Nimfaio Greece village, a preserved traditional settlement, in Florina

The village Nimfaio, is a mountainous village (alt. 1350) designated as “preserved traditional settlement”, in Florina Prefecture. It’s one of the most picturesque village in North Greece, surrounded by forest of beech.

Being there you can enjoy the tranquility of the nature and walks through stone alleys surrounded by traditional visit. You can visit the three-story museum of SilverGoldsmith , Folklore and History, with its rich collection of crafts, old designs of SilverGoldsmith, traditional costumes and historical archives, Nikeios School, which was built in 1927 and the church of St. Nicholas with the bells of 1856 and 1862 from Istanbul and Odesso.

From the parking to the main entrance of the village, there is a stone path with beeches to its sides, which ends up to ARCTUROS Environmental Center. ARCTUROS Wildlife Park, implements cross-border projects in order to protect mountainous ecosystems, with an emphasis on captive bears and wolves in Greece. In the small wooden stand Centre of ARCTUROS, there are volunteers who organize groups of visitors and direct them in sixty acres of forest , within which live free but protected bears.

Moreover there are many hiking paths that cross Nimfaio village, such as the European path E4, and the circular path N-Y1 which starts and ends at Nimfaio.


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