Ebikes Electric Adventure: Mokwheel Basalt vs. Radpower Radrover 6 Plus

Modern ebikers have higher expectations from their e-bikes. They are not only looking for easy manuverability, but also durability, efficiency and innovation. With a strong focus on customer desires, we introduced the latest addition to the Mokwheel Basalt in the captivating Jungle Camo color and an upgraded torque sensor. The Basalt quickly gained immense popularity and is considered a standout among all-terrain e-bikers, thanks to its robust motor, reliable battery, and inverter features.

Ebikes Electric Adventure: Mokwheel Basalt vs. Radpower Radrover 6 Plus

However, new buyers often find themselves comparing various models to determine the best fit for their needs. Many are torn between the Mokwheel vs Radpower e-bikes, particularly the Radpower Radrover 6 Plus, which represents an upgrade over the Radrower 5. This e-bike boasts some exciting features, including a powerful 750W motor and an impressive top speed of 20 mph. 

If you’re currently confused between these two e-bikes, your confusion ends here. In the following sections, we will provide a detailed comparison of the Mokwheel Basalt vs the Radpower Radrover 6 Plus, considering their technical specifications, features, and customer reviews. Let’s dive in!

COMPARISON: Mokwheel Basalt vs Radpower radrover 6 Plus

Basic Specifications

FeatureMokwheel BasaltRadpower 6 Plus
Rider height5’3″ – 6’3″5’7″ – 6’2″
Length74.6 inches77 inches
Weight79 pounds73.4 Lbs
Handlebar height28″27.5″
Payload capacity400 lbs275 lbs
ThrottleThumb-throttleHalf-twist throttle

Both the Basalt and Radrover 6 Plus are fat-tire e-bikes equipped with 4.0″ puncture-resistant tires, ideal for rugged terrains.

Frame Size: These e-bikes share a similar frame size, with a standover height of 30.5″ for the Radrover 6 Plus and 29.5″ for the Mokwheel Basalt. The lower standover height of the Mokwheel Basalt makes it more suitable for shorter riders. Additionally, both e-bikes are available in step-through designs, accommodating older riders as well. The total length of the Mokwheel Basalt is 74.6″, slightly shorter than the Radrover 6 Plus.

Weight and Payload: The standout feature of the Mokwheel Basalt is its versatility. Weighing approximately 79 lbs, it boasts a maximum payload capacity of 400 lbs, allowing for the transportation of additional equipment alongside the rider. In contrast, the Radrover 6 Plus is slightly lighter at 74.6 lbs but has a significantly lower maximum weight capacity of 275 lbs. Consequently, it may not be the best choice for RV enthusiasts seeking off-road adventures.

Throttle: Among other fundamental specifications, the Basalt features Mokwheel’s trademark thumb throttle, enhancing rider convenience compared to a half-twist throttle. The half-twist throttle can often cause discomfort when held in a consistent position.

Features Comparison

FeatureMokwheel BasaltRadpower 6 Plus
Motor750W rear hub motor750W rear hub motor
Rangeup to 80 milesup to 45 miles
Battery940Wh lithium-ion battery672Wh lithium-ion battery
Pedal assist levels55
SpeedUp to 28 mphUp to 20 mph
Torque sensorsYesNo
LED lightsFront and rear lightsFront and rear lights

Sensors: The new Mokwheel Basalt is equipped with an advanced torque sensor that enhances the rider’s experience at varying speeds. The Radrover 6 Plus features a 12-magnet cadence sensor, efficient at measuring the rider’s pedaling effort. However, it’s considered a primitive technology and may impact your e-bike’s overall range.

Range: When discussing range, the Mokwheel Basalt clearly takes the lead with a maximum range of 80 miles, while the Radrover 6 Plus offers only 45 miles. The Radrover’s battery has a maximum capacity of 672 Wh, while the Basalt’s battery boasts a 30% higher capacity at 940 Wh.

Ebikes Electric Adventure: Mokwheel Basalt vs. Radpower Radrover 6 Plus

Motor: Both e-bikes utilize a 750 W rear-hub motor. However, the Radrover 6 Plus can achieve a top speed of only 20 mph, indicating lower efficiency compared to the Basalt’s 28 mph.

A noteworthy feature of the Basalt is its power station capabilities. It can be connected to an inverter, enabling you to power your electrical appliances during your excursions. Moreover, you can connect the inverter to a solar power source to charge your battery. Therefore, when under the sun, you’ll never have to worry about running out of power.

Riding Experience/ User Reviews and Reputation

FeatureMokwheel BasaltRadpower 6 Plus
Fork110mm Adjustable Suspension60mm Suspension
Tires26 x 4.0″ inches puncture resistant26 x 4.0″ inches K-sheild
Gear system7-speed Shimano derailleur7-speed derailleur
Other featuresFenders, kickstand, cargo rackFenders, kickstand, cargo rack, built-in lock

Suspension: Both e-bikes are equipped with a front fork; however, you can expect a more responsive suspension from the Basalt due to its additional 40 mm fork suspension, which is also adjustable to accommodate your riding preferences.

Gearing: Both the Mokwheel Basalt and the Radpower Radrover 6 Plus feature a 7-speed gearing system and derailleur, enhancing stability while riding. Mokwheel bikes utilize premium Shimano gearing and derailleurs known for their durability and efficiency, resulting in higher speed and extended range.

Pedal Assistance: Over time, our Basalt customers have come to favor its rapid acceleration and exhilarating pace. Although both e-bikes offer 5 pedal assistance levels, the Basalt delivers quicker acceleration and a higher top speed.

Ebikes Electric Adventure: Mokwheel Basalt vs. Radpower Radrover 6 Plus

As all-terrain e-bikes, riding performance holds a significant role. Radpower and Mokwheel are esteemed companies with established user bases. The Mokwheel Basalt has been a game-changer in the electric fat-tire mountain e-bike category, impressing customers with its stability on rugged terrains and maneuverability on grass, dirt, and uneven surfaces. 

With the addition of the torque sensor, the Basalt has elevated its performance for both city and off-road rides. The Radrover 6 Plus positions itself as a versatile e-bike for multiple use cases, offering competitive speed, range, and durability within the category of Class 2 e-bikes. However, with its $1999 price tag, the e-bike falls short of meeting expectations.

Service: Warranty/Returns/Processing Time

FeatureMokwheel BasaltRadpower 6 Plus
Warranty2 years1 year
Refund policy15 days30 days
Processing TimeUp to 1 weekUp to 1-2 weeks

Ensuring customer satisfaction has always been our top priority, and after-sales service plays a pivotal role in achieving this goal. Radpower is also a well-respected company in the e-bike industry and has a strong track record of providing good customer support. The Radrover 6 Plus comes with a 1-year warranty and a 30-day return policy, with the exception of regular wear and tear and damaged parts during transit. Mokwheels offers a more comprehensive warranty, extending for 2 years, and buyers can request a full refund within 15 days of purchase. Processing times typically range under a week but may vary depending on specific circumstances.

Price and Value for Money

When you’re in the market for electric bikes for sale, pricing plays a crucial role. E-bikes often represent a significant investment, and you certainly wouldn’t want to make the wrong choice. Despite its superior features and exceptional riding performance, the Mokwheel Basalt is competitively priced lower than the Radpower 6 Plus. 

The Basalt is currently priced at $1899, with the Jungle Camo color option available for $2099. The Mokwheel Basalt has set a pinnacle for electric fat-tire mountain bikes, redefining the category. The Radrover 6 Plus is also a commendable e-bike, particularly suitable for beginners looking to explore the versatility of an all-terrain e-bike. Features such as the 12-magnet cadence sensor and high-grade aluminum frame justify the Radpower 6 Plus’s higher price point.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The e-bike market is rapidly expanding, and many bikes tend to fade into obscurity after their initial popularity. However, certain e-bikes leave a lasting impression on their riders and the e-bike community as a whole. Radpower’s e-bikes are generally well-regarded for their top-quality construction and improved customer responsiveness. However, some critics argue that they may offer less value than their price suggests. Mokwheel, on the other hand, has earned the trust of its customers, with its pricing, quality, and features firmly establishing it as a customer-centric brand.

After our comprehensive comparison, it becomes abundantly clear that the Basalt offers a more compelling deal than the Radpower 6 Plus. It boasts the latest features, excellent reviews, and outstanding after-sales support. Additionally, the new Basalt features a torque sensor that greatly enhances the riding experience..

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