be near all the fun. Check out Winter Park, located northwest of the town, if you’re looking for a quieter, more remote getaway. Consider Westgate Resorts in Orlando for accommodation.

Where to Eat

Classic American fare with a Caribbean twist can be found all across Orlando. You must try the mouthwatering marine delicacies and innovative hybrids which make this culinary scene what it is. If you’re planning a trip to Orlando, these restaurants should be on your itinerary.

  • Dandelion Community Cafe
  • Kadence
  • Celebration Town Tavern
  • Hash House A Go Go
  • The Big Easy
  • How Will You Get Around in Orlando?

In terms of population, Orlando is a sizable metropolis. Due to their dispersed locations, many sights are not easily accessible on foot. Unfortunately, using public transit is sometimes a hassle or too costly. Given the arrangement, it’s highly suggested that you hire a vehicle. They might be inexpensive and allow you to see Orlando on your timetable.

Taking cabs or ride-sharing is another convenient way to travel about town. However, the cost can vary based on your route. Several resorts in the Disney area provide transit to and from the main amusement parks. Try contacting the resort to see if anything can be set up!

Adventurous Things to Do in Orlando for Adults

Let’s start with the most adventurous things to do in Orlando for Adults that are the best value for money:

Experience an Earthquake at WonderWorks

The whole family will have a great time at WonderWorks since it combines fun and learning. There are more than a hundred hands-on displays throughout the facility that explores topics like geometry, astronomy, and physics to entertain and educate visitors.

Feel what it’s like to be on the receiving end of a big earthquake or storm, sleep on a mattress of nails, feel earth’s gravity, and maybe even make it through a tightrope obstacle course! Imagine all the things you can do at WonderWorks when you visit!

Kennedy Space Center

Day trips to the Kennedy Space Center are a must for every Orlando visitor. The displays and exhibitions scratch the surface of what has happened here historically. You might watch a real rocket take off if you plan your trip just so.

Touring the facilities, seeing the real spacecraft that went into orbit, and reliving key milestones in the race to the moon via interactive displays and re-enactments are intriguing in and of themselves. It’ll be the talk of the galaxy for a very long time.

Volcano Bay

Visiting the Bay is easily among the most fun things to do in Orlando for adults. Enjoy exquisite tropical drinks while sinking your toes into the beach at Dancing Dragons Boat Bar in Volcano Bay. Indulge in a refreshing frozen drink at this cozy pub before heading to the beaches to spend the day sunbathing.

For those visiting Universal Studios with a large party (up to 16 individuals), the Bay Resort offers cabanas for hire during the day or evening. After an exciting morning at the theme park, relax with a beverage in your hand on the beach and take in the sunset.

World of Chocolate Museum

Serious risk! A chocolate coma is on the horizon. Perhaps nowhere else in Orlando is as risky as this. There, you can learn everything about chocos, from its history at the gallery to the exciting new ways it is utilized in the kitchen. 

Everybody at the museum can have an enjoyable day. Learn how chocolate got from the Amazon to your mouth on this guided tour. There are many chocolate replicas of well-known places across the world. After that, get a chocolate-based dessert from the café.

Universal City Walk

Even after the theme parks shut for the day each evening, the good times keep rolling at Universal City Walk. This place, a component of the Universal Orlando Resort, attracts many visitors who enjoy the entertainment, eateries, and performances during the evening hours. Following a long day of fun at the theme parks, you’ll be glad you came to this fantastic restaurant and entertainment complex!

Lake Eola Park

Lake Eola and Lake Eola Park provide a welcome respite from the frenetic activity of the city center. A mile-long boardwalk envelops the pond. Many ducks and other birds are in the lake and don’t hate being captured.

To further your chances of being welcomed by the herd, you can even charter a watercraft in the form of a swan. An unidentified lady (about whom almost little is recorded) was honored with the naming of Lake Eola. Archives do not provide any information about her beyond the fact that she was a companion of a famous Orlandina.

Walt Disney World

The universal-famous Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando must be included on any list of things to do in Orlando for adults. Disney parks have fun for all ages, thanks to the four theme parks, two water recreation areas, and four top-notch golf resorts. See below for our suggested 1-day tours and top picks for adults visiting amusement parks.

Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom is where to see Mickey and Minnie if you’re nostalgic. Space Mountain, Big Thunder Hill Railway, and the brand-new TRON Lightcycle Run are some of the most exciting attractions in Magic Kingdom. Our new favorite performances as adults at Magic Kingdom are the Hall of Presidents, Mickey’s PhilharMagic, and Disney Enchantment, spectacular nighttime fireworks.


The favorite rides at Epcot include Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, Test Track, Soarin’, and Mission: SPACE. In keeping with the steampunk aesthetic, travelers can now enjoy unique, delicious food at Epcot’s Space 220 Restaurant, giving them the feeling as if they are 220 kilometers above the ground. It’s also recommended that adults partake in the “drinking around the globe” custom by visiting Epcot’s World Showcase and purchasing a drink at each “nation” in the park.

Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom is like a zoo and a theme park rolled into one, so it’s perfect for anyone who appreciates both attractions. My favorite rides in Animal Kingdom are those we rode as kids: Avatar Flight of Passage, and Expedition Everest, among others. Festival of the Lion King and It’s Tough to be a Bug (so charming and humorous!) are two more performances you must see.

Universal Citywalk

The movie studio’s most popular properties inspired the creation of the Universal City Studios theme park. Universal Citywalk, on the other hand, is the park’s central area for eating, shopping, and playing games, and it’s open to the public without charge. You will also find many Orlando international premium outlets looking to cater to you.

Mini-golf is only one of the many available activities, dining in or taking out from various restaurants, going to the movies, or even being inked. Universal Parks is a great shopping district during the day and a fun place to go out and drink at night.

Icon Park Orlando for Adults

Orlando for adults is great. And so is the Icon Park. The wheel at Icon Park is a great place for a family outing, but it’s also perfect for a couple on a date. The park’s highlight is the 400-foot Ferris wheel, which provides breathtaking views of the city at sunset and afterward.

In addition to the rides and shows, the park also has Madame Tussauds, in which you can pose for a picture next to a wax replica of a star who seems only marginally interested in you. The 7D Motion theater is where the action heats up, and the Museum of Illusions is full of amusing artifacts and displays.

Lake Buena Vista

Orlando is indeed a beautiful city with plenty of attractions. Lake Buena Vista, where Disney World is located, is also in this county. It boasts a gorgeous downtown area and lovely residential areas and parks. (It’s possible that some can refer to it as the “downtown Celebration.”) Spend the day window shopping, eating, and checking out upcoming activities.

Winter Park

There are many famous theme parks in Orlando, and Winter Park is one of them. When looking for adult-friendly activities in Orlando, a trip to Winter Park avenue is a must. If you prefer supporting mom-and-pop shops, go to the nearest farmer’s market and browse the stalls full of unique, one-of-a-kind items.

Orlando is home to several farmers’ markets, including Market Day at Orlando’s Lake Eola Park Mall at Millenia/Facebook shot of Winter Park Farmers’ Market and others.

Visit Museum

Aficionados of Louis Comfort Those interested in Tiffany’s vibrantly colored stained glass might check out the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art. The world’s largest Tiffany art collection is hidden in quaint Winter Park.

The works of Tiffany are on display at the Morse Museum, from his well-known leaded-glass lamps to his ceramics, jewelry, and enormous windows. If you’re looking for things to do in Orlando for adults, this one should be one of your top fives.

Explore Leu Gardens

The gardens of Harry P. Leu include a classical rose garden, a tropical woodland, a botanical garden, and a historic mansion. These gardens, spanning 50 acres just outside of downtown Orlando, are a tranquil escape thanks to their diverse plant collections from all corners of the globe.

In the autumn and winter, the gardens are covered with a stunning array of bluebells, and in the springtime, Florida’s biggest traditional rose garden bursts into bloom. Leu Gardens is home to various events and activities, including treasure hunts, jazz performances, and movie screenings, in conjunction with its many distinct garden zones.

Hit the Outlets

The Orlando International Premium Outlets, among the city’s most visited attractions, is conveniently located on International Drive. More than 160 shops, restaurants, and eateries here make it a must-visit for serious shoppers.

The stores sell a wide variety of goods, from high-end designer brands like Kate Spade and Tumi to more affordable brands like Tory Burch and The North Face. If you’re looking to stock up on Disney memorabilia, there’s a shop dedicated to the theme park’s merchandise, making Orlando for adults even more special.

Fun Spot America

For those who can’t get enough of amusement parks, a visit to Fun Spot America during your time in Orlando is sure to be a highlight. This thrilling amusement park has all the traditional rides you love, including roller coasters, Ferris wheels, go-karts, bumper cars, and more. The exciting Skycoaster is a must-see for every serious thrill-seeker; it’s like skydiving without the aircraft and the ultimate thrill experience.

Orlando Area Museums & More

Central Florida is known for its amusement parks, but that’s not all it has to offer. It’s possible to learn something amazing about contemporary art and history in each museum, from the fantastical, inspirational universe of Salvador Dali (at the Dali Museum) to the interesting backdrop of the Titanic catastrophe. Furthermore, when you’re visiting the Tampa Bay/St. You can’t miss the fascinating Museum of Science and Technology in the Petersburg region and happen to be a science buff.

Tour Lakeridge Winery & Vineyards

Lakeridge Winery and Vineyards is a beautiful establishment that deserves to be seen. This tour is free, and so is the taste that comes with it. In Florida, it is the biggest winery. Therefore expectations are high. Tours are available every 30 minutes from 10 am to 4 pm each day of the week. Watch a 15-minute video overview, then get a behind-the-scenes look at how it’s made.

Llama Trek

Located about an hour’s drive outside of Orlando, Giraffe Ranch is well worth the trip if you’re interested in seeing giraffes and other exotic animals in their natural habitat of 47 acres of rolling hills and open grasslands with towering live pines and native flowers.

While it might seem like a zoo, Giraffe Ranch is a thriving game farm and animal reserve, home to horses, birds, hedgehogs, dwarf rhinoceros, and elephants. Whether you go on a Llama Trek, a Segway Safari, a giraffe feeding, or an exclusive safari excursion, you’re in for an adventure you won’t soon forget.

What Bring with You for Things to do in Orlando for Adults

Here are a few things you should always have on hand if you want to spend any time in Orlando, Florida, and are not accustomed to the warm weather.

You don’t want to ruin your pleasure by coming back to a vehicle whose inside has been roasting in the sun for hours. Avoid getting sunburned while driving by installing a shade screening like this one.

When the temperature becomes too much to handle, I wrap one of these disposable cooling scarves around my neck. The best walking shoes provide ventilation and protection from the elements. Amusement parks are not the place to be wearing flip-flops.

Tap water in Orlando is awful. Stay hydrated without spending too much money by investing in a filter for your water bottle.

Is Orlando For Adults Safe to Travel?

Orlando, sometimes known as “The City Beautiful,” is Florida’s third-largest metropolis. Universal City Studios and Walt Disney World are located there, making it a paradise for amusement parks and resort fans. This makes it seem like it was made specifically with tourists, visitors, and families in mind. On the other hand, there seem to be activities that only older people and couples can enjoy.

Fantastic dining and shopping, nostalgic experiences, and even educational opportunities await those who go here. The city’s reliance on tourism grew significantly after the Walt Disney Company’s announcement in 1965 that it would construct a resort in Orlando. Since severe storms are more likely to strike Tampa and Miami, Orlando is a better option.

The Bottom Line: Visit Orlando with Your Partner at Your Earliest!

That wraps up our discussion of a few of the most entertaining activities available to adults in the Orlando area! Because of its best sites, the Orlando metropolitan region is undeniably a vacation destination that is a delight to explore. You will, without a doubt, have a wonderful day touring a few of the most exciting cities in the sunny state!

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