Rafting in Evinos, Nafpaktos, Greece

Rafting in Evinos is an unparallel experience for the lovers of nature and all adventure junkies. Gefira Mpania is a very small, yet picturesque village, located at the wild side of Nafpaktia.

It is one (of many) of those places where you feel nature booming all around you. It is full of energy, activities, and amazing local cuisine.

Oh, did I mentioned: healthy local cuisine and top-notch orange pie? Mark my words, as you will remember them when you go there. Actually, you can spend a whole week in the area and not get bored!

However, the same time, the area is not crowded with multitudes of generic tourists. People who come here love ecotourism and activities in the nature.

There are 2 taverns with great local food and guesthouses that can accommodate around 40 people. All these side to side with stone build houses and green hills.

Yet, on top of all the main eye catching view of the area is: The Evinos River.

Rafting in Evinos, as well as kayaking, is a tremendous experience.

You will find organized professionals which will provide you with all equipment needed to be safe and relatively dry.  Having experienced this myself I can say that doing Rafting in Evinos is full of action and adrenaline activity.

The rafting route starts from Poros and is about 8,5 km in length. The descent is of 2^nd – 3^rd degree of difficulty, ideal for all ages, starting from the bridge of “Porou” and ending at the International Training Centre Canoe – Kayak, just before the bridge of Chani Bania.

Depending on how deep the river is (seasonally) your river journey can last between 1.30 and 2.00 hours.

This, of course without the frequent breaks to admire the view. The best period of time to be there is between mid October and the end of May.

In the same place you will see the International Kayak Training Center, which is active all year around.

Is Rafting in Evinos safe?

Well, yes it is.

The trainers I’ve met are professionals and champions in their field with many medals to show. As you can see from the photos here all rules of safety are followed and thus you will be able to focus on fun!

More than that the installations there, provided by Rafting House company, include many things that will make your experience very comfortable. For example:

  • They have a great reception and lobby facility with a fireplace and hot beverages.
  • They are very friendly. As we had some time to kill before the lesson, they provided us -free of charge- with mountain bikes and showed us some routes to go by the river. Amazing places!!!
  • Showers and dressing rooms are spotless.
  • Trainers are certified from organizations like IRF Raft Guide & Trip Leader 3 WW – International Rafting Federation, Rescue 3 Swiftwater Technician – Rescue 3 International, Kayak Instructor – Greek Kayak Federation, Red Cross.
  • Equipment is new and certified.
  • You get hot shower facilities after your rafting/kayak experience.

The whole experience is safe for any age (which doesn’t mean of course it is an easy one). Children are allowed, only from the age of 7 years and above.

Is there something else to do in the area?

Apart from rafting in evinos you can experience many things in the broad area! First of all the vibrating town of Nafpaktos is very close (amazing beaches if you choose to be there in summer time) and the whole Nafpaktia area is amazing.

Forests, ponds, small picturesque villages are every few kilometers. On top of the mountain of Nafpaktia -if you choose to be there in winter- there are luxurious hotels and peaceful scenery.

On each of the villages you will go through, you will find traditional coffee houses and large squares with huge trees (mainly located in the center of each village).

Actually, you can stay in the area for quite a few days and enjoy different activities and different views of nature.

So, are you ready to go for rafting in Evinos? You will be definitely amazed!

Note: We would like to thank “Rafting House” for the courtesy to provide us with photos and information for this article. Contact the organizer through +302634026435, +306936746764, or through their contact data below.

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