Best 5 Festivals in Brazil 2021 You Have to Know

Are you looking to book for the festivals in Brazil? When planning a vacation, it’s best to explore another country during its festivities. While you could explore the landscape or the culture, it’s better to visit during a time of celebration.

Brazil is known for having a very diverse and unique method for celebrating festivals. The lively culture is full of locals and travelers from all over the world.

If you haven’t heard of any significant festivities, we can give you a quick idea of the ones available. The festivals include both celebrations for younger children or adults.

No matter what your age, most of these festivals are suitable for families. If you want to see something unusual, visiting Brazil during the holidays is truly a sight to behold.

Top 5 Festivals in Brazil

There are many activities, such as outdoor markets, festivals, dancers, etc.

In this article, we will be listing the top 5 carnivals in Brazil as well as giving you access to try your luck to play here.

Festa Junina

One countrywide celebration is Festa Junina, which spans over an entire month.

It’s a month-long celebration for Saint John the Baptist, which is known as Festa de Sao Joao. The holiday celebrates rural life within Brazil and includes festive clothes, food, and dances. It starts on June 1st and usually ends on June 30th. 

Festa Junina is an annual event that’s held in major cities located around Brazil.

However, you’ll see locals celebrating it around every single neighborhood.

There are usually held at local venues such as public schools, bars, or event spaces. The primary purpose is to give thanks and celebration to the harvest of crops for that year.

Major designs and colors known to this Festival are bright-checkered shirts, red freckles, and beautiful straw hats.

Festivities include adorned buildings with traditional food such as canuca, cake, and pe-de-moleque.

For adults, beverages include aged wines, mulled cachaca, and traditional juices.

As you can see, the influence on clothing, decorations, and food are all tied back to farm life and what you’d normally see on a farm.

Rio Carnival in Brazil

One of the other big festivals in Brazil is the Brazilian Festival called the carnival. It has become a natural treasure.

The Carnival definition is when locals and guests from other countries travel from all over the world to come to watch or participate in the parade.

Millions of people partake in the events and line the streets while wearing traditional festival clothing.

Street performers, bands, and floats all like the streets and light up the night with LED lighting. It’s one of the biggest celebrations that takes place once a year.

The biggest Festival happens in Rio, but you can find many other cities having their celebration.

So, when is Carnival in Brazil? Carnival takes place over five days, starting with the morning of the first day and ending on the night of the fifth day.

The traditional calendar year states that it begins on Friday, which is the Friday before Ash Wednesday. The celebration then continues and ends five days later.

The biggest event is the parade, which takes place at night.

These parades are filled with street performers decked out in vibrant costumes, floats, and dancers. If you’re looking for a family vacation idea, then we highly recommend the lively event of a carnival. 

The only downside is that travelers around the world come to visit during this time, which means reservations fill up fast.

If you plan to travel to celebrate, you may need to book well in advance, although you may be able to find these celebrations in every country that has a large Brazilian population.

Reveillon de Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro has a massive New Years celebration that hosts more than two million people.

Tourists, guests, and families gather from all over the country to celebrate a new year. The celebration lasts for a day. It takes place from the beginning of the day into the night.

Festivities include cultural dances, traditional style food, and also music from several different bands.

Many performances are performed at local hotspots located around the coastline: samba dancing, bands, and other festivities, including Rio carnival costumes.

The celebration lasts from the beginning of the day until the sun rises for the New Year.

The main attraction of the Festival is the New Year’s fireworks that are colorful and vibrant.

If you’re looking for a family-friendly celebration, this is one of the few you should visit. Although making your reservations early can help avoid any booking issues.

Festival of Parintins

If you’re looking for a more traditional style celebration, then we recommend checking out the Festival of Parintins.

Its other names are the Festival do BoiBumba, Bumba Meu Boi, and Amazonas. The Festival spans over four days and takes place in the last week of June.

Festival of Parintins is one of the biggest celebrations of the year, gathering millions of people to come view, share historical folklore stories, and perform them.

The first day of the Festival is started with lively dances between different groups. It is hosted in a giant stadium with over 40,000 guests at once.

The point of the Festival is to connect with folklore and stories within the Brazilian culture and dress up in Brazilian carnival costumes.

These stories are unique to each area in brazil. The original story is about a local legend of a resurrected ox, but also includes other additional folklore that’s indigenous to the culture.

Tourists are sure to love this Festival because it gives a more in-depth look into the Brazilian culture, and the stories are fun for both adults and young children.

Festival de Cachaca

The last on our list is the festival de cachaca or better known as Festival de pinga. It’s more of an adult festival as it’s celebrating liquor made from brazil.

Brazilian liquors are made from pure sugar cane, which gives them a distinctive flavor. If you’re looking for a fun night out, we’d highly recommend this to our older audience.

The Festival includes specialty liquids, which are available in a wide variety.

From sweet drinks to thick liquids, they’ll have an abundance of different drinks surely to impress you. All the manufacturers and vendors compete and enter their drinks to celebrate and give thanks.

The Festival is excellent for tourists because it gives them a chance to try multiple types of drinks without having to move from bar to bar.

You’ll get the taste of liquor from various regions without the need to travel. In addition, the affordable price and complimentary drinks can save you a lot of money.

Conclusion on Top Festivals in Brazil

Brazil is home to many different cultures, and each providence has Brazil carnivals unique to the region.

If you’re looking to travel to Brazil, we highly recommend visiting during one of the festivals.

You’ll be able to be enriched with the unique culture, and depending on where you’re staying, there will be different events going on.

The vibrant colors, lively atmosphere, and delicious food are only a few of the reasons to visit.

If you’re not into festivals, there are plenty of local events that are just as entertaining.

Find ones that are family-friendly or ones that are only for adults.

Either way, we hope that you’ve found a bit of Brazilian culture you’d like to experience for your next trip. If you are a woman traveling solo, then read this too.

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