Five Solid Reasons to Avoid Cheap Bicycle

Bicycling is a great pleasure for every rider. While a quality bicycle is a source of fun as well as a great physical exercise for health, a cheap bike is a source of discomfort and unpleasing riding.

High-quality bikes worth sometimes some extra money but they come with sturdy frame materials and best accessories.

Most of the time cheap bikes included cheap accessories which waste your money in the long run.

What Kind of Rider you are? – Decide which type of bike you want?

If you have already one of the three basic types, then it is easy to narrow down your choice.

Five Solid Reasons to Avoid Cheap Bike / Bicycle

If you are an avid cyclist and want to ride around the town, then you have to choose a conventional road bike.

The road bike is mainly used on the roads and highway.

Lightweight frames and slim tires are the main features of these type of bike. They are not good for riding over rough terrain.

“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride’’

John F. Kennedy, U.S. president

When you are looking for a bike for leisure ride, a comfort bike will give you better speed. For riding on trails, a mountain bike is the best option for you.

The tires are wide and large which helps to grab the surface.

Heavy frame and for absorbing shock, it has a suspension system.

Sometimes the straight handlebars of mountain bikes create discomfort for long distance.

Five Solid Reasons to Avoid Cheap Bike / Bicycle

If you are confused to choose between the road bike and a mountain bike, then the hybrid bike is your ultimate destination as the bike is the combination of both types of bike.

It combines the low gearing of a mountain bike and ensures easy trails.

Maximum hybrid bike with an upright riding position with double walled rims.

Tires are the best part in this type of bicycle.

Find a Good Bike Shop

When you pay more, you want to be satisfied with your purchase.

Some online shop might not have sent the product properly assembled, sometimes one particular gadget like the pedals or bike saddle does not suit to your body.

Most good bike shops will not charge you for assembling the accessories when you are purchasing a new bike.

Some bike shops also allow you to exchange your components that isn’t quite fit on your bicycle. One of the best ideas is before making a purchase take a test ride.

Take a Test Ride

Five Solid Reasons to Avoid Cheap Bicycle

Like a car, take a test ride before buying any bike.

This test riding makes sure you that the brakes and shifters are easy or not. Consider the weight of the frame and the frame and suspension are comfortable enough for your backside.

Make sure that you turn the bike handlebars smoothly.

Is the bike being comfortable or the gears will go low enough for mountains.

If you want to change the saddle or pedals, then your bike shop probably offers you to pay little more for getting a quality one.

Why you should Avoid Cheap Bikes

Now I’m going to show you 5 solid reason to avoid cheap bicycle.

What is the price of a cheap bike? – Well, it varies bike to bike. But approximately less than $200 priced bikes are often called cheap price bike.

Sometimes cheaper constructed bikes come with the high price and weigh seven and eight pounds more.

These type of bikes are served low quality, does not assemble properly, and also does not give simple instruction.

Adults cyclist consider cheap bikes from a local department store for the casual use because it is better than an inexpensive full-suspension bike.

Here are some following reasons that people face when they purchase a cheap bicycle:

  1. Easier to damage: Cheap or inexpensive bikes come with low-quality parts and accessories, which are easier to damage. Sometimes these bikes are not easy to assemble, or Sometimes these bikes arrived with a broken component. Last year my friend ordered online a cheap priced cycle. When it had arrived, the front derailleur had already broken.
  2. Less comfortable for casual riders: Most often cheap bikes offer uncomfortable saddle, pedals, and handlebars, which are do not matched the bike properly. Sometimes bike seat is very hard, pedals do not work properly or handlebars not fit your bike. So, it creates discomfort for the rider in the long distance.
  3. Buy cheap, buy twice: When you are looking a cheap bike, try to buy twice because in the long ran you have change most of the parts of your bike or that will cost far more to fix that you’ll hate a lot. So spend little more costs that will expensive but serve you much better over time.
  4. Heavy and slow: These type of bike is too heavy for women to lift and out in the car and heavy to lift to put on the bike rack. Additionally, it is not easy to move and shift one place to another. They do not provide as much as good speed. I will suggest you read the article best bicycle bell if you want to take a safe ride in this busy city road.
  5. Cheaply constructed make: Most of the time cheap and poor bikes are packaging very attractive and eye catchy, but the materials which used in the bike is very low category materials. After a period of time, you have to need replacing some components of the bike. So research online and bought a decent bike. It will worth investing in a decent bike!

Purchase a bicycle on the web.

Online bike store offers you hundreds of options to choose the right bike for you. With these type of purchase, you get to shop 24 hours.

Moreover, you have a lot of ways to find a competitive price. Furthermore, the sites have the best choices for both new and used bike.

Our friend Sophie Elise contributed with information for this post. She is a passionate cyclist, author and blogger. She is very passionate about writing on different types of women’s bikes, accessories, health, fitness and more.

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