The Best Ways To Send Parcels To Greece

We understand that getting your parcel delivered safe and sound is a priority and that sending your parcels long distances can cause worry. Luckily, there’s little to worry about when sending your parcels to Greece.

With these top tips, you can be confident that your parcel, whether it is an item of clothing or fragile piece of china, will arrive safely and on time.

From using a double walled box to securing your parcel with strong tape and using a ‘FRAGILE’ sticker to notify the courier of delicate contents, find out everything you need to know about sending parcel to Greece here.

Use A Double Walled Box

Whilst you may want to recycle a box you have previously received in the post, it’s much more efficient to use a brand new, double walled cardboard box to package your items. This is because re-used boxes offer far less protection due to potential weak points.

In addition, in order to ensure your precious cargo arrives as it’s expected to, wrap your goods in bubble wrap before setting them in the box.

Bubble wrap absorbs the shock of jolting movements and because it’s lightweight, you can rest assured that you will not face a raised freight charge. Result!

Secure Your Parcel

Securely wrapping your parcel before heading to the Post Office is imperative for a number of reasons, including that it will help protect your parcel during transit on route to Greece. In order to secure your parcel correctly to ensure no items are lost during its journey, we suggest using strong parcel tape.

Whilst regular tape is substantial enough to wrap a birthday gift given by hand, it’s not strong enough to use when your parcel is travelling long distances.

Write The Address Clearly

When you send your parcel to Greece, it is important to ensure the address is written clearly, ideally in bold capital letters.

By following the address guidelines provided by your chosen courier, you can rest assured that your parcel will arrive at the correct destination. Whilst some couriers allow you to provide a written address, others request one that has been printed on a label. Regardless, it’s important that you ensure the label is secured to the box.

By putting an additional delivery label inside your parcel, you can relax knowing that should your label become detached, it will still arrive at the desired location.

Use A ‘FRAGILE’ Sticker

Is your parcel particularly fragile? If so, using a ‘FRAGILE’ sticker can help ensure that your parcel arrives in Greece in one piece. Even though sticking multiple ‘FRAGILE’ stickers on your parcel won’t prevent damage altogether, baggage handlers tend to take more care of those that do.

It’s important to remember that your parcel is also likely to be moved by machines during transit to Greece, which of course, cannot read any instructions attached to the outer packaging of your parcel.

Due to this, it’s still just as important that you sufficiently pad out the contents of your box.

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