Tandem Paragliding Flights Crete Greece

Did you ever dream that you fly? Fly like a bird, the wind blowing on your face? Now, you can make this dream come true, with the simplest and safest way!

Book today a tandem paragliding flight! We are located at the beautiful city of Chania along with some of the most incredible beaches of the Mediterranean.

You can join the greek sun and swim in the clear water, and the same time experience “Lefka Ori” mountains, with 52 peaks over 2000m, plus the world famous Samaria Gorge. This can be one of the best combinations for holidays and adventure all around the year.

In this area, there is a paragliding school called Cretan tandem paragliding. Cretan paragliding can offer you a unique fly experience.  Everyone can fly with us, from 10 years old, and up to 100 kg. Take off take places in a slope, in different mountains but it depends on the weather conditions. In some of them, the landing field is on the beach!!

Nothing better from a dive in clear cold water, after a wonderful flight! You don’t need any knowledge of the sport. The paragliding instructor gives a small briefing before take off and that’s all. You take a few steps  and we’ll both be up on the air! You will feel the air on your face, and you will see the world below.

This is a unique and incredible feeling!! The usual flight duration is 15-25 minutes depends of the weather conditions.

Tandem Paragliding Guiding

Are you flight addicted? Are you planning your holidays based on the flying spots? We are here for you!

Cretan tandem paragliding, can offer you guiding services for the entire island of Crete. Crete is the biggest island in Greece. It offers ideal soaring conditions for new pilots, but also can cover the needs for more demanding pilots, some serious XC! Cretan paragliding can help you organize your trip in Crete. We can give you advice for accommodations, places to visit, and how to get here. Every morning, an instructor from Cretan paragliding, will check the weather forecast for the entire island, and along with the group will choose the best one for flying.

Once we get there, he will tell you the secrets of the flying terrain, what to do and what to avoid. Also, we can help you to improve your flying skills! We are sure that you will have unforgettable holidays, with your family and your friends and in the way back home, your mind will be full of flying memories!

— Article provided by Katsandredakis Yiannis

8 thoughts on “Tandem Paragliding Flights Crete Greece”

  1. Dear Madam / Sir,

    My name is Merve and I will come to Crete to Chania town from Turkey on 29th of July. I will stay there for 1 month and I would like to fly / Paragliding for a short while. This will be my first time and I have no clue about how to do it. I hope once i decide to get the Paragliding I will have a pilot with me on it 🙂 I have some questions and I kindly like you to rely them below:
    1- Is there any special costume i shall wear,
    2- Is there anything i shall bring with me to the take off area and where is the take off area (is it possible to walk there or do i need a vehicle to take me there)
    3- How do i communicate with you and how your side decides to the day of Paragliding
    4- And once for all what is the price? ( I do not like to get lessons, I just would like to get a short experience of flying on sky)

    Thanks for your interest, hope to see your respond e mail in my box ''address detailed above'')


  2. I am coming to Crete on 25 August for 2 Weeks. I would like to go tandem paragliding where are how can I book?

    Thank you

  3. Hi.

    We are a couple, staying in Chania until august 15th. We would like to try tandem paragliding. Could you provide us with information on who to contact to arrange a flight and what the prices are?

    Also, we are interested in trying scuba diving. Is there a diving center that rents out equipment and arranges group dives?

    Best regards

  4. We will be in Crete at the end of August. I will be about 14 weeks pregnant. What activities do you recommend? Paragliding? Canoeing? Other?

  5. Hi. Please check contact details at the end of the article, or any article related to Crete and contact the organizer’s. In that way you will learn about the difficulty of each activity for your case.

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