Frequent Traveler? This Gadget Will Solve Sleep Issues

Say hello to Snooz and let a good night’s sleep to rest you for your next day activities. As travelers we really sympathize with all who need to sleep fast after a long train, car or flight trip.

The truth is most of the times mind becomes way too active, in order to cope with the fatigue and stress of a long trip.

Most of the times just having a hot bath is not enough. You get in bed and simply… stare the ceiling wondering how it is possible not to be able to sleep after such a difficult day.

Sleep will come eventually but not easy and next morning will find you rather tired.

Pills is out of discussion and instead of packing small bottles of herbs and pills, isn’t it better to pack something equally small which will help you sleep?

There comes Snooz!

Snooz is also founded by Eli Lazar, a mechanical engineering graduate of the University of Illinois.

With a weight of merely 16 ounces, Snooz uses a real fan and not prerecorded sound. The white noise products by Snooz will help you sleep. Its design is mesmerizing with a knit-wrapped round shape. The device is controlled by an application over Bluetooth.

You can adjust fan speed and start/stop times along with decibel levels.

Is it the only and cheapest solution to get good sleep?

There are a couple more competitors for your good and refreshing sleep time.

Marpac’s Dohm Classic only has two settings, compared with the Snooz’s 10 settings, yet Snooz has a variety of 10 different settings. There is also HoMedics, Deep Sleep II Relaxation Sound and White Noise Machine, HDS-2000.

Is it all about the fan?

You may prefer digital over analog but the fan inside Snooz is what makes the difference from a meat digitally generated sound. Along with its small size (6 inches) the whole device can be easily packed in a carry-on.

Set it by your bed and simply adjust it without even raising your head from the pillow.

You will thank yourself the next morning where you will enjoy better mood due to a good night sleep.

Enjoy life and travel with such clever devices.

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