Snowkiting Metsovo Greece

Similar to kite surfing but performed in winter time. Snowkiting is an outdoor sport where people use kite power (a.k.a. wind) to glide on snow or ice. Plus, the footwear for snowkiting is the same that is used in snowboarding or skiing.

Snowkiters can travel uphill and downhill at any wind direction (instead of skiing or snowboarding where you mainly go downhill. It can be hazardous and should be learned and practiced with care. The sport is getting more diverse as adventurers use kites to travel great distances and sports enthusiasts push the boundaries of freestyle, big air, speed and back country exploration.

Now, snowkiting has made itself present at Greek ski centers. The ability to use the kite in order to speed up on the slopes and set your foot in virgin areas is unique.  Your activity range enlarges and you are not bound with the ski slopes at all. The moment the rider chooses, he/she can actually fly.

Lessons are required (even if you have experience with kite surfing) in order to learn the proper usage of the equipment. For beginners (who already do ski or snowboard), 5 or 6 hours of training is enough in order to have their first ride on flat fields.

Snowkiting equipment

In the same way as if we were at the sea, we need:

  • Kite (depending on the weather conditions, we use the proper size of  kite in terms of square meters)
  • Ski or Snowboard
  • Harness (the belt that binds us with the kite)
  • Helmet (must have for all of our activity)
  • Back protectors


  • We choose days with sun and we seek for information from official weather sites
  • The weather status on mountain tops change rapidly.
  • Special attention is needed and each rider must not act far from its current abilities.
  • Air currents are usually updrafts.

Snowkiting safety

  • Kites have advanced release systems and allow us to disengage in a few seconds.
  • Avoid places with lots of trees.
  • We sustain a safety distance from ski centers, ski areas and lifts.
  • We never kite alone.
  • We get advices from experienced riders for the particularities of each area.

If you happen to be at Anilio Ski Resort for the 2013-2014 season, the team of MindLoop will be there, equipped with snowmobiles and Kite rentals. They will initiate you at this brand new sport and train you in complete safety. Get advisory from the people of the team and experience back country snow kiting (with snowmobile, photographer and mountain guide), enjoying Northern Greece in an amazing way.

— An article from Wind Storm. Contact the organizers through: +306948622611, or through their contact data below.

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