Google’s New Earbuds With Real-Time Translation Travel Technology

It may be in its baby steps but that kind of travel technology can completely change the travel experience.

The term travel technology tends to relate mostly with portable apps that make the booking process easier to happen.

However, wearable are here to stay and Google’s new earbuds seem to disrupt the travel experience.

Google announced a new set of earbuds that maybe not so much aesthetically pleasing but they have one feature, that Apple’s airpods don’t. That is: real-time translation capability. This feature is powered by Google Translate & Google Assistant, which -as you know- are the counter part of of Apple’s Siri.

The name of the tech: Google Pixel Buds.

Such technology can be really useful when traveling to countries where English is “not available”. For example Chinese (outside of major cities), Indian dialects, Russian, etc. We were in Belarus and few people spoke English. Same with Russia a couple of years ago.

But some European languages are tricky too. For example: Danish, Swedish, Finnish, French for many.

Having such a tech could lead to an easier way to learn a new language, and why not?

However Google has introduced various things these years that went down the drain. So…

Travel technology, yes, but are the earbuds working?

It seems they are working pretty well.

See the actual test/presentation from Google.

Google claims that more than 40 languages will be implemented and that is only the beginning.

If you ever used the Google Translate while in another country you may notice it works surprising well.

We did use that while in Belarus in order to be able to shop at super-market stores as all were in Russian and employees didn’t speak English at all.

Since roaming charges in Belarus are off the Vodafone Red package we use, it was convenient to download maps and translate library to our smartphones so to use the offline.

Add real time translation to that and it can be amazing.

For now this feature will work with Google devices only but it will spread up fast.

We are fans of travel technology when this opens up new horizons in exploring the world and ease the communication between people.

What’s next? A “beam me up Scotty” feature?

Definitely eager to try this new thing. Starting price seems to be 159 USD; UK 159 GBP. There is an order waiting list for UK (October 2017)


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