Paragliding Epidavros Greece

Paragliding is a sport enjoyed by many. Paragliding Epidavros is the perfect way and location for participating in this popular outdoor recreational hobby and competitive adventure sport of flying in the skies and soaring like a bird!

With its warm and dry summers and mild sea breezes, Epidavros offers endless opportunities for spectacular paragliding.

When you want to enjoy your paragliding Epidavros to the utmost, you can stay in a three-star seaside hotel, Flying Paradise, with a beach that is one of the landing sites and where you can also pack your glider, which is unique because it is highly portable.

All the equipment is packed into a rucksack and can be carried easily on the pilot’s back, in a vehicle, or public or private transport.

Epidavros is an old unspoiled fishing village in the Peloponnese 8,300 square mile peninsula on the Aegean Sea. It is located only 90 minutes southeast of the Athens airport. An important ancient Greece town until around 500 B.C., when part of it sank under the sea, some of the underwater ruins can still be seen from the air.

When flying over Epidavros, look for the most famous of its hundreds of archeological sites, the fascinating ancient Amphitheater. This is the archeological site of a healing center built in the 4th century B.C. that seats 14,000 with remarkable views and acoustics.

There are many nearby paragliding sites, some of which are exclusively for the guests of Flying Paradise, which is the primary destination as a flying center for paragliding pilots from all over the world and their families or groups.

The skill level of pilots ranges from newly rated to those who enter competitions. Open full time in the spring and autumn, two of the center’s ten flying sites are dedicated to soaring, and the rest are for thermal flying and XC.

On a typical day, after breakfast and the wind conditions checked, pilots are driven to one of the launches, which cater to different skill levels. For example, Tintin gives pilots who haven’t flown for a reintroduction with dynamic ridge lift from the gentle sea breeze and abundant thermal lift. Once up in the air, it is easy to reach cloud base (6,000-8,000 feet ASL).

If you’re a novice pilot, a driver is available to drive you back to launch after you have as many rides as you desire. A more experienced pilot can head out on one of the well-established XC routes, and a retrieves driver is on call.

Alternately, the pilot can fly back to the hotel and land on the beach or return in the minibus.

If you launch from Ted’s Café, there is a bail-out L.Z. in a clearing among olive trees, about 2,000 feet below launch, or you can get high enough to fly around the hill with the altitude to make it to a soccer field landing site. If you still have some altitude, you can head over the pass to the hotel.

Paragliding is the recreational flying of foot-launched free-flying, lightweight glider aircraft with no rigid primary structure. The pilot sits and is suspended in a harness below a fabric wing, which shape is maintained with suspension lines, the aerodynamic forces of the air, and the pressure of the air entering vents in the wing’s front.

Although not using an engine, paraglider flights can last for hours and cover hundreds of kilometers at an average altitude of a few thousand meters. Flights of one or two hours are expected.

Experience the joy of paragliding Epidavros!

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