Peloponnese Greece, a mulberry leaf kind of shape

Peloponnese is another world! It is another Greek unique “world” that combines all aspects of nature morphing and geographical idiosyncrasies.

That is perhaps the reason why many non-Greeks buy country houses and permanent residences there. Perhaps that is the reason why people who origin from Peloponnese are called “those under the furrow”.

This term is referred to all Peloponnese people. Locals explain its origin from the fact that the whole land of Peloponnese is separated by a huge furrow/ditch which is called “Isthmos”.

Peloponnese is well known to almost everyone for its variety of ancient places and castles. However, there are more. These “other” secret beauties will be presented in the next articles; however we want to give you a pre-appetizer here.

The ancient, byzantine and picturesque Peloponnese

Visitors have heard of Corinth, Mycenae, Olympia and Tiryns. Perhaps you have heard about the picturesque Nafplio, with Palamidi fortress with the 999 steps and the amazing view. Or, perhaps you have heard of the majestic Aeropolis and Mani, the mysterious Mani, full of castles and people with strong character and habits and pride.

Ancient drama is presented in Epidaurus and tickets are presold months before each performance. It’s an amazing place known for its mysterious acoustics and all the myths and sacred knowledge that brings to our time. Who has heard of Monemvasia and Mystras, those remarkable places with their natural and religious beauty?

Who indeed hasn’t heard of the Spartans, this amazing and mysterious race of Greeks, praised even today through Hollywood movies?

Not to mention the amazing beaches like those in Methoni, Voidokoilia, Elafonisos and more.

The outdoor activities Peloponnese

But Peloponnese is not only about ancient and byzantine monuments. It is the nature that will enchant you further. All the variations of canyons, waterfalls, hiking and trekking routes, mountains covered with snow and more.

You will be amazed by caves like those in Diros, bridges and stone carved paths like those in Kardamyli. Not to mention the amazing picturesque villages like Dimitsana, Vytina, and more. Amazing places for outdoor and adventure activities to spend weeks, not days.

You will be enchanted by the Neda Gorge, Foloi oak forest, and the wine routes of Arcadia. Either by horse, hog bikes, 4 wheelers, or simply on foot you can experience this amazing environment. You will definitely leave with thousands of photos.

But keep in mind that perhaps, like many visitors to Greece, you will not leave but simply decide to stay in Peloponnese for years! Stand by for more articles about places in Peloponnese.

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