Trekking on Pelion Greece

Have you ever imagined to walk on the summer residence of Greek Gods? If we aroused your imagination then this is what Trekking on Pelion is about.  Pelion is a beautiful area for trekking. There are many springs so there’s water, even in summer time. There are streambeds with ivy hanging like lianas from plane trees, and ferns and metallic blue dragonflies.

Beech forests cover  the higher areas like a bright green blanket. In olive groves the greyish green foliage forms a lovely contrast with the purple blue of thyme and the pink cistus flowers on the ground. You will stand on village squares and look out over the glittering sea from under majestic plane trees. Pelion, where according to mythology the gods took up summer residence.

And where for today’s holiday makers there are no massive tourist centers, just small scale hotels, apartments and rooms.

The website offers walks that can be downloaded for free. They are all circular walks, so you always return to your point of departure. The walks vary in length from 5,5 kilometres to 14 kilometres. Some walks are in the mountaineous area and the forests, others are between villages closer to the sea. They take you along old stone paths (kalderimia), narrow paths or earth roads. Many walks offer beautiful views of the Pelion area, the Pagasitic Gulf and the Sporade Islands.

Besides descriptions of the walks you will also find maps with the routes on them. For each walk you can download GPS waypoints and tracks. The indicated time per walk is the actual walking time without stops. The walks and their descriptions are checked regularly.

An article by: Caroline Pluvier. Contact the organizer through their contact data below.

(We would like to thank PilionWalks, plus Maria Georgiadou for their photo material)

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  1. Could you suggest me a nice walk along the coast and another one into the forest witch waterfalls. Preferably close to Zagora.

    Thanks a lot 🙂


  2. Hi Francesca.
    I am sure locals from will know which paths are open depending on the time of the year you would like to be there. Ask them please.

  3. Hi,
    Could you suggest me a nice walk that would fit to Aogust ? must be shaded

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