Best Places to Visit in the Galapagos

The Galapagos Islands are situated around 1,000 km from Ecuador and comprise around 127 isles. This stunning archipelago contains wildlife in abundance, incredible scenery and vistas to take your breath away. If you’re looking for a trip brimming with adventure and exploration, the Galapagos is where you want to go!

For anyone planning a trip here, you’re likely wondering about the best places to visit in the Galapagos Islands. Luckily enough, we’ve got you covered! Keep reading to learn more about these stunning isles, alongside where to go when visiting. 

The Best Time to Go to The Galapagos

The first thing to consider when planning a trip to the Galapagos is when to visit. Its tropical climate with average temperatures of around 29°C makes it an ideal destination for a range of holiday itineraries. However, the best time to visit the Galapagos is from November to December. With temperatures warming up and the seas starting to calm, this is an incredible time to stay for those hoping to explore the marine life surrounding the islands.

Wildlife in the Galapagos Islands

If you’re hoping to make the most of the wildlife in the Galapagos Islands, the archipelago boasts a diverse range of natural wonders to marvel over. Not only will you find wildlife in abundance here, but the variety is also outstanding.

The Galapagos are a remote set of islands, providing the perfect environment for wildlife to thrive. From land to sea, you will find a unique range of species on these islands, perfect for even the most experienced adventurer. Below shows some of the animals you can expect to encounter when visiting the Galapagos.

  • Galapagos Penguin
  • Sea Lions
  • Great White Shark
  • Sea Turtle
  • Whale
  • Marine Iguana
  • Giant Tortoise
  • Leatherback Turtle

As there are so many species wandering the Galapagos Islands, it is difficult to include them all. When exploring all these isles have to offer, you will surely come across some unique and intriguing wilderness – an excellent opportunity to explore nature’s finest.

Charles Darwin Research Station – Santa Cruz

When seeking things to do on the Galapagos Islands, a visit to Charles Darwin Research Station should certainly be on your list! Located in the beautiful Santa Cruz, you will discover a unique opportunity to explore the work of Charles Darwin whilst gaining an insight into the island’s history.

The Charles Darwin Research Station was created to preserve the Galapagos Islands with researchers and volunteers working together through conservation efforts. There is so much to see and do here, it is the perfect place to spend the day with the whole family in the Galapagos. Catch a glimpse of the giant tortoises in the gardens and check out the breeding centre to learn more about these incredible creatures. You will find six different vegetation zones, comprising varying species allowing you to learn more about the animals that inhabit the Galapagos Islands.

Rancho Primicias – Santa Cruz

If tortoises are what you’re looking for then look no further. The Rancho Primicias allows you to get close to these magnificent animals whilst learning more about their history and heritage on the Galapagos islands. The tortoise ranch is a highlight for many visitors as it allows an unforgettable experience to see these giants in all their glory.

Rancho Primicias is located in Santa Cruz, approximately 13 miles from Puerto Ayora. Explore the different areas around the ranch and learn more about the tortoises that call this place home. You can even climb inside empty tortoise shells, providing a fun and educational day out for all! 

Post Office Bay – Floreana Island

Floreana Island is renowned for its incredible human history and is a favoured destination for many visitors to the Galapagos. The renowned Post Office Bay dates back to 1793 when it was home to the first resident in the Galapagos.

Post Office Bay was once used as a mailing depot for British sailors and whalers. Letters were left here hoping that other ships would collect them and pass them on. Today, a trip here will take you back in time as you admire the many letters and sentiments that have been left behind by all who have visited this site.

Not only can you learn about Floreana’s intriguing past here, but the island also boasts pristine beaches, stunning flora and fauna and raw natural beauty. This is a must-visit destination for anyone visiting the Galapagos as there is so much to see and do on this stunning island. 

Tortuga Bay – Santa Cruz

One of the best places to stay in the Galapagos is undoubtedly Santa Cruz. With plenty of hotels, tourist attractions and stunning landscapes, it comes as no surprise that so many select here when visiting the Islands.

If you find yourself in Santa Cruz, you must check out Tortuga Bay. Not only will you discover a beautiful tropical beach, providing an ideal place to sit back and relax in utter paradise, but the wildlife here is incredible. Catch glimpses of marine iguanas, sea lions and more whilst exploring these gorgeous sandy shores.

La Lobería – San Cristóbal

San Cristobal island is renowned for being a favoured spot in the Galapagos. With its incredible diving scene, diverse wildlife and breathtaking terrains, it comes as no surprise as to why. When visiting here, you must check out the beautiful sandy shores of La Loberia.

Not only will you discover a stunning shoreline with crystal clear waters at La Loberia, but there is also a considerable population of sea lions here. This provides the perfect place for stunning scenery alongside a plethora of other species in the Galapagos.

Punta Espinosa – Fernandina Island

Punta Espinosa is situated on Fernandina Island and is known for being one of the best sites to tour in the Galapagos, as there is so much to see. A visit here will provide you with an unmatched experience of some of the island’s most unique wildlife. There will be opportunities to catch glimpses of Galapagos penguins, sea lions, whales, dolphins, lava lizards and much more. This is an excellent way to explore all these islands have to offer, alongside learning more about the species living here.

The marine life at Punta Espinosa is also incredible, making it the ideal place for anyone looking to dive or snorkel in the Galapagos. With raw, natural landscapes at every turn and crystal clear waters, a trip here will be sure to take your breath away. 

Rabida Beach – Rabida Island

In contrast to the other white sandy shores in the Galapagos, Rabida Island comprises gorgeous red beaches. A visit here provides you with the perfect place to explore these beautiful sands, alongside some impressive lava formations.

Rabida Beach is one of the many wonders that the Galapagos has to offer, providing a reminder of how the islands have evolved. Alongside its magnificent red landscape, Rabida Island also boasts a plethora of wildlife, including some of the rarest bird species.

Punta Vicente Roca – Isabela Island

When touring the stunning Galapagos Islands, you’re likely looking for some great diving spots – look no further than Punta Vicente Roca on the northern part of Isabela Island. Here you will find some of the best and most diverse selections of marine life, perfect for even experienced snorkelers.

The clear waters at Punta Vicente Roca allow for excellent underwater visibility, providing an immaculate environment to catch a glimpse of all the magnificent underwater creatures. There will be opportunities to see bullhead sharks, frogfish, barracuda, pacific seahorses, sea lions, green sea turtles, moonfish and much more!

Darwin Bay – Genovesa Island

After you have spent some time seeing all that the Galapagos waters have to offer, it’s time to check out the wildlife on land. There is no better place to take in some of the most unique bird species than Genovesa Island. Spend some time at the stunning Darwin Bay and watch as the birds soar high above. It’s also possible that you will  be sharing the sandy shores here with a sea lion or two!

Be sure to have your camera with you as you’ll catch glimpses of lava gulls, short-eared owls, great frigate birds, yellow-crowned night herons, plus many more. This is the ultimate destination for avid bird watchers or any type of wildlife enthusiast. 

Elizabeth Bay – Isabela Island

Elizabeth Bay is located on the beautiful Isabela Island and is the ideal location for those hoping to make the most of the watersport activities. Large ships aren’t allowed in the bay, making it a great place to enjoy kayaking whilst taking in all the surrounding scenery.

Much like the rest of the Galapagos, you’ll also encounter some great wildlife here. The shimmering turquoise waters and incredible flora and fauna around the bay make it a beautiful place to spend the day.


After reading about all the best places to visit in the Galapagos, we hope you can now plan your trip here with all these incredible spots in mind. No matter where you choose to go, you will find breathtaking landscapes and extraordinary wildlife at every twist and turn. The Galapagos Islands are the ultimate bucket list destination, perfect for all types of adventurers, outdoor enthusiasts and avid explorers.

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