7 Indispensable Photography Gears

Travel photography is a good business for many and the best kind of therapy for others.

There is only one thing about hopping into an aircraft without anything but with a camera and a shirt on your back, ready to capture the sights of a new and exotic locale.

The next time you look at an airplane or fill up a travel cart, make sure your load out includes this indispensable photography gears.

Here are seven indispensable photography gears that make your travel amazingly memorable:

A home camera

This is a no-brainer, which is why you’re getting it out of the way.

Regardless of the camera, you are using; you would rather use something light and easy to carry around for hours on end.

Since you will want to post process your shots later, select the body that allows you to record RAW files.

JPEG simply does not allow you the same amount of control.

A flexible lens

There are so many lenses out there, and everyone wants a “single lens” that can do everything. It is yet to be discovered, and it is sure it does not exist.

Of course, it’s best to take several lenses, but this increases the weight of your bag and sucks more when you get robbed anywhere.

In that sense, if you are traveling ultra-light with very little travel photography gear you can carry a zoom lens with a wide focal range.

A lens pen, microfiber cloth, and rocket blower

These items are useful for any photographer, but the “holy trinity” of camera cleanliness is important when you’re out all day. By the way, check this completely different kind of camera: A wifi hidden camera .

Smudges and dust particles are magnified with higher screen or when directed toward the sun, and it’s really easy to get dust on your sensor when changing lenses in the field.

A waterproof bag

You can be out shooting all day, and never know what the Mother Nature might unleash. Unwanted nylon bags are not suitable for wet or humid conditions unless you want to spend the rest of the day in a coffee shop.

If you are hardcore, you will get a “dry bag” that is completely waterproof. The disadvantage is that they are usually more problems when you need to grab a piece of gear.

Spare batteries

I should have put it even bigger – it’s important! When you are out shooting, nothing kills your productivity faster or decisively than being out of juice. You should always carry at least three batteries and assume that you will use one up, the next will one will fail, and that you probably forgot to charge the third one.

Power brick

Power brick is a perfect addition to your spare batteries; these indispensable photography gears are a remote power source that takes up very little space. If you can use one for a long day of shooting, leave it to recharge in your bag.

These days, power bricks are so cheap, small and easy that there is no reason not to have one. I would say that this is one of the cheapest but most indispensable photography gears in your bag.

Spare memory cards

Card space is not a problem these days.

Even if you are shooting full-size RAW files (which if you aren’t, you should be), you can still fit upwards of 2500 shots on a 64GB SD card.

The real reason you need to have at least one spare is in case your card fails. The reasons for failure are many: your card might become too hot, it can fall into the volcano, and it can get stolen by a seagull.

Conclusion on Photography Gears

Other photography gears can make your travel a memorable one, but the above ones are indispensable.

Whenever you are on a trip or adventure, taking along these seven indispensable photography gears will surely make your travel amazingly memorable one.

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