If you are an adventure seeker and love to try new experiences, then agritourism may be right for you.

For those who love the outdoors and enjoy being a part of a team, you may want explore taking a getaway to a ranch or farm and lending a hand to harvest, pick or churn the ranch’s products.

Widely defined as the combination of agricultural activity with tourism, agritourism has gained in popularity in countries from around the world.

Although it sounds like a lot of work and reminiscent of TV sitcoms, in reality, an agricultural trip is not about laboring in the fields until the sun goes down, but more about learning the process of agriculture and experiencing it first-hand.

Many people choose to do it as an activity within their vacations, such as in a winery in California during a wine-tasting trip, or a cheese-producing farm during a visit to the South of France.

Whatever your choice may be, agritourism is a great opportunity to learn more about a particular crop or process.

The rewards from agritourism are not only for the traveler. Whereas it is true that the tourist will be able to experience life in the vineyard, farm or plantation like a local, the owner of the land is also able to supplement its impact with these kinds of programs. Since the economic downturn, the importance of agritourism has grown even further, and it is expected to continue this trend.

Consumers are also seeking to understand the process between the farm and their kitchen and making an agricultural visit brings some of the answers to their questions.

Two of the most popular forms of agritourism are those focused on education and those focused on recreation.

The first category is usually marketed along with a Bed & Breakfast package to entice the agritourist to visit the area, enjoy the educational and hands-on experience as well as enjoy the surroundings.

The second category may not involve as much hands-on experience, but rather the use of the farmlands for other activities such as horseback riding and camping.

For both, farm owners work under the premise that raising awareness for their brand will increase sales of their products.

Some parents have taken a hard look at agritourism as an alternative to their vacations with the kids.

Not only can you stay at a farm be inexpensive, but the children will get to experience something like never before- waking up to the animals, picking their own apples, collecting eggs for breakfast, these all are a far cry from the day to day of their lives.

For parents, a trip like this provides the distinct opportunity to spend quality time with their children without being disrupted by electronics, TV and everyday hassles.

It is a great opportunity too to teach children where their food comes from and how it is grown.

So if you are looking for an alternative vacation, one in which you can learn while experiencing something completely different from your daily life, agritourism may be the answer.

There are many farms, vineyards, plantations, and orchards that are open to receiving you and your family for the time of a lifetime.

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