Why Travel Guest Posting Sucks Big Time

Actually, Guest Posting really sucks if you do it wrong. This article clarifies and proposes a good mentality around guest posting.

We have been there. We ask for guest posts from others. You know what? It can suck if you do it wrong. It can suck big time. Especially if you don’t couch surf but you actually have been to the place for which you have to write a great article about. So, here is a list of points to think over.

1. You have traveled to that place. You spend actual tangible made-with-sweat-and-blood money. Why the hell to write an article and give your photos for free? Duh! Dude (someone may say) you will get the traffic from the article hosting site and it will flow in yours. Really? With your name & small photo & miniaturized links towards your website at the footer of the article? I don’t think so…

Suggestion: Make sure your links are prominent! Read more to understand why. Find out about the actual website traffic and target audience.

2. But, but… many people will read that article. Yes, but people just consume information! Only a small fraction of them will really want to search further and find the website of the author. Unless you are someone famous in your market, why some reader would want to do so? But if you were famous you would have tons of traffic already… Right? So, follow the above suggestion.

Suggestion: Same as above. Ask that your links are prominent.

3. But, the hosting site has tons of traffic. Yes, they do! Do you really know which articles their readers prefer? Do you really really know? Or do you see the likes and “hotness” per article? This is not the case always amigos… For example, in AGreekAdventure.com we have articles who only have a small number of likers but the actual article traffic comes to thousands. There are articles with thousands likers whose traffic comes to even more thousands and there are articles with few likes who have a very low number of visits. So, can you really really know? Only the website owner knows. If they tell you then it is great!

Suggestion: Ask the article hosting site for details. Show that you care and show that you know what to ask in order to give them great value.

4. Dude you got it wrong. I just started blogging for this travel destination/thing/activity, etc. OK, I got it… So you want to “build an audience” who reads another website who writes for topics similar to yours. Wait… what? If they write for similar topics why then to leave them and come to you? “But I write in a great way”, you may say. Really? Who says so? Why don’t you try Medium.com then or similar sites?

Suggestion: Everybody needs more content, especially good content, even for their topics they write so well about.

5. But the hosting site will share the article in their Mailing List. Will they? Will they share your article in their hard-earned mailing list in order to send them to another website? If Yes, then you have found a good person.

Suggestion: Ask them if they will share it there and in their Social Media. Don’t just give your content for less.

6. I will publish the article in my website too and I am gonna be famous! Stop the press! Here is another person who really has no idea what Search Engine Optimization is and how it works. Dude, the moment a text is published somewhere, then the first source is The Source. The rest who re-present it are the Copiers. Google (yahoo, bing) will give credits (which translates to better ranking for a better website than your website) to The Source and not to the Copiers. Especially if a week goes by after the first publishing. This of course stands right for the article hosting sites, too. They wouldn’t want “second-hand” content as they will look like Copiers.

Suggestion: Tons of free information is out there about what you need to know to write Search Engine Optimized content and you need to make sure if you are allowed to publish it first. Read, search, test, measure. If you have some budget hire a professional for a few months. The amount of time you will earn is huge.

7. “Market” learns that it is OK not to pay for content. That, along with point number 1, are for me the real issue for guest posting.

Suggestion: “Market” will pay for value. If there is no value then “market” will ask for anything they like.

Let’s see how things look so far for Guest Posting

  • You spend money
  • You put lots of time and effort into creating great content
  • Readers consume and only a fraction looks for The Source.
  • First Publisher Gets The Credit

So, where is the actual long term benefit? Really, where? Nowhere if you don’t do your math.

If by all means you want to engage deeply into Guest Posting, I would advise to allocate a small fraction of your effort to that unless you have some great ideas and they want you to write for i.e. Huffington Post or such. But if they really really want you they will pay you, right? Damn that logical loop again! You lose nothing to do it but you need to know your focus. Are you looking to get hired or build up a more free way of living and writing?

As I come from the Digital Marketing market, my advise is to work hard and build up something that is great and all the content is distributed BY your website and not with intermediate sites. In the long run this will come back to you great. Social Media is great but things change there too. For example Facebook changes the algorithm and suddenly your hard-earned audience doesn’t see your Page posts. Do you really want to rely on an intermediate site for ever? I don’t think so.

If you write useful articles then other websites will use them in their mash-up articles. We have been there too and it works.

Make sure that you participate in discussions where your audience is and build up an authority for your area where people will send you emails asking for advice, as they will consider you the “this one knows” person.

Traffic will build up as you build up your product and yes for some you will have to pay money for advertising as ranking in Google is not so easy these days.

So, does guest posting sucks? No, if you do it right.

Have fun.

(Cover photo by Pang Yu Liu ).

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