Hard Shell Roof Top Tent for Camping: Need To Know

Hard Shell Roof Top Tents are booming! While the traditional camping tents still hold their grounds as a practical and fun way to have a good time, rooftop tents (and car tents) come with some outstanding advantages.

Why prefer a Hard Shell Roof Top tent or a car side tent?

For starters, let’s note down that their deployment happens in seconds. If your car has rooftop bars, then these tents will grip there.

Your hard shell roof top tent will is supported on your car roof, while the side tent grips on the side and expands horizontally and then vertically.

A car tent is like your home tent, except it expands in a parallel to the ground manner, while it also has side covers to protect you from mosquitoes and sun.

Hard Shell Roof Top Tent: Deploy in 5 secs

When you set up your hardtop rooftop tent, you will have a dreamy soft mattress for a relaxing sleep.

Using a small ladder, you climb to the top of your car, and that is all.

Hard Top Roof Top Tents allows you to camp in grounds were setting up a tent would be otherwise difficult (i.e., on rocky terrains).

Just keep your vehicle on a correct angle against the ground, and that is all.

A crucial factor is that you don’t lie on the ground. This protects you from sudden rain and floods, insects, and small animals that may want to know you better.

Another critical factor is that you can move fast between locations without spending all that time packing and redeploying a “traditional” tent. A Hard Shell Roof Top Tent can deploy in 5 seconds.

If you want to use your car to explore a different location from where your camping base is, then you simply wrap it up and move.

Hard Shell Roof Top tents come with “extensions” to have more space for you and your family.

Car Side Tents

You have seen them already. It expands from the side of a vehicle (could be your regular car or an RV or your camper or any other).

But such a tent is not only that. It protects you from sun and rain while allowing a significant amount of space. Such canvases come with side covers for insects or ones that offer far more privacy.

They are straightforward to deploy from your car rooftop bars. They roll out and bind on two poles. Easy and fast.

Regular tent, Hard Shell Roof Top Tent, or car side tent?

The truth? These three come with three different concepts for camping.

The regular camping tent demands more time to deploy and is not the best solution to wrap and pack frequently when you want to move to different locations in a usual manner.

Especially when you have a family with you, it is the right solution if you plan to stay for many days in 1 location where conditions (ground, climate, nature) are easy going.

A hard shell roof top tent is deployed and retracted in seconds and is ideal when you can move with a big vehicle on complex terrains (beaches not excluded).

You are higher from the ground with all the positive things this means (as mentioned). You can move faster and easier.

With a car side tent, you have all the shade -literally- next to your vehicle.

Such a tent is ideal where a camping tent is not needed.

For example, when you plan to leave and return on the same day, but you do want shade and privacy to enjoy your lunch and relaxation.

On single day excursions, such a tent comes handy when you travel with children, and you want that shade on a beach or any other place.

So, there you are. You have all the options and suggestions to choose wisely. Read this post for camping tents.

Enjoy your camping.

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