Greek Food Experiences All Over Greece, Athens Included

Greek Food is really famous in various forms all over the world. Either you know it as “Mediterranean Diet” or “Cretan Diet” or under any other name still remains the same mouth-watering concept.

It is not just about the Greek food, but also about the analogies and types of foods Greeks consume per week. For example, how much meat to eat or not, or fish or vegetables or legumes and so on and so forth.

Greek food is well known to be nutritious when it is not “mixed up” or “modernized”.

The secret is not just in the quality of the materials (due to soil and Greek sun) but also to the balance of elements.

Find here just a small range of Greek food tastes from our trips all over Greece and feel free to read the associated posts that describe our Greek non-food experiences.

Mikro Chorio village, Karpenisi, Greece

Karpenisi is simply great. It has thick forests, rivers, waterfalls, tall mountains, hundreds of hiking routes. People go there from all over the world and it is not even by the sea. Here is a sum up of great food: cheese (called bugiurdi), cheese/spinach pie, roasted bread with olive oil, amazing red wine, rooster with pasta and veal with barley.

Eating everything at Horiatiko Tavern, Mikro Horio

Megalo Chorio village, Karpenisi, Greece

But that was not just the only case of food in Karpenisi. We had some great deserts, like the one seen below at Megalo Chorio village. Read all about it.

Galaktoboureko and Ekmek Kantaifi

Eating Greek food from all over Greece, but in Athens

Now this is a really special place in the center of Athens. It serves a huge variety of Greek food from all over Greece. We tasted around 25 plates. The name of the place is “Manas Kouzina Kouzina”, which actually means: Mother’s Cuisine Cuisine. It serves food that is like mothers cook in Greece.

25 Delicious Dishes of Traditional Greek Food

Eating at Crete island Greece

As you may know, Crete is a really big island. We had many adventures there and different food experiences.

At Arodamos village: We had a fantastic dinner at Arodamos along with lots of “tsikoudia”.

Hiking Mount Ida (Psiloritis) in Crete

Over the mountains of Rethymnon: Fantastic food after hiking.

Hiking Crete Greece Rethymnon Mountains

Aravanes Tavern, at Amari village: Fantastic variety and view. We also took a class to make our own bread. That was our first time tasting snails.

Holidays in Crete: Sightseeing, Eating, Baking Bread

Tour in the city of Chania: We had this cultural tour in the city. We went through the food market tasting different things and we ended up having a “meze” with even more “tsikoudia”.

Crete Highlights: Our Best Chania Tours Experience
Local cheese

At Aspropotamos 300 years old traditional village: If you go to Lasithi area then you must stay there for at least a weekend. It is a village without electricity. Solar power is used just to charge phones and basic things like: a refrigerator and night lamps. That is all. They have a great breakfast.

Chios Island, Greece

Mastic Chios

The island of mastic and of great tastes. We had:

Daphnes Breakfast, Xylokastro

One of the friendliest persons we know who really lives and breathes the eco-living logic. Her breakfast (served in her family hotel) consists of local products only. We got “some” prior a canyoning day trip in the nearby area (I know…, we look really hungry).

Daphne Family Hotel
We. Are. Going. To. Eat. Them. All!

Skopelos island, Greece

That was something completely different. We had breakfast and lunch, at a beach during a sea kayaking day trip. What a splendid thing to eat next to the beach.

Our Skopelos Holidays: Sea Kayak TripOur Skopelos Holidays: Sea Kayak Trip

Kea (Tzia) Island, Greece

An island so close to Athens, suitable for a day trip. We ate some great “kalamari” there.

Kea Greece

Lesvos island, Greece

A delirium of seasoned Greek food and lots of ouzo. Read about it here. Also see our food experience in Molyvos, Lesvos and eating experiences in Plomari, Lesvos from here. We even had lunch on-board while sailing.

Eat any local fish that has
A variety of -not salted- fried fishes

Naxos Island, Greece

A very special island with really special people. We tasted different things there; from foods to drinks. Naxos produces a wide range of food in the island. Read here. This photo below is from a really small shop where -allegedly- they serve the best “galaktoboureko”. We went there for breakfast, prior a 6 hour hiking.

Chalki (Chalkio or Halkio), Naxos Greece

Eating at Petra & Fos Hotel, Mani, Peloponnese

Really tasty food in a really nice hotel. The hotel was so relaxing we didn’t want to get outside, that weekend.

In & Out “Petra & Fos” Boutique Hotel in Mani, Greece

Tinos Island, Greece

We tasted some great local beer in that island.

Tinos Island
Nissos brewery deco

Eating in Meteora, Greece

A huge variety of local cuisine was served. All kinds of things. Check them here.

Hiking Meteora Greece

Agrafa, Greece

We stayed at a remote location, at the end of a dirt road where a rather beautiful and secluded hotel resides. It is the -now- famous Montanema Handmade Village. Here is a photo from our dinner. Breakfast and lunch were equally tasty. We even made our own “chilopites” (kind of Greek pasta). Food was cooked in a wood oven. Read here and here.

Montanema Handmade Village
Appetizer with cheese and groats. Very tasty.

Wine (and snacks) tasting at Nemea, Peloponnese

A great day full of activities around wine. We had a wine seminar by a famous sommelier. We had a cycling for wine (visiting different wineries with bikes) experience and we also visited the famous archaeological sites of Nemea.

Ioanna pouring the red wine for sampling
Ioanna pouring the red wine for sampling

If you care for a private food tour in specific places in Greece then you need to check this.

Super Foods of Greece

That is one super food (of many) we regularly take in our salads, breakfasts, smoothies and more. Flaxseed is considered one of the worlds healthiest foods.

Flaxseed By Dvortygirl (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

Is Greek food Aphrodisiac?

Greek Food Experiences All Over Greece

We did a little research and found out about a number of Greek foods that are labeled either strange or/and as aphrodisiacs. Read about it here.

13 Famous Greek Foods recommended by travelers

Greek Food Experiences All Over Greece

Talking with many travelers in Greece we noted that there are some foods that are really popular and highly discussed/recommended to all of them. Seems like whoever traveled to Greece, had to say something nice about these. So, when you travel to Greece don’t forget to taste all these.

Ancient Mediterranean Nutrition

HippocratesAncient Greeks were taking food very serious and especially the Mediterranean Nutrition. For example Hippocrates. He said: “Your Food is Your Medicine and Your Medicine is Your Food”. Hippocrates was a Master in the Art of Healing and Medicine. Here is a list of different foods and their benefits. Read the reason why!

But is about Greek food only?

Of course not. We love to taste different foods in all the places we go. Here are just a few posts that also relate to non-Greek foods.

Is that all about Greek Food?

Well, no. That is just a small sample of food variety from all over Greece. Read our posts for more and don’t forget to subscribe to our Newsletter.

Kindly pin this below for others to find.

Greek Food Experiences All Over Greece

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  1. I thought I wanted to visit Greece because of the history and the views, but now I definitely want to go there for the food. I would eat all of the octopus around! and Feta cheese 🙂

  2. Ahhh, Greek food! Nothing better when it's done right. Calamari is one of my favorites and Meditteranean salads – tasty tomatoes with delicious wine. Retsina even! Love how you centered this in Athens too. Wish I were there.

  3. Wow, that's a detailed post, you must have spent a lot of time putting it together! Being a vegan it's hard for me to say 'yummy' to everything you listed (especially to snails lol!!), but I am the traveller in me enjoyed this post a lot, especially the pictures from your hiking trip and by the beach! I do have to get back to Greece soon!! I've only been to Korfu ages ago…
    Do you think I could survive there as a vegan? 😀

  4. I love Greek food, though my experience to date has been at Greek restaurants throughout Australia, and obviously nothing beats the cuisine in the birth country itself! Thanks for this culinary tour of tastes throughout Greece – taking a class to make your own bread sounds fun – and I haven’t tried snails yet either! Such a smorgasbord of experiences in such a small region! Your feast at Skopelos island look AMAZING!

  5. Gosh this is a super comprehensive Greece food guide! It looks like a food paradise to me, so yummy and such a variety! I guess I can't resist the cheese and the kalamari looks totally delicious! I can't wait to try them all…


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