Cob, build a house with mud and have fun

You wouldn’t imagine that you could learn to build your own house with Cob, aren’t you? Well you could combine your trip in Greece with such an experience. But lets take first things first, as this year is your chance to do something different!

What is Cob?

Cob is one of the most ancient techniques to build a house in any shape using… earth. Clay, straw, wood, glass, wood and many more things are shaped using your hand and feet, into walls windows, roofs and more. The origin of this technique is simply the word “Cob”, which in English means a ball of earth. Cob has been used by many cultures (Africa, UK) to build houses. First because it was cheap. But these years, where a shift towards more natural ways of living happens, Cob is used to build houses that utilize capabilities of natural material to warm, cool, ventilate your house. No air-conditions!

We could say that Cob is more of a movement. Natural living reinvented. And you will enjoy it! You will see what natural and/or recycled materials can be used to build a house. You will enjoy the company of others helping you learn. You will find out about living breathing rooftops. You will play with mud and feel like a child while you will learn something new, make friends and enjoy a different style of life (even for a few days, as seminars usually last for 3 days at a time).

Some directions: Feel free to visit for lots of info. The website is in Greek but simply use Google translate for your language and you will see the info. Amazing photos by the way. I have personally attended these courses and it is revitalizing. Your kids will love it and learn amazing things for nature and bio-climatic way of circulating energy of wind and sun to heat or cool a house. These guys organize seminars all over Greece all the time.

You will be amazed to find out what has been constructed with Cob all around the world. Just Google it. Then come to Greece and participate in a seminar. Combine it with your vacations!

Contact the organizers through: +306932568126, or through their contact data below.

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